Why Insurance Companies Need Call Tracking Software

Victoria Berezhetska
Content Lead
10 minute read
Victoria Berezhetska
Content Lead
10 minute read

Consumers only need to turn on the TV to see the colossal sums of money the insurance business pours into advertising. The largest brands spend hundreds of millions of dollars or over a billion to get the word out.

While there are plenty of insurance providers covering life, home, auto, and other verticals that aren’t dropping millions, there is little doubt that it is an exceedingly competitive market. Additionally, insurance is an industry that puts great value into consumer engagement, and earning people’s trust is paramount.

Every business must implement a traditional or dependable phone system for insurance and equip it with comprehensive insurance tracking technology and software to personalize the customer call journey to earn the trust of their customers and prospects. Comprehensive insurance tracking software is essential for accomplishing all of this.

However, to keep up with this increased need for engagement and connectivity, insurance companies must ensure they are at the top of their game regarding their marketing campaigns and consumer interactions.

Every slight advantage can go a long way — and utilizing a market-leading insurance call tracking platform can be a game-changer. If you’re an insurance professional looking to improve your marketing performance, check how comprehensive insurance call tracking can help you achieve the mission.

Here are 9 Benefits of Call Tracking for the Insurance Industry

1. Insurance Call Tracking Gets Your Calls Answered Right Away

The specific nature of insurance — handling people’s private home, auto, or medical data — raises more significant data security concerns than selling t-shirts or microwaves.

Each year seems to bring a new round of data breaches that can push consumers away from entering their personal information into a website. Instead, they’d often share it over the phone.

With that comes a great need to implement call tracking for insurance agencies and adapt specific software or platforms to facilitate these client concerns, bridging the gap between lack of communication and data concerns.

Insurance agencies and carriers can’t deny the power of phone calls. Today, consumer interest is rising, and most people use their phones to make purchasing decisions, making consumer-initiated inbound calls the new normal.

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That, in turn, causes businesses to need to adopt consumer-centric phone intelligence, call tracking, and insurance call management software to improve marketing campaigns’ performance.

With many people clicking and calling to inquire about insurance coverage, agencies must have exceptional inbound and outbound call tracking software.

But that’s not all. Receiving a call doesn’t mean the call is secured and the lead is converted. Reports have shown that being on hold for just 28 seconds means a company risks losing business.

However, with insurance technology that utilizes Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to engage with clients and gather essential information about their calls, customers can get their queries answered much more quickly.



Investing resources and time in conversation intelligence will provide your marketing team with data and shape a well-rounded view of how your calls are performing.

Phonexa’s all-in-one marketing automation solution can back this for you in several ways:

Call Logic

Marketing automation for insurance companies helps keep your campaign logic focused with call attribution data and real-time call analytics.

With reporting becoming a crucial part of the process, shaping the concept of conversation intelligence while using Phonexa’s ability to capture call data for insurance will result in the following fundamentally essential outcomes:

  • Increase the call volume and revenue
  • Significantly decrease the number of fraudulent leads
  • Concentrate on high-quality callers
  • Decrease the number of fraudulent leads
  • Fine-tune your campaigns to maximize ROI



It’s all possible with Call Logic — Phonexa’s insurance call tracking, call distribution, and intelligence platform. With conversation intelligence features like call tracking, call analytics for insurance, IVR, and predictive modeling, Call Logic helps businesses scale their insurance call tracking efforts to respond to the ever-changing demands of consumers.

Did you miss our whitepaper on call tracking and conversation intelligence? Download it here to learn how your business can leverage call intelligence technology to launch and manage successful insurance marketing campaigns.

Based on the answers received, the IVR system directs callers to the appropriate call representative. Insurance marketers can have more confidence in this essential part of their business with the inbound and the best outbound call tracking software.

Cloud PBX

Phonexa’s Cloud PBX is a telephony system that allows companies to store all data related to inbound and outbound calls, faxes, and voicemails under the same platform within a cloud software that can be accessed from any point in the world at any given time.

Since tracking sales calls and extracting data from them is crucial for any insurance professional, Phonexa’s Cloud PBX can also be used as a cloud phone system for insurance businesses.

If your company is looking to gain access to third- and first-party data backing features like call and agent scoring, Cloud PBX can back any call campaigns for insurance companies.

When bundled, Call Logic and Cloud PBX make a dynamic duo designed to cater to all inbound and outbound calls. They provide users with features like Interactive IVR, ping tree technology, and real-time reporting to ensure that your insurance call campaigns are accounted for.

2. Identify Your Successful Insurance Marketing Campaigns

It’s no secret that insurance and financial service companies focus an incredible amount of time and resources on getting their name out in an overly saturated marketplace. With such an intense effort, businesses want to be confident they get the maximum impact from each marketing campaign.

Phonexa’s call analytics for insurance offers carriers and agents valuable campaign data. For example, details regarding which demographic groups responded to their ads, which campaigns saw greater engagement, and the conversion rates are all provided within this feature.

3. Use an Insurance Marketing Platform To Improve ROI

Calling insurance companies is the surefire way for customers to learn about policies and benefits. Thanks to insurance tracking technologies and campaign insights from call analytics, businesses can get a much clearer picture regarding their response from money spent.

For instance, comprehensive tracking and call analytics solutions for insurance allow businesses to collect critical call data and improve the customer experience. However, to successfully connect phone calls to the digital customer journey and obtain more actionable data, every business must have call tracking numbers.

