Spotlight on Email Marketing: What Are the Best Email Marketing Services?

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3 minute read

Finding the right email marketing service is an important process for companies of all sizes. The marketplace is crowded with options and it can be challenging to separate the best from the rest. To determine the best email marketing software for your business, you need to know what features and functions to look for.

Features of a Good Email Marketing Service

Here are the important features to look for in an email marketing software before signing up with an email service provider (ESP).

1. Automated Messages

Email automation allows an ESP to send automated messages based on an action taken by your email recipients.

For instance, when a reader subscribes to your newsletter, the email marketing software can send an automated welcome email. Similarly, when a customer purchases something from your online store, the email service can send an automatic purchase confirmation message.

2. Seamless Integration

A good email service provider will ensure their email marketing software integrates with popular application program interfaces (APIs) and third-party systems.  At a minimum, the service should integrate with your e-commerce platform.

Other integrations you want to look for include:

  • Integration with Google Analytics to simplify tracking
  • Integration with a personalization token to allow sending of personalized emails
  • Integration with popular social media apps
  • Integration with mobile apps and loyalty programs

Integration with these items makes it easier to personalize your marketing campaigns, resulting in higher conversions.

3. Drag-and-Drop Email Builder

Intuitive email marketing platforms have a drag-and-drop email template builder. The builder makes it easy for anyone to design responsive emails without needing design or HTML experience. Drag-and-drop builders also make it easy to optimize email messages based on the device of the recipient. When searching for the best ESP, you will want a solution whose email templates can be easily edited to fit your needs.

4. Advanced-Data Maintenance

The email marketing software should collect valuable data from your campaigns, and have management rules for cleaning and updating the data.

For instance, your software should be able to detect and remove invalid email addresses from your database and update your subscription lists accordingly.

5. Insightful Reports

The email marketing service should provide insightful analytics for your marketing campaigns. For instance, the email marketing tool should generate reports on the performance of your campaigns and how recipients engage with the emails.

These reports can help to uncover what campaigns are working and which ones should be paused or modified.

6. Customer Support

When it comes to finding the best email marketing service, you will also want to look beyond the software itself. Your email marketing solution should offer excellent customer support. Apart from this, the service should provide in-depth guides on how to use the software and strategies for getting the highest ROI from your campaigns.

Recommended Email Marketing Service

Many email marketing tools on the market offer the most basic functions of sending email messages. However, if you are looking for an email marketing platform that has additional capabilities to give you exceptional email marketing results, E-Delivery from Phonexa is the answer.

How is E-Delivery different from other email marketing software solutions?

  • E-Delivery offers automation tools that allow you to connect with more leads. You can use the automation tool to send messages to leads based on the actions they take.
  • E-Delivery offers bulk data collection and management. You can use the data to make informed decisions about your campaigns.
  • Integration with major third-party APIs. E-Delivery integrates with your various CRMs, e-commerce platforms, and other third-party services.
  • E-Delivery provides real-time reporting and analytics that make it easier to track campaigns. From the analytics reports, you will get a comprehensive view of the performance of your email campaigns and have the opportunity to make the necessary changes to get your ideal return on investment.
  • E-Delivery has drag-and-drop email templates that you can customize to your needs. The tool also has an A/B testing feature, which you can implement to determine the highest-converting email templates to use for your campaigns.
  • E-Delivery is a reliable and secure tool. You can assuredly send out your confidential emails without fear of them being intercepted by third parties.
  • The reliable customer support offered by Phonexa puts it one step ahead of the competition. Any issue or question that may arise with E-Delivery will be resolved quickly. They also provide comprehensive guides on how to get the most out of your email marketing software.

If you are looking for an email marketing service that has all the tools you need to implement successful email marketing campaigns, E-Delivery has everything you need. Try it today to maximize the potential of your email campaigns.

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