The Ultimate List of Ad Intelligence Tools for Affiliate Marketers

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15 minute read

Impeccable ad campaigns that drive quality traffic are more crucial than ever for marketers and brands alike. Competitiveness is the name of the game in the affiliate marketing industry, and marketers are no strangers to utilizing affiliate marketing tools like ad intelligence. While coming up with new concepts and ad approaches is a complicated but standard process, such tools are instrumental in tailoring campaigns that establish brand presence and drive the crucial traffic flow to affiliate websites.

Ad intelligence tools have emerged as invaluable assets for affiliate marketers and solopreneurs. They provide businesses and marketers with deep insights into the competitive landscape, audience behavior, and ad performance metrics.

Here’s the global advertising expenditure spanning 2021 through 2026 that will help you understand the allocation of ad resources within the industry:

Source: Statista

Now, imagine having a special tool that lets you see everything about a company’s online marketing efforts from every angle. Digital ad intelligence has it all to help you stay ahead of the competition.

This article aims to help businesses make smarter decisions by giving them the full list of the best digital ad intelligence tools specifically tailored for affiliate marketers.

To lead off, let’s dive into the principles of digital ad intelligence. Understanding what ad intelligence tools you need and why you need them will help you build your ultimate affiliate marketing toolkit as well as optimize and maximize your affiliate marketing efforts.

Digital Ad Intelligence Unveiled

Understanding how advertising works helps marketers make informed decisions in their promotional strategies, especially in affiliate marketing.

Data needs to be regularly and carefully collected and processed, and that’s how digital ad intelligence works. Ad intelligence tools are incredibly productive — you can evaluate competitive campaigns and branding effectiveness in detail.

Often called competitive intelligence or spy tools, these instruments bring valuable insights, including keywords, ad creatives, and promotional platforms.

What are ad intelligence solutions? They come in the form of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) platforms designed for advertising analysis and optimization.

Armed with this information, let’s discover how ad intelligence tools work:

Ad campaign analysis Such a tool can be used in the analysis of various digital advertising campaigns on social or media networks, search engines, etc.

AI algorithms are potentially used to track and collect data.

Performance metrics To discover how your ads are performing in the digital world, key performance indicators (KPIs) are needed. These include:

  • Conversion rates
  • Click-through rates (CTR)
  • Cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Return on investment (ROI)
Ad content analysis Ad intelligence platforms often use natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze ad copy and landing pages.
Competitive analysis Competitive analysis allows you to scan competitors’ advertising strategies, their ads, keywords, and budget allocation.

This helps advertisers, brands, and affiliates understand how they stack up against their competition and how they can improve.

Ad compliance Ensuring ad compliance and brand safety is extremely important so that the platform may include ad scanning features.


Target audience insights You can use demographic indicators, interests, and behavioral patterns of the audience interacting with the ads to improve targeting capabilities.


Predictive marketing and analytics Some AI platforms can offer predictions about ad performance based on historical data.


The Data an Affiliate Marketer Can Collect With Ad Intelligence Tools


Advertising Knowing where your competitors place their ads, how much they spend on their ads, what they use to create their ads – images, headlines, CTA buttons, etc. – and for how long they put their ads on display can help you understand how hard it might be for you to advertise in a particular niche with a particular set of techniques and tools.
Targeting State-of-the-art ad intelligence tools for affiliate marketing can even unlock the competitor’s customer persona for you, including demographics, psychographics, location, and interest of their customers. In other words, you will have a ready-made customer profile at hand, giving you an idea of what revenues you can draw from a specific group of customers and – to some extent – the market in general.
Performance    Knowing how effective your competitors are with their ads – for example, their Click-Through Rates (CTR) and even (to a certain degree) conversion rates – means knowing your potential ROI and unlocking the room for improvement if you see where your competitors lag.


The table above is not exhaustive to the data you can collect with the right set of ad intelligence tools for affiliate marketing. With some calculations and extrapolation, you can get a fairly accurate number for the metric in question and predict your success against the competition.

Are you ready to find the hidden keys to success that will elevate your marketing game to new heights?

Discover Winning Ads With These Digital Ad Intelligence Tools


The first player on the list is SensorTower — a comprehensive digital ad intelligence and analytics platform tailored for the mobile app industry. The main value is in providing a qualitative assessment of the performance of your applications, as well as user engagement and market trends.

In the world of digital marketing, keywords are king. SensorTower allows marketers to discover the keywords that drive the most traffic and conversions for their competitors.

