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Victoria Berezhetska

Dynamic Call Tracking: What Is It and How Does It Work?
Dynamic call tracking is a tracking technology that allows businesses to determine which marketing campaigns generate quality...
10 minute read
Professional IVR Voice Recording: How It Works
Here are 5 reasons why professional voice recordings are essential for any business today.
13 minute read
What Is a Call Tracking System?
Call tracking is a system that tracks and sorts information about incoming phone calls. It helps you know who is calling your...
13 minute read
10 Frequently Asked Questions About Pay Per Call
Before you make the leap to PPC, take a look at common questions regarding PPC marketing.
8 minute read
A Lead Without Intent is Just Someone’s Contact Information: The...
A lead with intent is any potential customer who has been appropriately nurtured and may be passed on to the sales team.
7 minute read
A Marketer’s Guide to Data Analytics in the Insurance Industry
Learn how insurance companies have the power to use data to create long-term growth.
18 minute read
6 Strategies for Using Suppression Lists to Boost Email Performance
Create email suppression lists to boost email campaign performance and reinvent the customer journey.
9 minute read
What Is Lead Distribution and Routing Software?
Learn how lead distribution software enables brands to automate sales processes and lead routing.
18 minute read
How to Maximize Landing Pages With User Behavior Tracking
Can user behavior tracking impact your website performance and conversion rate?
12 minute read
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