Top 6 Lead Sources To Get Qualified Leads for Financial Advisors

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11 minute read

This article is a part of our financial lead generation series, where we shed light on how to generate and convert the most wanted financial leads. Check it out for the insights you can’t find elsewhere.

Industry reports, like those from the CFP Board or studies by financial consultancy associations, often highlight the struggle consultants face in acquiring quality leads. Surveys of financial advisors have consistently highlighted poor lead acquisition as a major obstacle to growing their client base.

Usually, the chosen lead generation approaches are the problem. Sticking to old-fashioned ones or using only one method that proved to be effective in bringing in qualified leads for financial advisors has zero-to-no chance of yielding the desired results. For instance, buying financial advisor leads or only using referrals will not be enough to generate a steady flow of quality leads for financial advisors.

So what’s the secret sauce of lead generation for financial advisors?

We’ll look at several lead generation tactics and traffic sources that will help you bring in organic leads and get high-intent customers willing to make a purchase. Explore how different marketing strategies can be a solution for financial advisors who own their brands and websites.

Generating Qualified Leads for Financial Advisors: New vs. Old Ways

There are many traditional overvalued methods still utilized religiously in lead generation for financial advisors, including:

  1. Cold calling: Many people find unsolicited phone calls intrusive.
  2. Referrals: While powerful, they’re unpredictable and reliant on existing connections.
  3. Buying shared leads: Shared leads for financial advisors can be of lower quality and result in increased competition.
  4. Direct mail: It can be costly, time-consuming, and — the horror of horrors — it lacks interactivity, engagement, and impact.

There’s no denying that these approaches have value and can fuel lead gen for financial advisors, but only when used in combination with other methods. High-quality financial leads are found where modern methods of engagement are combined.

So, what are these approaches, and how can you ensure you bring in the cream of the crop financial leads?

Before we get to our list of tips, let us remind you that lead generation for financial advisors is important for several reasons, including business growth and better customer engagement.

Utilizing appropriate software like Phonexa’s LMS Sync will help automate and streamline tasks like tracking financial advisor leads, qualifying, and nurturing them.

How To Generate Exclusive Financial Advisor Leads: 6 Top Tips & Sources

Seeking to acquire those exclusive financial advisor leads? Let’s discover the most efficient yet undervalued strategies for generating them. These tactics aren’t just any run-of-the-mill methods; they’re the gold standard when it comes to profitability in financial lead generation.

Consider combining these 6 sources to increase the brand visibility of your financial advisory business.

Content Marketing To Get Qualified Leads for Financial Advisors

To generate financial leads, you’ll need relevant and engaging content. Creating very specialized, expert content will help you get the most qualified leads for financial advisors.

Here are some content marketing tips on how to get leads as a financial advisor:

Educational blog posts Create informative posts on personal finance, investment strategies, or industry updates that bring valuable insights.
Video tutorials/webinars Video series or webinars explaining complex financial topics like insurance, budgeting, debts, etc. help showcase your expertise as an advisor.
Case studies Share real-life examples of successful stories from clients to illustrate your expertise and the positive impact of your services.
Ebooks & guides Develop comprehensive guides on topics like tax-saving tactics, retirement planning, financial health, or investment fundamentals to capture qualified leads for financial advisors.
Email newsletters Regularly send out newsletters with sphere updates, important insights, and valuable content.
Podcasts Consider hosting a financial podcast to discuss the latest news and tendencies or provide expert interviews for your users.

Content marketing is highly beneficial and simultaneously serves as a basis for the following tactics reviewed below.

If you want to learn more about working with content, especially in affiliate marketing, check out our recent guide to creating affiliate marketing content that actually ranks.

Facebook & Instagram Ads To Attract Financial Planner Leads

Facebook ads can help financial advisors, but it’s a mixed bag. The costs and management complexities can pose challenges. However, maintaining a professional approach becomes key for generating financial leads on social networking sites.

Facebook and Instagram, both now part of Meta, are very popular sources for paid traffic that can bring top qualified leads for financial advisors.

The hardest part is continuous education. But apart from putting the time and money into learning the Facebook platform, you also need to invest time into continuous ad refinement (that includes marketing messages, graphics, CTAs, etc.). This is how you will successfully resonate with the audience and (maybe) lower your cost per lead.