Monthly Visits   Page Per Visit   Time On Site   Bounce Rate   Direct Traffic   Search Traffic   Paid Referral Traffic   Referral Traffic   Social Traffic   Mail Traffic  
1,310,221 6 225 0.33 65.66% 28.51% 0 1.92% 2.90% 1.02%


With SensorTower, developers, and marketers can track app rankings, estimate revenue, and identify competitive strategies. This might include information on ad creatives, ad spending, and ad networks for various apps.

What is great about the platform is its App Store Optimization (ASO) tools, which enhance an app’s visibility on app stores. If you seek irreplaceable resources to optimize the performance of your applications, is the most relevant option.

AdScan is your go-to digital ad intelligence solution for uncovering successful advertisements across Google, Facebook, and TikTok Ad Libraries.

Monthly Visits       Page Per Visit       Bounce Rate       Avg. Visit Duration      
13,900 6 0.28 07:12


What are the key features of the AdScan ad intelligence platform? Let’s examine them in more detail:

  1. Exploring winning ads: You can access a diverse collection of 28,302 unlisted ads from YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and other social media. The extensive library covers diverse markets and is updated daily.
  2. Unveiling Facebook ad spend: The AdScan Chrome extension grants access to impression metrics for EU-targeted ads to gauge top-performing campaigns.
  3. Reveal YouTube ad budget: With this solution, it is easy to estimate the actual YouTube ad spending and view counts to make informed decisions.
  4. Save live ads: AdScan Chrome extension adds a convenient “See YT Ad” or “Save Ad” button to major ad libraries to use as future references.
  5. Comprehensive data: Get significant insights into ad spend, transcripts, and AI-based performance scoring for each ad to optimize your advertising strategy.


This data platform delivers valuable insights into consumer behavior and retail ad intelligence operations.

Monthly Visits   Page Per Visit   Time On Site   Bounce Rate   Direct Traffic   Search Traffic   Paid Referral Traffic   Referral Traffic   Social Traffic   Mail Traffic  
52,785 6 305 0.48  64.13% 30.52% 0  4.52% 0.19%  0.64%


Businesses and affiliate marketers use Numerator to understand consumer preferences on a deeper level and reveal the full potential of one’s marketing efforts.

The company provides impressive visibility into customer behavior across various channels. The popular ad intelligence platform tracks shopping trends and offers shopper sentiment analysis.

Within Numerator, marketers and businesses receive real-time data and promotional effectiveness metrics to gain a competitive edge.


Monthly Visits   Page Per Visit   Time On Site   Bounce Rate   Direct Traffic   Search Traffic   Paid Referral Traffic   Referral Traffic   Social Traffic   Mail Traffic  
14,043,360 6  193 0.44 65.86% 31.23% 0.12% 0.66% 0.91% 1.23%


Sometimes mistakenly considered as a narrow-focused SEO tool, Similarweb can be a very effective ad intelligence tool for affiliate marketing.

Here’s how you can use Similarweb for ad intelligence, among other opportunities:

  • Analyze competitors’ display ad strategies using the Ad Intelligence feature
  • Analyzing referral traffic to understand what advertising platforms are used by your competitors
  • Improve your ad placement with customer insights like demographics

If you’re good at SEO, you must be already familiar with Similarweb and thus know about the potency of these marketing tools. Besides website and keyword analytics, Similarweb can help you look at your advertising strategies from a different perspective, giving you a competitive edge other affiliate marketers might neglect.


With Similarweb, you will be able to learn from your competitors’ mistakes and choose the most reliable and profitable media partners, whether you are an affiliate or advertiser. To be more specific, you will be able to identify competitors’ best and worst-performing creatives, ad placements, and ad networks.

Price-wise, Similarweb provides a free and paid version, with the latter billed at $125 or $333 per user per month, depending on the plan. The more expensive Professional subscription plan provides more website results and keywords per report, supports 6 instead of 3 months of historical data, and provides a worldwide geo view.


Monthly Visits   Page Per Visit   Time On Site   Bounce Rate   Direct Traffic   Search Traffic   Paid Referral Traffic   Referral Traffic   Social Traffic   Mail Traffic  
23,027 1 105 0.51 69.30% 27.11% 0 0.91% 1.04% 11.63%


The best tool for providing mobile ad intelligence app A/B testing and CRO is SplitMetrics. The all-in-one ad intelligence platform helps marketers and brands run experiments with such valuable features:

  • Landing page optimization
  • Creative testing
  • User behavior analysis

The global company makes things easy for mobile businesses and brands in the mobile world. Top app and game makers prefer it thanks to over 30,000 tech experiments backed by solid data.

Another great feature is SplitMetrics Acquire — a platform to automate and optimize Apple Search ads campaigns. With it, you can take charge of your data and handle ads like a pro. Top advertisers have already automated 95% of their optimization using SplitMetrics AI algorithms.


