How To Maximize Your Business Potential With Call Analytics Software

Victoria Berezhetska
Content Lead
20 minute read
Victoria Berezhetska
Content Lead
20 minute read

Phone calls may no longer dominate the landscape for business communication, but they are far from extinct. Businesses that invested in call analytics and tracking state that calls convert up to 15 times more often than web leads.

Naturally, taking advantage of texting and live chatting platforms is worth it to remain competitive in an ever-changing market. But having call analytics software can better equip your business to ensure your phone interactions with customers continue to be productive, giving insight into essential KPIs that help maximize the customer experience.

Companies need a good view of their calling activities to boost sales, customer service, and overall performance. With call analytics technology leading the way, brands can use data-driven insights that deliver an enhanced customer experience while achieving higher call conversion rates.

Advanced call analytics solutions go beyond customer service and sales, enabling companies to unlock a data-driven approach that is more informed than ever before. With such technology, businesses can make their calling efforts intelligent by easily accessing meaningful insights and illuminating the hidden potential of phone calls as an effective marketing channel. These marketing tracking tools can strengthen customer relationships while increasing conversions on every phone call they manage.

Call analytics software is invaluable as businesses look to handle challenges more effectively, improve customer service, and increase their sales and marketing results. Let’s see how leveraging this technology can help companies foster business growth.

What is Call Analytics Software?

Call analytics software is every company’s go-to for taking control of inbound phone calls. Call analytics software does it all when paired with call tracking, from assigning call tracking numbers to measuring, monitoring, and analyzing caller data so businesses can create effective marketing campaigns with accurate reporting results.

For instance, with Phonexa’s solutions, brands get access to essential tools like call routing and recordings, interactive voice response (IVR), ping tree, and phone call logging software, resulting in detailed attribution and gaining a competitive edge while making the customer experience seamless.

Marketers are leveraging modern call analytics platforms to uncover powerful insights from an ever-expanding volume of inbound calls. This martech feature is unique and can track sales calls for traditional and digital leads with unified tracking capabilities all the way to how sales reps handle those customers based on their location and needs.

Want to see how you can use a call tracking system in your digital stack? Check out our recent article to learn more about Phonexa’s call intelligence platform.

Tracking and analyzing every incoming enterprise call allows brands to manage complex customer experiences. While sales teams are often busy handling important calls and building strategies, one of the critical factors in the company’s success story — analytics and sales calls tracking software — remains behind the scenes.

Let’s take a moment to examine the insights that tracking and call analytics software taps into and how businesses can use it:

Insights & Advantages Why Is It Important?

Detailed attribution of call traffic to marketing campaigns and channels such as social media, PPC, organic search, Google Ads, etc.

Businesses can maximize their lead generation efforts by allocating ad spend to the most effective ad campaigns and channels.

Automated content analysis through call recordings and transcriptions

Brands can maximize their sales cycles by analyzing lead quality, identifying caller needs, recognizing trends within the data sets, and evaluating specific performance metrics.

Improved conversion rates

Marketers and sales reps use call analytics to optimize and boost their company’s ROI by tracking and understanding the performance of each call.


In the modern marketing world, call tracking software and analytics allow you to gain insights quickly and optimize your strategies instantaneously. It can access which campaigns are performing well and easily spot any opportunities for improvement in those that aren’t hitting their goals.

Ultimately, call analytics tracking unlocks your inbound call tracking potential and provides an accessible window to help you understand and improve your marketing returns. With granular reporting and detailed attribution, you can take advantage of powerful insights from each tracked phone call.

Types of Data Analyzed by Call Analytics Software

Call analytics software is designed to analyze phone calls and provide deeper insights into caller data, whether through AI or not. This data can range from basic information, such as call duration and number dialed, all the way up to more detailed analysis, like sentiment scoring. With this technology, businesses can make educated decisions about how their communication channels impact customer experiences.

