How to Re-engage Already-purchased Leads

Victoria Berezhetska
Content Lead
15 minute read
Victoria Berezhetska
Content Lead
15 minute read

Do you ever find yourself with a robust database of highly qualified prospects and feel something is still missing? Engaging old leads and new prospects is the key to success in any marketing campaign.

Re-engaging those who have already made a purchase can be challenging, but working with lost and old leads can be incredibly discouraging when it comes to sales. Although timing and products play a factor in why some customers don’t make the jump initially, there are strategies you can use to bring them back into your sales funnel without losing further prospects

This blog post will offer practical strategies for reconnecting with old clients along with tips on how to successfully reach out to customers again through targeted campaigns that bring results.

Why Do Businesses Prefer to Re-engage Already-purchased Leads?

Effective sales strategies depend on a steady stream of quality leads. Without them, your consumer base will dwindle. Since lead generation can be time-consuming and result in dead ends, many businesses lose out on potential customers

However, taking steps to minimize these losses and optimize the marketing and sales process is feasible. For instance, understanding why some business prospects fall through the cracks enables companies to develop methods for reviving old sales leads, salvaging lost opportunities, and nurturing those newly found leads back into existence.

When sales leads go quiet, many marketers experience the uncertainty of not knowing what could have happened. Did they find a better offer elsewhere? Are their business needs no longer in line with your products or services? Whatever it may be, staying on top of inquiries is key to building successful relationships and ensuring no quality lead slips through the cracks.

When hearing crickets in your pipeline, consider that a lead’s lack of response might not only indicate disinterest. Brands often lose prospects due to their evolving business priorities or the realization they no longer need vendor’s help with no additional communication required. Additionally, some leads may keep silent out of concern that further contact will result in heavy pressure to make a purchase.

Let’s look at the major reasons why leads go silent.

How to Re-engage Already-purchased Leads

Source: Gartner

Many marketers believe re-engaging is not the best option, and there would be no issue if their company developed more advanced lead generation approaches and implemented proper lead management software. 

The Myth: A company must generate more leads, ensuring that none go silent.

The Truth: A company needs to efficiently nurture its organic and purchased leads.

While that might partly be the case for some companies, the myth remains, making brands believe they lose sales leads or let their old leads go cold solely because of their quality. In reality, the lack of lead nurturing and communication are often the initial reasons behind such behavior, which must be addressed.

How Reconnecting With Old Clients Works

Around 59% of customers believe personalization and tailored engagement based on previous interactions are critical to winning their business. When a lead has gone cold, the usual methods of communication won’t be enough to reignite interest. Companies must dig deeper and uncover why their purchased and old leads are silent to create an effective multi-channel re-engagement plan that targets each issue directly.

Let’s look at several tips for warming up old leads. Here are some of the best approaches:

  1. Get back on their radar but avoid cornering your prospects.
  2. Find out whether your lead’s needs or interests changed.
  3. Demonstrate urgency and provide value.
  4. Examine previous comments, notes, call recordings, and conversations in the CRM and marketing automation software.
  5. Identify the best channels for reconnecting with old clients and inactive purchased leads.
  6. Work with lead data and launch lead nurturing campaigns.
  7. Embrace personalization and offer “freebies” like valuable content, invitations to webinars, E-books, etc.
  8. Ensure an early conversion like an email CTR, re-subscription, or app download.
  9. If you’re in the B2B business, be transparent and provide indicative prices or ballpark figures.


How To Follow Up on Old Leads

Following up on old leads is an essential part of the sales process, and it’s important to review the objectives or demographics of your ideal customer to begin warming up old leads. This way, you’ll be sure only to re-engage qualified leads

Doing this saves valuable time by targeting potential buyers who can benefit from your offerings. Once you identify who to target, the next step is to use effective methods for reconnecting.

Re-engagement campaigns are invaluable for maximizing ROI, engaging lost and old leads, and optimizing email marketing efforts. They help you reduce churn rates while boosting engagement, allowing for more informed decision-making, such as keeping a clean CRM. To ensure your list is up-to-date with quality prospects and engaged customers, regularly scrub and segment your lists through effective re-engagement campaigns.