Monthly Visits   Page Per Visit   Time On Site   Bounce Rate   Direct Traffic   Search Traffic   Paid Referral Traffic   Referral Traffic   Social Traffic   Mail Traffic  
230,569 18 216 0.45 67.16% 29.39% 0.19% 1.33% 0.93% 1.00%


Do you want to skyrocket your application’s awareness and performance on app stores? AppTweak is a nice choice for entrepreneurs and marketers alike.

It’s an ASO (App Store Optimization) system, which provides:

  • Keyword tracking
  • Competitive investigation
  • Personalized recommendations

In order to attract more users and enhance app store rankings, utilize Atlas AI, AppTweak’s revolutionary digital ad intelligence engine. The solution unravels the intricate connections between various apps and keywords.

The company spent years examining information, including 6 billion data points, 20 million keywords, 6 million apps, and insights from over 100 countries.

With AppTweak, marketers can unlock Google and Apple app store algorithms.


One of the most efficient resources for ad sales intelligence activity is MediaRadar. It’s truly your cloud-based ticket to the advertising and market analysis realm, tailor-made for businessmen and marketing agencies.

Monthly Visits   Page Per Visit   Time On Site   Bounce Rate   Direct Traffic   Search Traffic   Paid Referral Traffic   Referral Traffic   Social Traffic   Mail Traffic  
53,752 4 275 0.40 67.69% 23.36% 0 2.22% 3.98% 2.75%


This ad intelligence platform transcends boundaries, covering TV, print media, email, events, and the vast digital landscape.

MediaRadar serves up verified contacts, spending distribution, and real-time competitive analysis for the Ad tech sector.

It offers insights into ad spend, ad creative analysis, and ad campaign performance, allowing businesses to identify potential advertising opportunities.


Monthly Visits   Page Per Visit   Time On Site   Bounce Rate   Direct Traffic   Search Traffic   Paid Referral Traffic   Referral Traffic   Social Traffic   Mail Traffic  
209,999 5 266 0.51 66.07% 29.92% 0.03% 2.66% 0.94% 0.39%


In the fast-changing media world, Comscore comes as a useful online ad intelligence tool to plan, buy, and assess media across different industries.

Marketers and media companies can quickly connect with their audiences by understanding how consumers behave across platforms. Comscore partners with the biggest names in digital media, brands, agencies, and film studios.

Why choose this ad intelligence tool? It collects and provides data on advertising effectiveness and audience measurement.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Monthly Visits   Page Per Visit   Time On Site   Bounce Rate   Direct Traffic   Search Traffic   Paid Referral Traffic   Referral Traffic   Social Traffic   Mail Traffic  
68,058,607 15 667 0.31 53.06% 31.71% 0.36% 9.79% 1.88% 3.20%


Amazon Web Services (AWS) may not be the most narrow-focused affiliate marketing tool in your toolkit, but it does provide you with some functionality to collect and analyze advertising data insights.

Here are some of the numerous AWS features you can use for affiliate marketing:

  • Amazon Kinesis – real-time ad data management: collecting, capturing, and analyzing
  • Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) – ad intelligence data management via frameworks like Hadoop
  • Amazon Quicksight – ad data visualization, including interactive dashboards

Likewise, you can use the Amazon Comprehend NLP model to analyze feedback regarding your ad campaigns, and many more tools. For example, Amazon Rekognition can help you analyze the visual impact of your affiliate ad campaigns.

AWS is one of the most complex affiliate marketing tools, with a steep learning curve and countless features for omnichannel marketing. You may need time and perseverance to beat the steep learning curve, but the good thing is that some AWS affiliate marketing tools are free, and you can start from there.

As for the paid version of the software, AWS runs on the pay-as-you-go pricing model, which means the subscription price depends on the services you use. Here’s the  AWS price calculator to estimate the cost of your affiliate marketing tools.

Monthly Visits   Page Per Visit   Time On Site   Bounce Rate   Direct Traffic   Search Traffic   Paid Referral Traffic   Referral Traffic   Social Traffic   Mail Traffic  
1,835,281 5 176 0.50 66.93% 27.69% 0.20% 2.12% 1.67% 1.39%


Predicting revenue is like chasing a moving target in the ever-shifting marketing landscape. Mobile monetization has never been so easy as with

This artificial intelligence ad and machine learning platform is designed to help businesses leverage data for decision-making. It provides predictive analytics, data modeling, and automation tools to improve business processes and outcomes.


One of the greatest digital ad intelligence tools for consumer behavior analytics and brand monitoring is BIScience.