Here are several examples of caller data collected by phone call analytics:

  • Marketing channels, ad campaigns, webpages, touchpoints, and keywords that prompted phone calls
  • Devices that callers use to interact with marketing content
  • Caller’s name, geographic location, and phone number
  • Duration and time of inbound calls
  • The time that callers spent in the queue
  • Number of phone calls that resulted in a conversion
  • Goods or services consumers were interested in
  • Call’s lead score on a scale from 1 to 10
  • How the phone calls were handled
  • Individual performance of salespeople and service center agents
  • Overall performance of a call center
  • Call outcomes, like sales, appointment bookings, etc.
  • Problems or issues consumers encountered during the call

On top of that, call analytics enables sales and marketing departments to gain vital insights from KPIs, including the following metrics:

  • Lead scores
  • Hold times
  • Caller ID
  • Detailed call transcriptions
  • Top-performing keywords
  • Marketing performance metrics
  • Customer sentiment analysis

Call Tracking vs. Call Analytics

Knowing which marketing routes are most effective for your business can be daunting. But with sales call tracking, you get the insight to make smarter decisions about where to allocate resources and increase conversions.

This technology has been around for a while. Still, it’s not until recently that brands were able to leverage its full power as advanced analytics allow them to gain more insights on leads from website visits, PPC campaigns, and email initiatives and, more importantly, uncover core organic search terms driving their web and call traffic.

Let’s look at what happens behind the curtain, where the magic of tracking sales calls occurs. Here’s how it works:

Source: The Definitive Guide To Call Tracking

But what’s the difference? By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, sales call software offers a revolutionary way to evaluate customer service. It enables companies to recognize patterns and trends in every conversation by monitoring words and phrases on each phone call.

Looking for ways to leverage call analytics for your insurance business? Check out our recent article to learn how call data analysis can help you optimize lead generation efforts and improve customer service.

When paired with user behavior recording solutions, like Phonexa’s HitMetrix, phone analytics helps businesses gain granular insights into customer behavior that was once unattainable. In addition, call platforms grant access to valuable demographic information so marketers can download data, score calls, and tag relevant conversations while ultimately helping them optimize their strategies for optimal performance.

Key Metrics Tracked by Call Analytics Software

Tracking calls and focusing on specific metrics can help you identify patterns, progress, and areas for improvement. Here are some of the most valuable metrics brands should monitor closely:

Call Volume

Have you ever considered tracking the volume of inbound calls your company receives? Doing so can provide valuable insights that make it easier to make educated decisions about the best time to hire new staff or acquire additional phone lines.

Want to see how you can use call analytics software to analyze phone conversations and boost business performance? Check out this article or schedule a consultation to learn how Phonexa can help you use conversation analytics.

On top of that, call pattern analysis helps identify areas for improvement. But the best part is that marketing automation solutions do all this automatically. With powerful tracking and call analytics software, businesses can monitor and leverage all the critical metrics while ensuring customer service optimization and elevating the customer experience.

Call Source

There’s no denying that tracking call volume is essential to understanding how customers interact with your business, but call tracking metrics can reveal more.

Attribution data lets companies pinpoint which digital and offline marketing channels trigger the most calls. Did that email campaign get people dialing? Is it worth spending money on a billboard if you’re seeing no ROI from TV ads?

With phone call software and analytics, businesses can find out the answers and go even further by attributing each source their callers came from, including specific keywords or PPC campaigns. This way, they can also make educated decisions about where best to allocate their marketing budget.

Average Duration of Calls

Longer phone interactions are generally considered a sign of successful customer service and higher close rates for sales. Measuring average call duration can help you optimize customer service operations for more efficiency and lower costs. This way, you can find out how changes in team procedures impact agents’ performance and handle an increased number of calls while providing a higher-quality customer experience.

To accurately measure the success of your staff during these calls, businesses must utilize several tools, including call analytics and tracking, IVR, call recording, and intelligent call routing. All these marketing tracking tools will help you monitor the essential metrics and maximize their capacity to boost customer experience, satisfaction, and close rates.

Conversion Rate

For successful marketing and sales efforts, tracking call conversion rates is essential. Knowing your overall average and which channels or sources drive the most conversions will allow you to effectively tweak existing strategies for maximum results.

With Phonexa’s Call Logic and HitMetrix solutions, you can streamline your approaches to understanding call and website performance and conversions. In other words, you don’t have to spend hours watching screen recordings or manually identifying issues.

Heatmaps and session recordings offer invaluable insights into how webpages can be further improved for conversion rate optimization specialists, lead generation professionals, and publishers alike.

Besides, attributing inbound calls will ensure an accurate understanding of how long it may take the lead to convert into a sale — vital information that can refine current campaigns while also positioning future ones for success.