Besides reviving a dead email list, marketers face other issues regarding re-engaging purchased and old leads. Here are some of the most effective methods businesses use to re-engage prospects:

Tap Into Lead History To Keep the Conversation Going

Making contact with passive or old leads can often seem daunting. However, keeping some simple tips in mind when reaching out to these potential customers and inactive sales leads guarantees your conversation won’t be intimidating. 

Remember the following when reaching out to inactive and old leads: 

  • Show confidence on the call
  • Have a clear purpose for emailing or calling
  • Keep focused on conversation rather than selling alone

To get that dialogue rolling, looking at a lead’s history can be beneficial since it will likely provide helpful context relating to what topics to discuss when re-engaging or warming up old leads.

Identify & Analyze Trigger Events

Trigger events are the key to scaling customer interactions and optimizing sales opportunities. With an automated workflow, small businesses can recognize when their prospects have a need — large or small — that they can fill before anyone else can.

Timing is critical in this regard: reaching out too soon could prevent results from ever coming; waiting until after competitors strike puts you behind them on your prospect’s list of considerations.

Trigger events are also moments of opportunity and recognition, both professionally and personally. For businesses looking to build relationships with clients or prospects, noting remarkable achievements can be an effective way to engage. 

From sending congratulatory notes when a B2B company notices a new press release or product from their contact, to offering help in a recent promotion seen on social media, these kinds of thoughtful gestures foster goodwill, leading the path to further engagement.

Launch Retargeting Campaigns

Engagement is the key to success in marketing your product or service. It’s not enough for sales leads to hear about you several times. They need a chance to become familiar with what you have to offer. Retargeting ads allow prospective clients and old leads who already know and trust your brand to get additional exposure by connecting through newsletters, social media platforms, and special offers so that those interested in making an informed purchase decision are more likely to move forward.

Leveraging retargeting tactics is a smart way to re-engage with already-purchased and old leads and boost overall brand recognition. You increase their familiarity and loyalty toward your business by repeatedly exposing sales leads to your promotional materials. With the strategic placement of retargeting ads, companies can grow visibility while reaching the target audience across demographics.

Create a Re-engagement Strategy That Matches the Buyer’s Journey

In a crowded marketplace, buyers have the luxury of researching multiple businesses before making an educated decision. They tend to explore more than just the surface level and, on average, they investigate four to five potential options before deciding. As customers inch closer to their final purchase decision during the consideration and decision phases, most narrow their choices drastically, leaving many competitors in limbo. 

As leads transition from interested prospects into ghosted drop-outs, businesses must ensure maximum effectiveness in their re-engagement strategies with these “cold” old leads and drive them back toward conversion success. Therefore, brands must tailor each stage according to the leads’ journey.

Re-engage Stale Old Leads in Your Pipeline

Keeping your list of stale sales leads up-to-date and specific to buyers is a great way to optimize how you reach out with targeted email campaigns. For example, you can stir curiosity by asking contacts if they’ve changed the scope of what they’re looking for in a product or service. This way, you’ll be one step closer to getting them back on track toward making that purchase.

Experiment With Timing and Automate Your Follow-ups

Getting the timing right can be a key factor in successful lead follow-ups. Automating your email and call campaigns can help your business send the right message to the right people at the right time. That can significantly increase your chances of getting a response from old leads and achieving the desired outcome.

On top of that, by experimenting with timing and automating your follow-ups, you can save time and energy while ensuring that all of your contacts receive timely messages tailored to their needs. With marketing automation solutions and tools, you can track who has responded to which message and when and adjust or recalibrate your strategies for maximum success.

Whether you’re looking to manage clicks, leads, emails, or calls, Phonexa’s got you covered. Brands equipped with its flagship products like Call Logic and LMS Sync should consider plugging into E-Delivery. 

When dealing with a constant stream of leads, it’s safe to say that some of them will be declined. It means that companies require more than effective lead distribution or the ability to buy and sell leads with the help of ping tree technology. 