Monthly Visits   Page Per Visit   Time On Site   Bounce Rate   Direct Traffic   Search Traffic   Paid Referral Traffic   Referral Traffic   Social Traffic   Mail Traffic  
5,346 10 1424 0.31 76.17% 13.04% 0 10.43% 0 0.36%


The popular platform offers such features:

  • Online marketing and audience analytics
  • Extended consumer behavior analysis (product searches, customer journey, etc.)
  • Real-time online brand monitoring
  • Purchase data insights

The Connection Between Ad Intelligence and Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based approach where brands collaborate with individual affiliates for effective promotion.

Affiliate marketing tools are essential for companies and marketers as they guarantee increased sales and a wider reach. After all, affiliates receive substantial commissions for successful sales and high-intent leads.

To promote the brand effectively, ad intelligence data is highly essential. Such platforms and ad intelligence tools deliver the information you need while enabling you to evaluate ad campaigns and marketing strategies your rivals use.

Let’s take a second and dissect the principal benefits of ad intelligence solutions for affiliate marketers.

  1. These tools enable hassle-free competitor analysis, providing insights into their advantages, profitable niches, the most relevant keywords, and top-performing ads.
  2. Ad intelligence tools can inspire affiliate marketers to create the most appealing and engaging ad campaigns. Analyzing the successful advertising efforts across the industry makes it easier to create quality content.
  3. Supercharging your efforts with the ad intelligence platform helps increase traffic flow and ensure intelligence resource allocation within an affiliate campaign.
  4. The examined digital ad intelligence tools provide real-time monitoring of competitors’ efforts, which allows brands and marketers to fine-tune their performance-based strategies.

Rising to Triumph: Crafting Your Martech Ecosystem

To make the most of your affiliate marketing campaigns, you can use the prominent Phonexa offerings. Phonexa’s single operating solution for partner and performance marketing will help you create customized campaigns, improve the user experience, make educated decisions, and close the loop between clicks, calls, leads, and revenue.

For only $100 per month, you will acquire a multifunctional system with various innovative products:

  • LMS Sync — proficient lead management system
  • Call Logic — impactful call tracking and distribution platform
  • Cloud PBX — competent virtual phone system
  • Lynx — state-of-the-art click management software
  • E-Delivery — sophisticated email marketing tool
  • HitMetrix — ultramodern user behavior analytics and CRO software
  • Opt-Intel — progressive email cleansing and suppression list management solution
  • Books360 — next-generation accounting software with an invoice generator

Optimize Your Campaigns With the Best Digital Ad Intelligence Tools

The proposed list of key ad intelligence tools will be useful both in affiliate marketing and in any other field of commerce and digital media.

Such platforms as, SensorTower, SEMrush, and others play an important role in decision-making for the enterprise. Your business will flourish while constantly increasing your competitiveness and yielding higher revenue streams.

Ultimately, enhancing your affiliate marketing tech stack with any of these ad intelligence tools will allow you to save time and resources while surpassing competitors. Unlock your business potential with these popular digital ad intelligence tools and take your affiliate marketing efforts to the next level with Phonexa.

Boost your performance marketing and advertising campaigns with Phonexa’s powerful software suite. Book an online consultation to discover how Phonexa can enhance your marketing success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do ad intelligence tools work?
Ad software like SensorTower or uses complex and advanced algorithms that take into account many factors. In particular, this applies to advertising scripts, ad costs, and performance evaluation of individual ads. Marketers and businesses can easily identify highly effective advertising materials.

What features are included in ad intelligence platforms?
Such programs have many functions in their arsenal aimed at understanding the effectiveness of your advertising and gaining important experience.

Ad intelligence platforms perform diverse tasks, for instance:

  • Advertising expenditure statistics
  • Advertising impression rates
  • Performance scoring based on artificial intelligence
  • Tracking mobile app ratings
  • Evaluation of competitors’ strategies

How can ad intelligence tools benefit affiliate marketers?
Digital ad intelligence is highly essential for affiliate marketing campaigns, as it allows advertisers to:

  • Get valuable information about competitors
  • Discover new profitable niches for yourself
  • Analyze successful ads
  • Find relevant keywords

In addition, ad intelligence platforms stimulate the creation of first-class content and enable a reasonable allocation of resources in conditions of competition.

What is the most effective ad intelligence tool on the list?
One of the most popular solutions from today’s ad intelligence review is the option. Of course, using a multifunctional solution is beneficial — is a successful Google ad intelligence tool but offers successful YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook ad intelligence data.

The platform’s key features include analyzing ad spend insights, ad budget estimation, and comprehensive ad data for strategic optimization.

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