The Top 5 Ways to Take Your Ad Campaigns to the Next Level

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4 minute read

Digital ads and offline ads each have their own set of optimization methods, but these advertisements aren’t as disconnected as you might think. Businesses of all sizes implement both online and offline advertisements, so it’s crucial that you implement a solid ROI attribution strategy to track your campaign performances. Marketers need to be able to track the customer journey from start to finish—even if the inquiry was spurred by an offline display ad.

To fully optimize your marketing campaigns for higher ROI, pay close attention to these various campaign attributes:

Audience Demographic

Knowing who your advertisements are reaching is crucial to measuring the overall success of your campaign. If you intend for your advertisements to reach out to working professionals but the majority of your calls are from unemployed young adults, then you know that your ads aren’t age appropriate. Try working with an advanced marketing technology such as call tracking or Google’s web analytics to receive detailed reports on your target audience. These tools can give you information on your callers’ first and last name, location, and phone number. With the raw data, you can determine your target audience’s age, sex, and ethnicity. These details will allow you to personalize your campaigns in a more targeted and effective way.

Contact Visibility

Both online and offline advertisements need visible contact methods to encourage consumers to take action. If a customer is driving on the freeway, he or she won’t have enough time to read a detailed billboard ad with limited contact visibility. Even if your advertisement reaches out to the intended audience, they won’t be able to contact you and convert if the contact method is hard to read or just hidden altogether. Try making your contact method as clear as possible, whether it’s on your main website, landing page, display advertisement, or commercial. By making it clear that you want your web visitors and offline leads to contact you, you’re increasing your credibility as a business. Any web searcher would be concerned or even frustrated if a company hid their contact information. Good customer service should start with a willingness to communicate with your customers. There’s no better way to do that than to emphasize a clear contact method on all of your advertisements and platforms.

Contact Memorability

Similar to contact visibility, contact memorability is just as important when it comes to making it easier for your potential customers to reach you. If your phone number is largely visible but contains unmemorable numbers, fast drivers will most likely speed right past your sign, which renders your campaign useless. Vanity and toll-free numbers are perfect for creating memorable signage. Vanity phone numbers include industry-related keywords, such as 1-800-SUPPORT or 1-888-FLOWERS, to make it easier for your online and offline leads to see and remember your contact. Toll-free numbers often begin with “1-800,” followed by incredibly easy arrangements, such as, “200-0000.” Toll-free and vanity numbers are both appropriate for digital ads as well as offline display ads. Not only do these strategic numbers improve your contact memorability, they also improve your branding efforts. People won’t just remember how to contact you; they will remember the services that you provide and, more often than not, your actual brand name. The more memorable your phone numbers are, the more people will be encouraged to reach out to you.

Day/Time of Initial Contact

Aside from caller demographics, you should also utilize ROI attribution tools to get comprehensive reports on other marketing details. Depending on the software you use, the metrics should be able to tell you your callers’ purchase history, time of call, date of call and length of call, so you can properly determine the quality of your leads. Your campaign performance depends on how intentional you are about each detail of your advertisement. We know that different social platforms have different spikes in activity throughout the week, depending on where your target audience resides. If it turns out that the best times to post on Facebook are on Sundays and Wednesdays at 2 PM, but you’ve been implementing ads on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9 AM, you’d be missing out on a whole market of active, warm leads. The date and time of the initial contact helps you to determine your leads’ activity levels.


Keywords are crucial for background SEO work and advertisement optimizations. Effective keywords mean the difference between getting discovered by your targeted audience and getting buried beneath your competitors’ marketing ads. If you’ve already poured hours into optimizing your on-page SEO, why hold back from tracking your keyword performances? You need to know whether or not your current efforts are paying off; otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time on keywords that pull in the wrong visitors and callers. While tracking your marketing performance, pay attention to the keywords that spurred your calls and clicks. Once you gather enough information, test the effectiveness of your highest-performing keywords on your new advertisements via A/B testing. This is a foolproof method that will take your marketing efforts to the next level.

There’s no doubt that performance evaluations are difficult to measure. If you have the tools you need to track your customer journey, the road to higher ROI will be easier than ever.

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