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Spotlight on Calls: What Is a Google Call Forwarding Number?
Almost 75% of prospects call businesses directly from search ads. Learn how Google forwarding and call tracking can help you capture and attribute call traffic.
16 minute read
The Complete Guide To Conversational Marketing
Find out how conversational marketing can ensure unmatched customer experience through meaningful and effective interactions and touchpoints with customers.
18 minute read
Understanding Digital Attribution: How To Maximize The Value Of Attribution Data
Let’s explore digital attribution in more detail and analyze the different types of attribution models.
9 minute read
The Best and Affordable Call Tracking Software for Startups
According to a survey conducted by Ascend, 35% of businesses indicate that the lack of quality data is their biggest challenge to lead generation.
5 minute read

Phonexa’s Ping Post 2.0 delivers 376% ROI to Enterprise

Real-time call bidding and lead acquisitions that generate robust ROI. Download the e-book below to learn more.

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Why Lead Gen Companies Need Call Analytics
Using call analytics is essential for any lead gen company looking for detailed attribution data and to increase their ROI.
4 minute read
Get Call Analytics to Do Your Company’s Heavy Lifting
Call analytics offers a smarter approach to tackling a series of big tasks.
5 minute read

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