Combining call tracking and lead management solutions with E-Delivery — Phonexa’s email and SMS marketing platform — helps brands to remarket their inbound sales leads and increase conversions with automated SMS and email marketing campaigns.

E-Delivery Features to Re-engage Old Sales Leads

The following features provide great incentives for warming up old leads and re-engaging with them in ways that bring value and strengthen the relationships:

Multi-Channel Distribution

  • Compare the deliverability of your email campaigns through different channels
  • Pinpoint any delivery issues and fix them quickly
  • Streamline your email marketing for faster, more accurate results

Email Templates

  • Create and optimize email marketing campaigns for better performance
  • Customize your messages to match your brand
  • Connect with old leads and existing customers on a deeper level

Behavioral Segmentation

  • Improve your email open rates and CTR
  • Send more relevant content to your subscribers
  • Cultivate a community of engaged sales leads and customers excited to hear from you

Email Marketing Automation 

  • Gain a competitive edge by automating your email marketing efforts
  • Spend less time agonizing over which email is going to be the best
  • Make more money by re-engaging old leads and increasing your conversion rate
  • Automatically send the winning creative to the majority of your audience

Campaign Analytics

  • Analyze your email marketing campaigns and see what works and what doesn’t
  • Get more conversions out of your efforts
  • Understand what makes sales leads convert

Deliverability Reports

  • Keep your email deliverability high and your reputation intact
  • Understand where your emails are being blocked and why
  • Stay in control of your email marketing campaigns with granular insights and valuable sales leads data.

What To Do Before Reaching Out to Old Clients With an Email Template

Email can be a powerful marketing and sales ally, helping to foster strong relationships with stale, cold, and old leads. It’s never too late to reconnect with old clients. Once reacquainted, you could generate profitable business opportunities while keeping your existing base abreast of product and service updates.

To ensure a successful re-engagement campaign, savvy marketers should focus on honing in the right sales leads and prospects: those customers who have interacted with your brand before. In other words, treat old leads as individual cases, assessing whether they are worth pursuing once again.

For maximum engagement, ensure you focus your outreach efforts on sales leads who have demonstrated long-term interest. For instance, old leads who’ve opened emails multiple times in the past half year or made several purchases can be prime candidates for outbound call and email campaigns.

How To Change the Email Template

With consistent branding, your email campaigns can create an enjoyable experience for your subscribers, giving them a reason to stick around. Unimpressive content can drive new and old leads away from brands and cause them to miss out on future opportunities. Rather than disappointing customers with arbitrary designs or messaging, it’s crucial to make the most of each interaction.

Email templates present a unique opportunity to craft your brand narrative, integrating it seamlessly into the design. The company logo and colors give an inviting, unified experience that encourages ongoing engagement, offering subscribers something memorable every time.

Changing up your email template can be tricky, as any new design has yet to encounter the eyes of your audience. Professional templates are great starting points, but it takes careful experimentation to find the right one for your business. With patience and attention to detail comes an effective way to communicate with old leads and customers, representing who you are.

Here’s what you can do before implementing changes:

Create a Survey

Connect with your dead leads by sending out a survey tailored to them. Pose questions that illustrate what your old leads are missing out on and give an estimated two-week timeline for the results’ delivery. Remember to personalize your messages delivered by the initial survey and follow-up emails.

Launch Re-engagement and Nurturing Campaigns

If you’re trying to drive re-engagement with old leads, start by luring them in through nurture emails. Instead of going right for the sale attempt, entice the old leads with relevant content like free webinars or tutorials. This way, they’ll be more likely to pay attention and make their way down your sales funnel than if you’d simply send a sales pitch.

Come Up With Several Reconnecting-with-Old-clients Email Samples

Unlock the full potential of your email campaigns by selecting a tailored variation for each segmented audience. Show new prospects and old leads with features-focused mindsets how you stand out from competitors and allow those needing comparison to see why yours is the best choice.

