Integrating Call Tracking with Your CRM

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CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, refers to practices and tools used by companies to manage their client interactions throughout the entire customer journey. The overarching goals of developing a solid CRM are to build better relationships with customers, increase the customer retention rates and boost conversions.

Needless to say, it’s in your company’s best interest to optimize your CRM as much as possible, and that includes integrating it with call analytics and call tracking to give you visibility on all your campaigns. A fluid CRM means that you will have a better grasp on how to properly handle each one of your customers according to each sales stage.

CRM systems that have been integrated with call tracking gives you detailed call data and customer information, including their purchasing history and buying preferences. With this information, you can service your customers with the appropriate amount of push in order to close the sale. CRM systems are also designed to consolidate the different marketing channels employed by each company, such as phone, website, and live chart, in order to improve your tracking efforts and overall workflow.

Creating the Best Tracking and Management System for Your Business

CRM systems may vary from industry to industry, but when you integrate your existing CRM with a call tracking software, you will have more than just the average ability to automate basic tasks and track marketing performances. The best client tracking and management system will include:

Location-Based Tracking: Geolocation tracking services allow your business to conduct geographic marketing campaigns for the ultimate customer targeting experience. With location-based tracking, you can properly attribute ROI to the correct marketing materials that spurred your calls. Location-based tracking can also be integrated with certain marketing automations, such as the Automatic Call Distributor, to redirect your calls based on where the caller is located. This sophisticated, location-based redirect improves your customer relations by making the call experience more personalized and efficient.

Lead Tracking and Management: Whether you value call leads, web leads, or both, your best bet is to invest in a solution that sends you reports on all the leads that flow into your system. With a powerful Lead Management System and call tracking software incorporated into your overall CRM system, you will get the full look into each of your inbound and outbound leads, understand how to properly handle them according to their purchasing history, and test out your sales-effectiveness for marketing optimization purposes.

Marketing Automations: Marketing automations go a long way when you’re looking to increase your business productivity. If you can automate an easy task to save time for both your customers and your agents, you should do so. That’s why having a comprehensive reporting system, advanced IVR, voice recognition software, and an Automatic Call Distributor are so important. With these proprietary software integrated under one roof, you can essentially automate all the appropriate sections within the customer journey. Self-service has become an increasingly effective customer service method because it cuts down time for your customers to get simple inquiries resolved.

Accessible Interface: If you’ve found a software that has all of the features listed above but lacks a user-friendly, accessible interface, you’ll be in for a whirlwind of confusion. The platform’s interface and user accessibility is just as important as the features itself. As a user, you’ve got to be able to customize your settings and manage your campaigns easily, without any hassle or confusion.

API and Third-Party Integrations: The best tracking and management software integration should be easily configurable and fit well into your current in-house database. API and third-party integrations allow you to continue working with the platforms that you trust most without disturbing your current flow of productivity.

How Phonexa Helps Your Business Grow

Phonexa is a Software as a Service provider, designed to improve your sales applications and increase your productivity through advanced marketing automations and lead tracking features. Phonexa’s redundant nature allows it to be customized for every business in every industry. If you only require some features but not others, you’ll simply pay for what you use and nothing else. Our advanced integrations make it easy for you to access your data no matter what application you’re using. We integrate with AdWords, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and other in-house databases to enhance your existing marketing model.

To see the next generation of call tracking and lead management, schedule a consultation today. Our software is backed up with an incredibly user-friendly and elegant interface, allowing for a whole new level of accessibility that’s simply unrivaled in the industry.

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