Financial Marketing 101: Why Firms Need to Leverage Omnichannel Strategies

Germain Palacios
Content Writer
4 minute read
Germain Palacios
Content Writer
4 minute read

Digital transformation has long appeared in the financial services industry and market operations, affecting and, in many ways, revolutionizing how the entire industry operates — from marketing to sales transactions.

It’s necessary, nonetheless, to deploy optimized data and analytics, content marketing, and progressive marketing technology in your efforts to reach, engage, and convert customers through active, omnichannel marketing, especially during a time of financial uncertainty and the growing demands of inflation on the market.

Here are some ways finance firms — from banks to business capital agencies to personal and mortgage lenders — can leverage omnichannel and lifecycle marketing strategies to bolster their financial services lead generation, nurturing, and retention efforts.

Getting Started With Omnichannel

To gain the attention of prospects and to retain that of current clients, you need to be visible across all channels of communication by securing an omnipresence for these audiences.

Considering what this should look like, consider the marketing and sales funnel and develop multi-dimensional content to serve each level, from exploration to commitment. Here’s what the funnel should look like:

Omnichannel Outreach Strategies that Help Track Financial Calls & Leads

Common pain points for the ever-growing demands of financial firms include controlling the cost of acquisition, data accuracy, and the cost of technology.

Fortunately for marketers, the aforementioned pain points can be alleviated through the merger of technology and intelligent marketing strategies for a given business model. Here are a couple of outreach and leadgen examples:

  • Tap into current events and happenings to form an emotional appeal that urges your target audiences to use your services
  • Embrace inbound marketing by creating and circulating relevant content to your audiences and allowing them to come to you whenever they’re ready. Regardless of how much marketing you do, consider that prospects are constantly watching you, so make sure they know exactly what your brand is all about, even when they’re not in direct contact with you.
  • Track all efforts to gain actionable insights into every aspect of your leadgen campaigns with every single lead going through the pipeline.
  • Adopt a localized approach to narrow down your pools of potential to particular, high-intent leads targeted by your financial firm.

To that end, Phonexa’s all-encompassing marketing automation platform for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more is designed to turn consumers into repeat customers by streamlining the ways finance marketers and carriers connect with them.

Finance firms can utilize Phonexa to get real-time insights and scale their businesses by utilizing tools tailored for success in the finance vertical. Here are a few turnkey solutions provided by Phonexa’s robust all-in-one marketing automation suite.

Boost Outreach with LMS Sync

For finance firms, agents, and publishers, efficient communication tools for tracking and distributing leads are essential for effective online lead generation. This is why a lead management system like Phonexa’s LMS Sync is vital for nurturing leads and boosting conversion rates.

With LMS Sync, finance firms and agents can benefit from the following:

  • Building campaigns and tracking leads in real-time
  • Getting real-time information on the performance of your campaigns
  • Identifying new revenue opportunities
  • Making decisions based on collected data insights

Track Call Leads Seamlessly with Call Logic

Whether you’re calling clients or they’re calling your business, one thing that remains constant is the intent to increase retention and boost revenue.

To do so, finance firms need the tools to identify opportunities to optimize the sales process and the effectiveness of their outbound sales agents.

Phonexa’s Call Logic can help firms accomplish the latter by allowing them to monitor the dates and times that the firm sends out and receives calls the most, essentially highlighting the most efficient agents, call outcomes, and other analytical and actionable data.

Collecting this type of information helps companies identify strengths and weaknesses; firms can obtain detailed insights into areas that need improvement and optimize their sales funnel to provide better customer service.

Utilize IVR Functionalities to Improve the Customer Experience During Incoming Calls

Past interactions are the building blocks for future success. Take into consideration that nearly 60% of customers feel that personalized engagement based on past interactions is key to earning their business.

By leveraging the power of an IVR system, finance marketers can collect and filter data from inbound calls, use that data to build customer profiles, and improve the caller journey through personalized engagement. An IVR system can also give finance firms the ability to match callers with the first available agent who has the highest ability to close the deal based on the data collected.

The same process can be used to sift out low-intent leads, saving marketers time to focus on high-intent business finance leads.

Email & SMS: Outreach Clients Can Come Back To

In line with the general omnichannel strategies for financial firms, companies still need to implement email and SMS marketing into their strategy and workflow. The benefits are unparalleled, as email and SMS offer flexibility and convenience because once received, prospects will always have access to what you’re offering them, versus a call, when they may not be in an excellent place to answer and engage in a conversation.

There’s something beautiful to consumers about having resources to return to whenever they’re ready to accept an offer or revisit something they otherwise couldn’t see. With Phonexa’s E-Delivery, you can do just that.

Final Thoughts

In the financial leadgen world, the name of the game is getting more leads, keeping costs down, and closing more deals. Transparency into how a platform can communicate with its current tech stack will make marketers’ lives easier since they can make real-time decisions based on granular analytical data.

Remember, marketing is not a gut feeling — it’s a science.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about how Phonexa can power the marketing automation efforts for your finance company.

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Germain Palacios
Content Writer
Germain Palacios is a Content Writer at Phonexa. He is an alumnus of Kean University, where he earned a degree in English and graduated with honors. Germain also possesses a background in business administration. After graduating on the East Coast, he relocated to California to advance his writing career. Germain’s previous writing has been featured in several publications, including SoberRecovery.
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