Phone Lead Quality

The quality of call leads is of major importance to brands. Tracking, analyzing, and improving the quality of call leads is possible with lead scoring, call analytics software, and user behavior tracking tools.

This way, you can ensure that marketing experts and sales reps have all of the information necessary for informed decisions — from a customer’s willingness to buy your product to the quality and intent of leads and judgment criteria tailored specifically by you.

The Benefits of Using Call Analytics Software

Mastering the relationship between online and offline buying journeys and marketing channels is essential to ensuring your resources are allocated efficiently, leading to maximum returns. Tracking and call analytics software can offer invaluable insights into resource allocation, call management, and sales reps’ performance.

The following are some of the specific advantages of using call analytics software:

Enhanced Multi-channel Attribution

For educated decision-making, tracking and call analytics software has revolutionized multi-channel attribution by allowing businesses to trace inbound calls back to their sources. Integrating analytics data with CRM and other martech systems reveals a more unified view of customers and call campaigns, facilitating an improved level of personalization that encourages successful relationships between customers and businesses.

Deeper Insights Into Consumer Behavior

The most powerful tool in a business’s arsenal is analyzing consumer behavior. By having insightful conversations with customers and utilizing conversation analytics, companies can gain invaluable insight into how their products or services are perceived, helping them create better experiences that truly suit customer needs.

Improved Campaign Performance

Laying the groundwork for success starts with marketing campaigns tailored to your audience. By tracking and analyzing inbound calls and their sources, you can determine which messages attract the highest quality leads, which is a critical factor in driving prospects further down the funnel.

With call analytics software, businesses can optimize performance through smarter resource allocations, tap into crucial caller data and insights, recalibrate their strategies, and much more.

Increased Sales and Conversion Rate

Having meaningful conversations with customers is crucial to a brand’s success. Fortunately, modern conversation intelligence tools make it easier for teams to capture and analyze all the details of their customer interactions.

This technology takes much of the time-consuming legwork out of person-to-person communication, so businesses can learn even more from every interaction they have with a consumer.

Improved Employee Productivity

Increased sales staff productivity is necessary for any business aiming to maximize profits. With tools like IVR and intelligent call routing, your team can route leads more effectively to close deals faster.

Furthermore, using call analytics software can help identify potential problems or opportunities and unlock new possibilities for performance improvement you might not have previously considered.

Why Is Call Analytics Software Important for Business?

Businesses of all sizes rely on having access to caller profile analytics and marketing tracking software to accurately identify and target their customer base. By leveraging call analytics tools, marketers can monitor caller behavior and capture crucial data, like caller demographics, language, repeat rate, devices used during the call, and other relevant information.

Unlocking the power of call data tracking software and analytics is essential for any business striving to improve the customer experience and reach its conversion goals. Sales departments, PPC, and SEO specialists can use this tool by measuring performance through its derived phone analytics while connecting the dots between digital and offline campaigns and call center conversions.

Performance marketers in industries such as financial services, legal, home services, eCommerce, and insurance can make the most of a call data tracking system to gain more actionable insights from their campaigns. This powerful tool provides them with data-driven intelligence that helps inform strategic decisions for an effective outcome.

Features of Phonexa’s Call Intelligence Software

Companies that use Phonexa’s software to track phone calls and analyze call data can profit from the following features:

Call Analytics

With call analytics software, businesses can discover powerful insights and trends from their marketing efforts, gaining a unique advantage when plugging potential leaks in the sales funnel. Equipping your company with this feature will give you an edge over your competition and create more effective campaigns.

Call Tracking

Companies can gain a competitive advantage with call tracking software that provides deep insights into their inbound call performance. Trackable phone numbers give brands the power to measure effectiveness and identify optimization opportunities to drive greater customer engagement and increase revenues quickly.

Conversation Intelligence

As an intuitive tool, conversation intelligence allows businesses to track phone conversations with clients and identify trends among their target audience. On top of that, it streamlines the process of transcribing, analyzing, and understanding customer needs, making call analysis fast and efficient.

With conversation intelligence and AI-enabled speech analytics, businesses can unlock new insights into their calls while identifying coaching opportunities and detecting key phrases or words that signify an important moment in a call.

Interactive Voice Response

IVR technology allows customers to access tailored, personalized service with minimal effort. With pre-recorded messages, menu options, and IVR speech recognition, the customer journey can be conveniently customized to connect to the right representative or department quickly.

