Nasser Aftab

Nasser Aftab was the Chief Revenue Officer of Phonexa.

Ping Post Calls 2.0: Live Transfer Calls Will Never Be The Same
The future of lead management is here. Learn how Ping Post Calls 2.0 will optimize and streamline the lead journey from start to...
7 minute read
Why Call Tracking Strategies Require All-In-One Marketing Solutions
The phone call can still remain king for campaigns and strategic executions if it’s complemented with a call analytics software...
6 minute read
Click Tracking Is The Unsung Marketing Strategy For Lenders
When used correctly, click tracking can be a tried and true ROI rocket and a proverbial best friend for lenders looking to...
12 minute read
How to Turn Rejected Leads into Opportunity
Phonexa’s lead management and distribution system, LMS SYNC, empowers marketers to generate revenue on leads that they aren’t...
4 minute read
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