Here are five core advantages of using Facebook ads:

  1. Swift outcomes: Quick results help financial advisors see the impact of their campaigns in a short time frame.
  2. High scalability: Facebook ads offer the flexibility to scale promotional campaigns to business needs, whether a small business or an enterprise.
  3. Rapid testing: A financial advisor can test diverse ad creatives, messaging, and campaign strategies. This agility helps identify what resonates most with your audience, whether it’s wealth management or debt consultation.
  4. Access to a large audience: This network has an extensive user base, and you can reach a solvent audience interested in insurance, retirement planning, or managing finances.

Here are several examples of creative Facebook ads to enhance financial advisor lead generation:

Source: LinkedIn

You may start by presenting yourself and proposing a financial plan or solution to a problem:

Source: LinkedIn

TikTok Ads To Generate Financial Advisor Leads at Scale

If you’ve underestimated TikTok’s potential for financial leads, it’s time to reconsider. Despite its entertaining image, TikTok ads are more cost-effective and efficient than traditional methods for acquiring qualified leads for financial advisors.

A lower cost per impression makes TikTok an attractive option for advertisers, including financial advisors, to run ads for a massive audience.

Consultants leverage TikTok as an avenue to engage customers by deploying creative teaser ads of their financial advisor lead generation services. Here are examples that illustrate this well:


@daveramsey If you’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck, drowning in debt, and feeling like you’ll never get ahead, then it’s time to take control of your money with a budget. #budgetingtips #financialfreedom #budgeting101 #financialgoals ♬ original sound – Dave Ramsey


@prince_donnell My secret to selling 10x more policies than other life insurance agents in this industry #lifeinsuranceagent #insuranceagentsoftiktok #insuranceagent #financialadvisor #JackLifeLeads ♬ original sound – Prince Donnell

Financial freedom:

@alexisanddean Financial advice Dean would give his younger self. #finance #financialfreedom #financialliteracy #economics #money #moneytips ♬ original sound – Alexis and Dean

The ongoing popularity of TikTok contributes to increased lead generation for financial advisors, facilitating the acquisition of clients and the establishment of appointments. TikTok ads often attract more users due to the affordable price, so use it while you can.

Here are some more benefits of TikTok ads:

  • The cheapest place for acquiring qualified leads for financial advisors
  • Quick and impactful results
  • Exceptional scalability for seamless expansion
  • Precise targeting capabilities based on age, geographic locations, income brackets, and wealth parameters

YouTube Promotion To Bring in More Financial Planning Leads

As we move forward, the advantages of each subsequent approach become more substantial — YouTube, for example, is a free strategy for attracting customers, and the best one.

  1. If you are a financial advisor and don’t have enough clients, your team can create informative videos that will be displayed not only on YouTube search and its main page but also on Google.
  2. YouTube helps financial advisors in the long run — your videos are saved on the platform and can attract many leads looking for financial advice.
  3. Unlike text or pictures, videos are the fastest way to convey information and build trust. This is extremely important as clients of financial advisors trust them with their money and financial future.

    Here are the topics you can choose to generate qualified leads for financial advisors in the second-largest search engine in the world:

    • My financial advice on college savings
    • How to double your earnings in 6 months
    • What is retirement planning?
    • How to set financial goals and achieve them
    • Managing debts and increasing your profit
    • Estate planning expert tips
    • Top 5 tips for financial freedom
    • Wealth management in the USA

    Here are some examples of YouTube videos on financial advice:

    How to manage your money:

    How to invest from scratch:

    Pro tip: To get more leads for financial planners, create specific videos about finance management. You don’t need many subscribers’ views for this.

    SEO Strategies for Financial Advisor Lead Generation

    Many financial advisors recommend this method of getting financial advisor leads of the highest quality and free of charge. Search engine optimization is a valuable tool for increasing internet visibility for keywords related to your services — investment planning, debt management, budgeting, etc.

    Google primarily offers two types of search engine results:

    1. Organic results: These listings are natural and unpaid, ranked based on their relevance to the search query and their site’s optimization for search engines, and focus on long-term visibility.
    2. Paid results: Also known as sponsored results, these advertisements offer immediate visibility and are displayed prominently at the top or bottom of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

    Source: Ahrefs

    Why is Google SEO important to generate qualified leads for financial advisors?

