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There are a variety of different online advertisements, including but not limited to: paid search, in-text ads, display ads, pop-ups and more. Each method is slightly different from the last and requires its own form of optimization, but all of these forms of online advertisements also have a plethora of things in common. For one, you need to make sure that each advertisement attribute is high quality and eye-catching. There are so many advertisements on the web that yours can easily drown out if it isn’t intriguing yet professional. Another common optimization that you should make for these online ads is to incorporate a memorable call option to give consumers a more convenient way to reach your business. With dedicated vanity numbers in the form of click-to-call incorporated into these advertisements, consumers will most likely be more inclined to call in. Calls, as we’ve previously discussed, are potentially even more valuable than clicks because of their high conversion rates. Turning your clicks into potential calls can make a world of difference for your digital campaigns.

Calls are More Personal

Even if your website is highly efficient and optimized in every way, it still won’t have the same personal touch as a phone call. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the caller has to speak directly to an agent, either. If the phone system is equipped with an advanced interactive voice response system and call tracking, it can still deliver a call experience that will most likely be more personal than a simple optimized landing page that’s addressed to the general audience. With call tracking, the voice response system can then address your callers by name and service them according to their language preference and purchase history. These thoughtful details will surely set your business apart from competitors.

Calls are More Efficient

Not only are calls more personal than simple landing pages or ads, they can also be more efficient if you optimize your calls accordingly. Studies show that 82% of consumers believe that getting their issues resolved quickly is the most important factor to a great customer experience. If calls are properly optimized to service customers according to their needs, demographic and preferences, then they can be instrumental to your overall conversion rates. Not all of your calls are going to require the caller to speak directly to an agent, so a phone system with built-in self-service can save the caller from being needlessly transferred to an agent. This will also free up more time for your agents to handle more complex inquiries.

Call Tracking Helps You Optimize Campaigns

If you’re convinced that calls are the way to go, then the next step would be to optimize your campaigns using the ultimate call marketing technology: call tracking. Call tracking takes the tedious work out of personalizing your campaigns and attributing ROI to the right campaign changes. When your advertisements are supported by call tracking, you can easily perform A/B testing with your campaigns and receive accurate results on each of your campaign adjustments. These in-depth reports will help you review your ongoing campaigns and create more informed budgets for future marketing efforts.

Call Tracking Automates the Tedious Work

Finally, call tracking takes care of all the small yet important details of your calls so your agents can service the more difficult inquiries. For example, it doesn’t take a whole conversation with an agent to determine why your callers are making the call. They can simply speak directly to an IVR or be automatically routed to the right destination based on your preferred filters. Callers can be rerouted to the closest location based on their purchase history, geographic location and more. You can feel free to customize the call destination yourself.

Find out how you can turn your online advertisements into consistently successful campaigns by schedule a consultation with Phonexa today. We’ve got the tools you need to give your consumers a seamless, omnichannel experience. No matter which advertising platform you use to acquire new customers, your unique branding will come through and you’ll be able to easily track each stage of the customer journey.

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