Here’s what Gartner offers as examples of a reconnect email sample and samples of social media and voicemail messages that will help drum up your business:

How to Re-engage Already-purchased Leads - 2

Source: Gartner

Keep your content fresh and stylish by stocking a library of quality templates. That will give you more control over the look and feel of re-engagement emails and let you explore creativity, making it easier to flaunt an impressive digital presence.

Example: Letter To Reconnect With Old Clients

Let’s say you’re in the home services industry and have old leads and clients you want to re-engage with. Consider using the following reconnecting with old clients email templates for inspiration to create personalized messages and keep the conversation going:

Example #1. Introducing new products, packages, or prices


Source: Jobber

Example #2. Informing about referral programs and discounts


Source: Jobber

Example #3. Update on new services


Source: Jobber

How to Re-engage Your Old Leads by Offering Them Free Valuable Content

With 84% of buyers claiming that salespeople are too pushy, it’s best to start conversations carefully. Try sending an intriguing “feeler” instead. That will spark the interest of old leads and create the perfect opportunity for meaningful dialogue.

To revitalize old leads, try offering fun incentives like virtual events and contests with prizes. On top of that, you can invite customers back to purchase your product by giving them exclusive freebies they can’t get anywhere else. 

Here are some examples:

  • E-books
  • Checklist
  • Guides
  • Webinars and tutorials
  • Quizzes
  • Free trials
  • Discounts on essential products

Sharing valuable resources with your target customers and old leads helps foster a relationship of mutual trust. Not only will you show them that you have their best interests in mind, but giving away helpful content can also entice old leads back into the fold.

Visualize How and When to Re-engage Old Leads

Re-engaging old leads is a smart way to expand your business without breaking the bank. You can leverage existing contacts and unlock growth opportunities while deepening customer relationships – all you need is an effective strategy. Putting time into rekindling old connections could be the key to unlocking long-term success. 

Transform the way you work with Phonexa. Track your progress in real-time, compile all the essential lead data, measure deliverability, and communicate clearly with lost and old leads with various email templates.

Schedule a consultation with one of Phonexa’s experts and learn how its marketing automation suite can help you get email and SMS marketing into the mix and turn your lost or old leads into sales opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is an invaluable process for uncovering and connecting with prospective customers. It provides the foundation for effective customer relationship building, as it marks the beginning of a buyer’s journey – where they become aware of your brand or service offering.

Lead generation is a powerful way to drive sales and promote products. By capturing visitor contact information online, businesses can engage leads that result in tangible purchases further down the line. 

B2B companies particularly rely on this technique for expensive items since visitors tend not to commit right away; instead of an instant buy-in, providers use email marketing campaigns to nurture prospects until they’re ready for direct outreach from their team members.

Lead generation is also an imperative strategy for e-commerce companies, allowing them to capture crucial lead data and continue engaging them with email marketing.

What emails do you send to old leads?

These are called win-back emails, allowing companies to reignite the conversation and rekindle relationships with inactive subscribers. By considering why customers chose your brand, crafting an effective win-back message can be effortless, helping ensure those old leads convert into customers and stick around for years.

What is a sample letter to reconnect with clients?

Using a sample letter to reconnect with old clients is essential to creating an effective email campaign. This way, companies can build meaningful relationships with clients, show them they’re invested in the lead’s needs, and reinforce their commitment to long-term loyalty. 

To get started on building meaningful connections with old customers again. Marketers often use reconnecting email samples for inspiration while personalizing and optimizing their email marketing content for effective re-engagement campaigns.

What are custom solutions for reconnecting with old clients?

It takes a special touch to reignite dormant relationships with clients, providing an opportunity for those who had originally brushed off your offer. With the right strategy, custom solutions, and finesse, businesses can create new possibilities with lost, already-purchased, or old leads.
Such marketing automation solutions like Phonexa’s LMS Sync, Call Logic, and E-Delivery are easily-customizable to meet the needs and business goals of companies operating in various industries, including insurance, finance, affiliate marketing, legal, and home services.

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Education: City University of Seattle

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