Run Online Business In The U.S. Using Affiliate Software

Struggling to enter the United States market? With pro-business tools from Phonexa, you can improve your performance marketing prowess and empower your online business to drive American traffic.

If you’re looking to establish a powerful stateside online presence, you can achieve the mission by implementing the right affiliate marketing software. Whether you’re in the insurance, legal, home service, or digital marketing industry, you can successfully lead online business in the U.S. with Phonexa’s marketing automation suite.

Phonexa offers a uniquely designed suite of solutions and tools that can propel your business in the U.S. by delivering the essential data on calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more.

With a singular suite of tracking solutions for performance marketing, you can engage, analyze, optimize, scale, and thrive.

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Track Calls Inside The USA

All brands, regardless of size, look for ways to innovate around the customer journey and CX. Phonexa offers call tracking and distribution software for effective online business. Its proprietary call tracking system empowers brands to increase revenue, customize and enhance caller experiences, and leverage real-time call data to increase traffic volumes.

Spot the emerging trends and take advantage of the income-boosting insights offered by Phonexa’s call tracking system.

Leverage Real-Time Call Bidding

Phonexa’s Ping Post Calls 2.0 feature is designed to refine lead buying strategies across all five lead flows, and meet the needs of publishers, buyers, and advertisers alike.

Launch IVR For US Market

Elevate CX and make sure that every caller is given top priority with the help of customizable IVR and call recording features.

Take Control Over Your Calls

Make sure that the call distribution process is properly optimized to get more quality call traffic and maximize your profitability.

Email Control With E-Delivery

Starting an online business in the United States is nearly impossible without the right lead management tool and email marketing software. Phonexa’s email and SMS solutions in E-Delivery and Opt-Intel empowers engagement and clicks, helps you identify interests of your audience, allows you to strategize more effectively, and creates successful workflows.

Provide Seamless CX With Omnichannel Distribution

Evaluate, optimize, and improve the deliverability of multiple email channels by accessing granular data.

Refine Targeting Through Email Segmentation

Organize your efforts, cultivate email lists, and boost CR by segmenting your email leads and curating content around the needs of buyer personas.

Make A Measurable Impact

Utilize Phonexa’s analytics tools to keep your time and efforts strategic and yield more conversions.

Harness The Power Of ESP Integration

Phonexa’s E-Delivery ensures frictionless integrations with major email providers, allowing you to leverage functionality and concentrate on email efforts.

Launch Affiliate Network & Drive American Traffic

Whether you want to start an online business from home or are looking for software systems for small business, it is essential to ensure that you can control all the lead efforts and evaluate your results.

Phonexa’s LMS SYNC has a lot to offer to online businesses, including granular data about inbound leads, side-by-side comparisons, predictive modeling, and a ping tree technology. If your goal is to sell online in the U.S., utilizing a affiliate management tool can help you choose the right channels, assess the performance of your lead gen strategy, and ultimately, scale your campaigns.

One of the principal advantages of lead management is the possibility to tap into several digital channels and offer an omnichannel experience to clients. With Phonexa’s cloud-based suite of solutions, your online business can be empowered for growth and leverage integrations for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more.

What Is White Label Feature Phonexa Offers?

White label features are a part of Phonexa’s LMS SYNC and Opt-Intel solutions. In addition to offering branding aspects, it allows you to gain access to Phonexa’s enterprise-level DDoS protection service. It’s aimed to effectively shield client websites from all types of DDoS attacks. 

Can I Create An Affiliate Program Using Phonexa’s LMS SYNC?

If you’re looking to create a lead management program geared toward targeting the U.S. audience, Phonexa’s got you covered. The goals of any lead management program typically includes enhancing lead generation efforts, boosting sales, driving more targeted traffic, and shortening sales cycles. 

Follow these steps to start your lead management program:

  1. - Analyze, define, and set your objectives
  2. - Stock all of your assets and evaluate existing initiatives
  3. - Learn about the interests and preferences of your audience
  4. - Implement a lead management software to identify the touchpoints and find out more about lead sources
  5. - Map your content onto every stage of the buying cycle
  6. Utilize a lead management system to assess available results

Can Phonexa Be Defined As A Small Business Software?

Yes, Phonexa offers tiered pricing plans and customized plans to different businesses regardless of size. While large organizations often choose customized plans, Lite and Premium packages can suit the needs of a small business.

If you want to learn more about the packages and find out which pricing plan is the best option for your brand, request professional advice from one of Phonexa’s experts.

What Do I Need To Start A Business Using Phonexa’s Solutions?

Phonexa offers three packages that can suit the needs of any brand regardless of size. While there are notable differences, each package offers specific features from Phonexa’s comprehensive suite of solutions, including LMS SYNC, Call Logic, E-Delivery, Cloud PBX, Lynx, Opt-Intel, and Books360.

If you want to learn more about the packages and find out which pricing plan is the best option for your brand, schedule a consultation with a Phonexa expert.

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