    This is the most popular search engine for finding specific information and seeking products. Financial advisors can enhance their visibility through meticulous research and identification of primary keywords, ensuring prominent placement in top Google search results.

    Here are some examples of relevant keywords to reach financial advisor leads:

    • Financial consultant near me
    • Best financial advisors
    • Wealth advisor
    • Personal finance advisor
    • Real investment advice
    • USA financial advisor

    With relevant keywords, you can outline an SEO and content marketing strategy, after which you can then create, publish, and distribute content for financial advisor leads.

    To learn how to improve your SEO affiliate marketing skills and attract more potential customers, check our latest guide.

    LinkedIn Outreach for High-Quality Financial Advisor Leads

    LinkedIn serves as an effective manual approach to connecting with financial advisors. Its broad reach enables the generation of significant qualified leads for financial advisors every month.

    How else can LinkedIn help generate more financial leads?

    The platform offers complete, automated, and profitable outreach. It works best when you skillfully take advantage of email marketing because it helps to connect with customers in the long run.

    Here are the benefits of LinkedIn outreach for financial advisors:

    • Fast generation of high-quality financial leads
    • Automated process
    • A nest of professionals in diverse spheres

    However, this platform does not attract potential customers as quickly as more popular networks, such as Facebook or YouTube, and it’s more difficult to target people over the age of 55+.

    Fostering Financial Prosperity: Constructing Your Martech Ecosystem for Success

    Using Phonexa can enhance your affiliate marketing efforts. Our comprehensive solution streamlines partner and performance marketing, allowing you to tailor campaigns, boost user experience, make informed choices, and connect clicks, calls, leads, and income at a cost of just $100 per month.

    Here are these innovative products:

    LMS Sync Lead management system
    Call Logic Call tracking and analytics platform
    Cloud PBX Cloud phone system
    Lynx Click tracking software
    E-Delivery Email marketing tool
    HitMetrix User behavior analytics and CRO tool
    Opt-Intel Email suppression list management solution
    Books360 Accounting software with integrated invoice generation

    Optimize Your Financial Lead Generation With Progressive Tools

    The proposed list of key tactics can greatly improve lead generation for financial advisors, particularly in finding the best qualified lead resources. They can be useful also for both specialists in affiliate marketing and any other field of commerce and digital media.

    Such sources as organic search, Facebook and TikTok ads, LinkedIn outreach, and others can play an important role in decision-making for the financial enterprise. You can unlock your business potential with these popular methods, as well as raise the level of marketing efforts when utilizing Phonexa’s innovative products.


    If you want to enhance your performance marketing campaigns, consider Phonexa’s state-of-the-art software suite, or schedule an online consultation to learn more about Phonexa.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does internet visibility generate leads for financial advisors?

    Internet visibility can generate lead lists for financial advisors through various means, such as optimized websites, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media presence.

    By being easily found online on Facebook or TikTok, advisors attract potential clients seeking financial advice or budget consultation. Quality content and targeted keywords on financial health and planning can draw in prospects and convert them into leads.

    Should financial advisors buy leads?

    Buying leads might not be the most effective strategy to get qualified leads for financial advisors. The quality of purchased leads can vary significantly, and they might not align with the financial advisor’s target audience or preferences.

    Building relationships through organic lead generation methods like social media ads and SEO yields more qualified and engaged prospects who are genuinely interested in the advisor’s services.

    Should advisors use advertising?

    Financial advisors can benefit from advertising, especially through targeted and strategic campaigns. Google or Facebook ads or LinkedIn can help reach specific demographics or individuals interested in diverse financial products like:

    • Investment advice
    • Retirement planning
    • Tax management
    • Financial health consultation
    • Budgeting tips

    How to generate the best financial advisor leads

    To generate exclusive and qualified leads for financial advisors, it’s important to use a multi-faceted approach. SEO, content marketing, and social networks bring the most conversions at the fastest times. Interaction with clients allows you to resonate with their interests in the financial sphere and establish yourself as an expert financial advisor.

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