How to Monetize Your Instagram with Call Tracking

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3 minute read

Instagram is one of the top three most used social media platforms today, with over 800 million users posting photos for their fans, friends and family to enjoy and consume. The photo-heavy platform has given millions of brands and everyday consumers the opportunity to monetize their social influence. Even micro-influencers (or accounts with only a few thousand followers) can monetize their personal brand if they know where to look. Luckily, Phonexa knows exactly what it takes to bring your personal brand to the next level on Instagram. We’ll highlight the key insights in this article so that you can boost your online presence and convert more followers into sales. You’ll be surprised at how simple the formula can be.

Instagram Monetization Tip #1: Determine Your Color Scheme

When it comes to creating a cohesive feed, your color palette is absolutely critical for the overall performance of your brand. Instagram is obviously a visual platform, so if your visuals aren’t up to par, you can’t expect to compete well with other brands (unless you’re trying to go for a certain ‘effortless’ look – think meme pages). The crux of great IG content is great design, so develop a cohesive color scheme that you can stick to for a while. This includes using the same filters, capturing familiar subjects, and making sure that your product promotions match with the rest of your theme. Color schemes might not be the first thing people think about when they first start curating on Instagram, but we’re telling you now that it’s extremely important. Having an interesting, cohesive feed will help you gain followers much quicker than posting a variety of unrelated photos.

Instagram Monetization Tip #2: Partner with Influencers

The key to growing quickly is to expand your reach through the help of influencers. Think of influencers as contractors for your company. You are essentially hiring these talented creators for their existing social influence. By forming strategic partnerships and engaging in collaborations with these creators, you are ultimately expanding your reach by transferring their followers to your platform. However, don’t just reach out to any influencer with a large following. Pay careful attention to their audience demographic to see if it matches your target audience. You want to gain qualified leads right from the start to ensure more conversions by the end of your campaigns.

Instagram Monetization Tip #3: Sign Up with Agencies

Similar to how some brands use affiliate networks for lead generation, there are agencies for brands and influencers as well. The online agencies provide a platform for brands to filter through hundreds of thousands of influencers for each of their campaigns. Agencies make it easier for brands to find the relevant contractors they need without having to manually search on IG. That searching process can be time-consuming and ineffective if the researcher doesn’t know how to gauge which account has real engagements and which one doesn’t. Like we often say here at Phonexa, always choose efficiency. If the agencies allow you to streamline your collaboration process and effectively manage your campaigns, then by all means, give it a try!

Instagram Monetization Tip #4: Optimize Your Contact & Terms

Fourth, remember to optimize your contact method and campaign terms to benefit your business. Let’s start with the contact. Instagram allows business accounts to provide a call option directly from the feed, so it would be wise to implement call tracking in order to gain full insight from your calls. Call tracking gives you real-time reports on your caller details and campaign performances so you can be in the loop with the latest updates. You can also optimize your calls with call tracking, like we’ve mentioned in an earlier blog post. Pivoting over to the campaign terms, whenever you determine the caption points for your influencers/contractors, be sure to encourage users to contact your vanity phone number for more information. Just having a vanity phone number alone will help with your brand memorability, but call tracking will do much more than that. Learn more about how call tracking can take your ad campaigns to the next level in our recent article.

Although Instagram can be a lucrative marketing opportunity, it’s not the only channel you can optimize with call tracking. Phonexa’s call tracking can boost just about any online or offline advertisement. For a deeper look at how Phonexa can take your advertisements to the next level, speak to one of our expert representatives today.

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