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How Location-based Call Tracking Works
Did you know how location-based call tracking works? It’s more complex than you may have thought.
12 minute read
How To Increase Lead Gen Revenue with Predictive Analytics
Here’s how predictive analytics can help you get maximum value from your lead marketing campaigns.
5 minute read
How to Increase ROI with Marketing Analytics
Learn six ways of increasing your business ROI with marketing analytics.
3 minute read
Never Miss Any Calls from Clients Again
Every time a caller hangs up, the company risks losing that caller to a competitor. Here’s how to make sure you’ll never miss another call again!
4 minute read

Phonexa’s Ping Post 2.0 delivers 376% ROI to Enterprise

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How to Increase Profits with Call Tracking and Google Analytics
Learn how Phonexa’s call tracking works with Google Analytics to boost your revenue.
5 minute read
5 Key Reasons to Implement Call Tracking and Analytics
We can think of a million reasons why call tracking can benefit your business, but let’s start with five.
4 minute read
Creating Effective Campaigns with Call Tracking & Analytics
Are your campaigns reeling in the results you want? Let us show you how to create more effective campaigns.
4 minute read
How Real-Time Analytics Can Boost Your Customer Relations
If you’ve ever thought of real-time reports as being anything less than a necessity, here’s why that’s wrong.
5 minute read
The Importance of Call Analytics in Customer Service Optimization
Your customer service is key to your success as a business, so here’s how you can optimize it using call analytics.
4 minute read
Why You Need Call Analytics for Digital Marketing
Get acquainted with call tracking and analytics and see why it’s essential for your marketing campaigns.
5 minute read
What is a Call Tracking and Analytics Software?
Everything you need to know about how call tracking and analytics can improve your business.
5 minute read

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