Predictive Modeling

Phonexa’s Call Logic turns data into actionable insights with predictive modeling, helping small businesses and enterprises direct their marketing campaigns. This powerful feature replaces costly analytical teams while streamlining lead generation and tapping into consumer behavior tracking to drive conversions like never before.

Lead Acquisition and Real-time Bidding

Phonexa has revolutionized lead flow management with its new Ping Post Calls 2.0 feature, connecting performance marketers, small businesses, and enterprises. Through real-time bidding, marketers can leverage the best call data attributes, and sellers can be sure they’re getting top dollar for every lead while buyers gain access to high-quality leads.

Ping Tree

Phonexa’s lead distribution software makes it easy for businesses to optimize their traffic and make the most of campaigns in real-time. With its ping post technology, sales leads join a custom ping tree where an automated algorithm ensures buyers can access strategic insights when purchasing call leads, all without time delays or manual processing.

Leveraging Call Analytics Software for Business Growth

Call analytics software provides a range of features to maximize sales and marketing effectiveness. From customizable filters with detailed analysis to insightful traffic flow reports, this tool ensures that you are always up-to-date on your call campaign performance. Furthermore, advanced reporting options can be accessed quickly for more in-depth comparison summaries and results tracking.

Let’s examine how companies can leverage call analytics software to foster business growth in more detail.

Identifying Areas for Improvement in Customer Service

As companies aim to remain competitive in today’s market, having a well-equipped and efficient call center is an absolute must. It’s important to have cutting-edge hardware, call center analytics software, and reliable phone systems set up properly for your call teams to ensure the best results while controlling costs.

The pandemic has prompted contact centers to reconsider their technology choices, leading many away from on-premise solutions and towards cloud-based options. These changes require initial investments but are ultimately more cost-effective, especially now that remote agents have become the norm.

Source: McKinsey & Company

There’s no denying that call centers have the power to generate sizable returns, but only with appropriate technology and improvement tactics. For instance, companies equipped with call center data analytics software can ensure efficiency and improve outcomes while focusing on customer satisfaction.

Suppose they’re also backed by predictive analytics. In that case, companies can get a better handle on staffing by identifying peak times when they need more agents available and pinpoint moments where several service center agents are necessary for optimal success throughout any given day or night.

Improving Call Center Management With Call Analytics Software

Companies can no longer afford to ignore the wealth of untapped insights hidden in their inbound calls and call center conversations. With a cloud-based call intelligence software like Phonexa’s Call Logic, businesses now have access to powerful tools that enable them to uncover data-driven strategies for improving performance and driving efficiencies that, ultimately, lead to cost reductions and optimized service delivery.

Optimizing Sales and Marketing Strategies With Call Analytics Software

With Phonexa, you can uncover best practices from your most proficient agents and make sure that knowledge is shared with the team. Businesses can utilize call transcripts to highlight successful strategies for handling customers’ objections or closing sales, use insights gathered during such calls when coaching sales reps, and much more.

Phonexa’s call analytics software and other call intelligence features enable companies to train new members more quickly by transferring this expertise between multiple locations or call centers, tracking performance remotely, and incentivizing success across physical locations and personnel.

Implementing Call Analytics Software

No two implementations of call analytics software are exactly alike, yet there’s usually a trio of key roles — and those responsible may hop across disciplines. However it unfolds, each role is essential to the company’s success puzzle.

Steps To Implementing Call Analytics Software in Your Business

Step 1: Phonexa and your company representative will schedule a consultation or meet to discuss your goals and onboarding requirements.

Step 2: Our primary focus is to fully acquaint you with Phonexa’s marketing automation suite. During this stage, you’ll receive an in-depth system overview and useful resources to make the most of the call analytics software implementation.

Step 3: We help you incorporate call data into the platforms your business is already using to improve your martech stack, ensure detailed data visualization, automate tasks, and deliver measurable results.

Step 4: Ensuring successful partnership and ongoing support after the implementation is complete. Our goal is to ensure your business succeeds. We offer inspiration and guidance through our wealth of best practices, success stories, and innovative solutions for driving better results.

Choosing the Right Call Analytics Software for Your Business Needs

While many providers offer basic call analytics data, the mark of any true marketer is to go beyond surface-level information and seek out all available insights.

