The Benefits of a Call Logging Software

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Do you have call centers dispersed across multiple geographical locations? If yes, then you may be dealing with issues like a high volume of missed calls and missed communication with prospective customers.

For most companies, missed phone calls can result in substantial monetary losses, so making sure you have a system in place to deal with missed calls is very important. To that, having a call log is a great way to measure the effectiveness of your call accurately.

So, if you are looking for invaluable data that gives you insight into your company’s phone calls, then adapting this software into your business operations is a critical step in the right direction.

Having a call log software in place will provide you with crucial information, such as who called, the time and duration of the call, as well as the result of the call. It’ll also provide call center analytics such as the department, operator, assigned call code, and most importantly, data about unanswered calls.

In other words, “call logging” is the process of “logging” calls to prepare reports and analytics. This data is then presented in visual, meaningful graphs to provide you more management with a snapshot of the call center.

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What’s In A Call Log Report?

In short, a call logging report provides real-time analytics about the following agents:

  • The Caller

  • Who called?
  • The location of the caller
  • Unanswered calls: the system collects or “logs” the number so you can return the missed call
  • The Call Center

  • Operator and department
  • Time of call
  • Call duration

With a call logging system, you can compile reports from different time periods and conduct comparative analysis based on data you access from multiple Cloud PBX systems.

Learn more about how Phonexa’s Cloud PBX can back your inbound calls by providing you cutting-edge tools for call center clarity and optimizing your call campaigns.

Call Recording, Call Barging, And Integration

The following two features are usually included in your call software and PBX — they enhance the customer journey with customizable options all across.

  1. Call Recording: The process of recording a call is, you guessed it, call recording. This is usually done for quality control, legal, or training purposes.
  2. Call Barging: Though not as intrusive as it sounds, call barging allows someone else (usually a supervisor) to barge into agent calls, but it’s done silently, much like call recording. Again, this feature is used for quality and training purposes.

The call logging software that you choose must integrate with the third-party apps that you’re using. You can pull analytics and perform other duties from every aspect of your call center once they’re synced.

But if you choose to go with Phonexa’s Call Logic paired with Cloud PBX, you will gain instant access to the full suite of marketing tools and features that you need to optimize your calls with call logging fully, call recording, and call barging within one PBX System.

What Are The Benefits Of A Call Logging Software?

Call logging has given companies the ability to systematically capture and store call logs wholly, transforming how businesses operate online. Aside from saving a lot of time, call logging can also provide flexibility for companies that use it.

The following are a few of its advantages:

  1. Visualization: Call Logging visualizes how your call centers operate, including the time per call, unanswered calls, number of calls, and operator efficiency.
  1. Growth Opportunities: The call center analytics review reveals inefficiencies and allows you to identify where they are to reverse these trends.
  1. Call Analytics: Call Logging provides real-time analytics, which gives you insight into how your campaigns are performing, and other metrics to help you optimize your marketing efforts.
  1. Caller Insights: Call Logging determines the origin and other demographics of phone calls, so you can attribute the call to the most skilled agents to answer given queries.

In general, a call log software provides insightful snapshots of not just your call center but your business as a whole. In other words, reasons for customer phone calls, as well as their responses to some of your marketing efforts, can be found here.

When you take Phonexa’s Call Logic and pair it with our Cloud PBX software, you will access cutting-edge technology that will provide you with all the necessary tools to maximize your inbound calls and streamline the client experience.

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