ROI-Driven Marketing: Turning Actionable Data into Actual Results

Mark Kosin
5 minute read
Mark Kosin
5 minute read

Most businesses have shifted to ROI-driven marketing to build brand awareness and reach their revenue objectives in today’s digital age. Access to customer data is critical in determining the best marketing strategies to implement into practice and to get the best return on your investment.

What Is Data-Driven Marketing?

Data-driven marketing is all about creating marketing strategies that resonate with particular segments of your audience on a deeper level. Customer data can inform you of trends, needs, wants, and future behavior of your audience segment, allowing you to develop personalized marketing campaigns further to achieve the highest ROI.

Adapting automated marketing practices for your campaigns helps identify these data points, after which you can use automated systems to form entire strategies around.

Benefits Of Customer Data In ROI-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing campaigns are critical to getting ROI from your marketing spend. By analyzing customer data, you can:

1. Understanding Your Target Audience Better

The information you gather about your customers can provide insights into their behavior. For example, you can view historical customer data trends to predict the future behavior of your market in terms of goods or services bought, average spending, and so on.

With this information at hand, you can tailor your interaction and marketing campaigns to address your prospects at the right time and with the right content.

2. Build Stronger Relationships With Prospects

Data can help you build stronger connections with your prospects. You can analyze the data gathered from multiple channels and devices to personalize the customers’ experience. For example, by checking real-time data, you can know the mood and concerns of the prospects. You can then adjust your campaign to match the customers’ engagement.

ROI-based marketing allows you to reach your audience with the right message at the right time and with the right offer.

3. Uncover The Best Marketing Channels

Analyzing data can also help you find out the channels that your target audience engages in. This insight will help you save ad dollars and time spent by analyzing your customer dataYouoptimizing your campaigns for channels that will not result in significant traction.

When you know the channels that your prospects prefer, you can tailor your campaigns for those specific channels to increase your conversions with the same ad spend.

4. Personalization For Better Conversions

Today, customers are bombarded with advertising and have become immune to generic messages. A study by Marketo shows that 79% of customers won’t consider an offer if a brand hasn’t personalized their engagement with them in the past.

Data can give you a holistic view of your customers, enabling you to identify their pain points and triggers. With this information, custom-tailor your communications with each customer to generate higher ROI from your marketing efforts.

How You Can Apply Customer Data To Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns

Utilizing the data collected from your marketing campaigns, you can understand your ideal customer’s likes, dislikes, needs, interests, and overall behaviors.

The best thing about data-driven marketing campaigns is that they create a high return on your investment, whether it’s in digital marketing or old-school advertising.

You can put this data to use by targeting your audience with content formulated to educate a given audience. Here are some ways you can apply customer data to improve your marketing efforts and to increase your ROI:

1. Landing Page Optimization

By analyzing your customer data, you can align your product or service landing pages to suit a targeted segment of individuals. The message on each landing page can be aligned with specific audience segments.

For example, suppose you have a product or service promotion directed at the insurance vertical or another ad for your clients in the financial services industry. In that case, you should create custom PPC ads that speak to that exact audience. After all, personalized content gains people’s attention much quicker than vague and gerneralized information. This helps you better connect with your audience, resulting in more conversions.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing allows advertisers to segment their target audiences based on demographics, multiple behavioral factors, and the prospect’s place within the sales funnel. In this case, each segment will include a pool of email addresses and other contact information of customers who are in the same place within the marketing funnel.

You can send segmented emails based on customer behavior and interactions such as purchases, page visits, or opt-ins. Then, after analyzing their needs, create persona-specific messaging that encourages them to take action, thereby increasing click-through rate and conversions.

Using marketing tools like Phonexa’s E-Delivery helps automate nearly all segmentation processes, so you don’t have to spend time manually segmenting your email lists. When you create and send your email campaigns through E-Delivery, you are given excellent transparency into how your campaigns are performing.

Learn more about how Phonexa’s E-Delivery software can back your email campaigns to increase your ROI as part of our all-in-one marketing bundle.

3. Retargeting

Customer data helps you find out who to target and how to target them. After analyzing user interest, behavior, and location, you can retarget your ads to attract the right audience and encourage them to take action. This helps in boosting customer loyalty and conversions.

ROI-Driven Marketing Tools That Maximize Revenue

To implement a successful ROI-driven marketing campaign, you have to collect customer data and analyze it to uncover trends and opportunities in your customer segment. However, one of the most prominent challenges marketers face is “how to collect and access all the data.”

Many ROI-driven marketing tools like Phonexa’s all-in-one suite support all of your marketing campaigns and efforts. The following are some of the tools you can use within Phonexa’s marketing bundle to increase your ROI and streamline your marketing strategy.

  • Call Logic – call tracking and distribution management tool
  • LMS SYNC – lead tracking and distribution management software
  • E-Delivery – automated email and SMS marketing campaigns
  • Lynx – click tracking from PPC campaigns, emails, and other marketing channels
  • Cloud PBX – cloud phone system that streamlines the client-agent interaction

When you use one of these tools, or if you pair them with one another, you can launch campaigns with targeted messaging and use the proper channels by analyzing the data collected through these tools to optimize your marketing channels better. These types of data-driven marketing campaigns will help you use your entire bandwidth to secure a high ROI.

Schedule a meeting with Phonexa’s sales team to learn more about how Phonexa can power your ROI-driven marketing with an all-in-one suite and solution for calls, leads, clicks, SMS and email marketing, cloud PBX phone systems, and accounting. 

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