All incoming calls can be traced to a specific marketing channel with customizable phone numbers assigned to every campaign. This option provides extensive insight into which marketing channels perform best and which methods must be altered or eliminated.

In addition, an insurance tracking system offers data that allows insurance professionals to identify the investments that led to calls and how these calls transpired in the end, giving businesses the ability to measure their return on investment (ROI).

4. Save Your Marketing Dollars by Getting Paid Search Insights

Perhaps much more so than other industries, insurance companies depend on paid search to generate high-quality insurance leads. Consumers seeking insurance are likely to perform research when purchasing new insurance policies.

Insurance call tracking software is a fantastic resource for those using Google Ads. It allows companies to track consumers who perform web-based searches but call for more information or communicate with insurance carriers more privately.

With these hidden insights into paid search, insurance company call tracking can save businesses thousands of dollars in marketing funds by knowing which keywords score higher or are ideal for marketing investments.



Google Ads services for the insurance industry can assist agents in reaching a larger audience by displaying ads on various websites and creating ads to show when people search for specific keywords. Agents can choose ad budgets, keywords to target, and keywords to avoid reaching the most relevant audience.

In addition to Google Ads and triggered keywords, businesses can also use solutions like Lynx — Phonexa’s click tracking software — to track offers and traffic in real-time to measure the clicks, conversions, and calls for their campaigns.

5. Increase Your Conversion With Superior Customer Service

Insurance companies know that getting consumers’ attention is only part of the battle. Winning customers over and earning their trust is another significant task for businesses. In this capacity, contact center technologies like call recording have become an invaluable tool for insurers.

With archived recordings of past interactions between customers and call agents, companies gain an enhanced customer experience perspective. Customer concerns will be articulated clearly, and any issues with service representatives can be quickly vetted.

Since conversions, like a given quote or written policy, may vary from campaign to campaign, businesses must remember that they frequently occur over the phone. Therefore, agencies and carriers can’t risk missing out on a significant portion of the customer journey if they lack direct insight into customer conversations.

With the right insurance call center software, your customer service can enhance, and conversion can be expected to increase.

6. Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns In-real-Time

Keeping up with an unpredictable insurance marketplace and the concerns of satisfying consumers can be difficult. Adjusting call campaigns without sufficient call data for insurance companies can be just as challenging.

Phonexa’s comprehensive insurance sales tracking software eases that concern with real-time reporting; insurance marketers can measure campaigns’ success as changes occur. Updated numbers allow businesses to adjust campaign spending on the fly. With instant optimization, marketers and agents will have the necessary tools to handle any uncertain market fluctuations that may come up.

7. Control Every Business Aspect With an All-in-One Marketing Platform

For insurance marketers engaging in multiple campaigns across different mediums, the convenience of an all-in-one platform offering marketing automation for insurance companies is unbeatable and impossible to ignore.

Having Phonexa, an all-in-one platform for marketing automation, puts calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, and accounting at the forefront of your company’s marketing initiatives, giving advertisers complete control over every aspect of their marketing campaigns.

With this type of insurance marketing bandwidth, insurance agencies can feel more confident to engage in a competitive and unpredictable marketplace by utilizing all of the cutting-edge technologies and features of an all-in-one marketing solution.

The digitization of the insurance industry is very near, so insurance retailers must be ready to dive neck-deep into the new digital revolution.

8. Connect Your Offline Sales to Your Online Marketing

There’s no denying that calls are the leading source of leads and sales for insurance professionals, so it is no surprise that digital advertising often drives offline actions, like phone calls, personal visits, or offline sales. For that reason, integrating your offline and online marketing efforts is essential when making financial decisions that can make or break your business.

By implementing insurance sales tracking software, businesses can track which efforts generate the most profitable interactions and allocate a budget to the sources that generate offline leads with a higher conversion propensity.

With a growing number of consumers conducting online research and offline conversions, insurance marketers are under intense pressure to provide multichannel customer experiences to meet buyer expectations.

By integrating online marketing activity with offline interactions, they can gain complete visibility into the customer journey, thereby maximizing the efficacy of advertising efforts and generating more meaningful results.

Ultimately, insurance call tracking is necessary to promote your business online and generate many leads over the phone.

9. Improve Your Call Handling by Listening To Call Recordings

Integrating call recording functionality into the toolset of your insurance call center software can help your business improve customer outcomes, monitor and improve call flows, and refine marketing strategies.

After all, storing call recordings is comparable to storing call data and sales documentation. With a collection of recordings, brands can revisit specific conversations and link call data to deal with conversion inconsistencies and other issues.

On top of that, recording marketing calls helps businesses evaluate new strategies, assess customer sentiment, and determine whether agents require additional training.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about how Phonexa’s all-in-one suite can supplement your insurance agency’s call tracking initiatives. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What software do insurance companies use?

Modern insurance businesses employ various technologies, including insurance tracking systems, to improve their marketing performance. Utilizing software applications within the insurance industry provides both tangible and intangible benefits. For instance, insurance software facilitates efficient and effective workflows, automates operations, and eliminates human error.

Can insurance companies track your phone?

Insurance providers cannot track your phone, which would constitute an invasion of privacy and is almost certainly illegal. However, they can utilize technologies like insurance call tracking, allowing them to use call tracking numbers to connect your phone calls to specific touchpoints during your digital journey.

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