Get a 1-800 Number for Business

Toll-Free and Vanity Numbers

Stand out from the crowd by using a toll-free vanity number for your business. Phonexa offers thousands of affordable toll-free and vanity numbers for your marketing campaigns.

Make Your Business Stand Out with Local Tracking Numbers

Local tracking numbers allow your customers to easily locate your business. These numbers are great for companies that have walk-in clients or conduct their businesses locally.

Phonexa’s local vanity phone numbers also allow your company to gain high visibility and deep insights about your calls and marketing campaigns. Memorable local numbers will distinguish your brand from all the rest, making it easier for your customers to recognize your number when they see it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Vanity Toll-Free Number?

A vanity toll-free number is a phone number that is easy to remember or spells out a memorable phrase. Many businesses want to use easy-to-remember vanity toll-free numbers for marketing campaigns and increasing brand awareness. Some examples of vanity toll-free numbers are: 1-800-Flowers and 1-800-GoFedEx.

Why You Should Use Vanity Phone Numbers

A local vanity number makes it easy for the customers to dial and recognize your number. Other benefits of getting a 1-800 number include:

  • Helping build your business identity and promoting your brand
  • Making your business look more established
  • Expanding your reach within the target audience
  • Generating more calls and leads

How to Get Vanity Toll-Free Numbers for Your Business

We have thousands of unique vanity toll-free numbers that you may reserve, such as (818) 200-0000 and (323) 200-0000. You have the choice to reserve numbers from anywhere within the U.S.

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