5 Tips for Optimizing Your Mobile Call Campaigns

Mark Kosin
2 minute read
Mark Kosin
2 minute read

There are approximately 4.68 billion mobile users around the world today. Focusing on mobile calls as part of your marketing strategy is not only important, it is absolutely vital to the survival of your business. In fact, some 70% of those who use mobile search to find a business end up calling that business from their mobile phone.

The best way to connect is by having a digital marketing optimization strategy. Finding ways to optimize your digital marketing campaigns can help you save money, generate more leads, and ultimately boost your ROI.

Here are five tips that will help you optimize your mobile call campaigns:

1. Optimize Your Ads for Mobile

Mobile ads are a test in how concise your messaging can be. You only have so much space and viewer attention to get the core tenants of your ad across. In order to make your mobile ads more effective, use only short keywords in your ad text. Simple words and phrases will help your ads stand out more.

It’s also useful if you’re using AdWords to have your ad stand out more with callout ad extensions, which are specific words or phrases that highlight key information. Eye-catching phrases like “Free Online Quotes” or “Free 30-Day Trial” will help your ad capture the attention of your target audience and drive more mobile calls.

2. Use Data to Advertise Strategically

Most businesses don’t have the resources to keep their call centers open 24/7. So it would only make sense that if you can’t receive calls that you likely shouldn’t advertise for people to call you. By utilizing call analytics, you can see what times of the day you experience higher or lower call volume. Tapping into call analytics software with predictive analytics, you can identify when it makes the most sense to not run your mobile ads.

3. Prioritize Call Quality over Call Quantity

It feels great to generate a very high volume of calls—but if a large percentage of those calls don’t convert, are you really getting the best ROI from your efforts? If you’re focusing on optimizing your digital marketing, you need to take care to ensure that your ads are bringing in the right caliber of leads. Utilize filtering and lead scoring to make sure you’re getting the best quality mobile calls.

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4. Be Sure to Test Regularly

With a smaller amount of space to work with, your digital mobile ad needs to be highly targeted and succinct. As a result, it is wise to aggressively test your mobile copy to ensure you’re getting the most from your ad budget. Make your offer crystal clear and fine-tune your call-to-action so that mobile uses won’t hesitate to click and call.

5. Make Data-Driven Decisions

The biggest asset to anyone focused on digital marketing optimization is the data available from call analytics software. The information collected as part of call analytics can act as a “road map” for the steps you need to take. An analysis of your data will help you narrow down whether or not you’ll be able to optimize based on the time of day, targeted audience, or geographic location. By collecting as much data as possible through call tracking software, you can optimize your mobile call campaigns and achieve a more robust ROI.

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