By delving deep into a provider’s capabilities — from gathering detailed consumer conversations to analyzing intent and outcomes for every phone call — marketers can maximize their ROI and optimize customer experiences in real-time.

Therefore, when appraising your next call analytics software provider, ensure you get access to comprehensive insights across each phone conversation on your business line.

Here are some key inquiries to make when evaluating tracking and call analytics software providers:

  • Does the vendor follow data privacy regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, and CPRA?
  • Are the call recording and transcription tools accurate?
  • What insights and data can you capture from phone conversations?
  • How easy is it to access the captured data and generate reports?
  • Does the call analytics software provider offer customized plans or solutions tailored to your business needs?
  • What integration options are available?

Best Practices for Using Call Analytics Software

With the emergence of cutting-edge call analytics software, marketers have access to a range of innovative opportunities. This technology can be harnessed for every marketing endeavor, including monitoring campaigns, tracking leads, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Here are some of the most common use cases of call analytics software:

  • Detailed marketing attribution: By harnessing the power of call analytics software, marketing professionals can accurately monitor media performance and identify which campaigns and keywords drive customers to pick up the phone and dial up a call.
  • Retargeting campaigns: By leveraging call recordings and transcriptions, companies can identify customer needs through their previous interactions and re-engage with them on a more targeted basis.
  • Persona and audience building: Modern call analytics software utilizes advanced AI frameworks to learn and record key insights from calls, enabling marketers to build customer, user, and buyer personas for campaign development that are based on the highest-performing leads.
  • Personalized customer experience: Call analytics software allows gaining insight into customer demographics, product interest, and more while helping tailor interactions for a better customer experience.
  • Sales enablement: Call analytics software can be invaluable for evaluating the success of customer service efforts. With transcript analysis and scoring, businesses can quickly identify prospects worth contacting again, evaluate employee performance, and determine which scripts and offers drive desirable outcomes.

Foster Business Growth With Call Analytics Software

Would you settle for an okay option when it comes to sales and marketing tracking tools? With Phonexa, you can make the most of innovative tracking and call analytics software to help you ace your KPIs, build lasting customer relationships, elevate customer experience, and yield better marketing and sales results.

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you do business? Contact our team to schedule a consultation and learn how Phonexa’s marketing automation solutions can fuel your business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is call analytics?

Call analytics is a technology that turns inbound calls into a source of valuable data. With call tracking and sales call reporting, marketers can identify the caller’s name and number and what drove them to call in the first place.

Conversation intelligence software takes it one step further by mining customer conversations for product and service inquiries, leads quality assessment, and ultimately whether or not conversions come from these talks, providing an invaluable resource for marketing teams everywhere.

What is call center analytics?

Call center analytics software allows organizations to understand their performance more deeply by analyzing such call center metrics as customer satisfaction rate, the effectiveness of customer service agents, and revenue per successful call tracked in real-time.

Thoughtful analysis of this information opens up opportunities for improving every aspect of the company’s service while giving service executives detailed insight into ongoing operations beyond merely reactive situations.

How long does it take to track a phone call?

Call intelligence platforms, like Phonexa’s Call Logic, provide instant and accurate insight into the source of a call. With call analytics and tracking as part of performance marketing technology, it’s possible to track phone calls in real-time and capture crucial caller data without limiting how long the callers stay on the line.

What are call center metrics?

Call center metrics are measurable performance benchmarks that demonstrate the performance of service center agents and call centers.

Monitoring call center performance regularly is one of the most efficient ways to ensure effective customer service optimization and top-notch client service. By using key metrics such as agent productivity, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction, brands can identify areas of improvement and track growth in their team’s performance.

Utilizing call analytics platforms allows for a holistic approach to evaluating call center agents and conducting a more comprehensive assessment of their overall performance. In other words, call center tracking software enables businesses to monitor all the crucial factors and metrics — such as agent’s effort, customer issue resolution, and various individual metrics — to get the most accurate picture of the team’s capabilities and strengths.

What is call quality monitoring?

Call quality monitoring is essential for customer-centric organizations to ensure the highest quality calls and other customer interactions. By recording agent-customer conversations and assessing each aspect of the journey from start to finish, contact centers can use data-driven call analysis to improve resolutions, leading toward improved customer satisfaction levels and business growth.

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