How To Build Affiliate Marketing Content That Actually Ranks

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Whether you’re well-versed in or new to affiliate marketing, it is important to make sure you can scale your business and drive sustainable growth.

Creating a business plan, choosing the right niche of operation, and determining your target audience are the essential first steps.

Promotion is the next significant milestone, and selecting appropriate content for affiliate marketing can lead to large profits. Content creation for affiliate marketing aids affiliate marketers in boosting their earnings at all times.

Currently, plenty of content publishers effectively monetize their traffic through affiliate marketing, and content marketing presents an ideal opportunity to engage with the audience.



Quality affiliate content marketing includes many elements like case studies, customer reviews, tutorials, and e-Books that shape consumer decisions. Almost 85% of customers in the global market turn to product information and pictures before committing to a purchase.


Source: Think with Google
Similarly, the importance of social media in affiliate marketing is clearly demonstrated by the fact that 4.62 billion consumers engage with these platforms and make purchases. Social networks offer a rich landscape for affiliate content creators and publishers to connect with their target audience.

The potential of affiliate marketing is enormous — marketers can captivate audiences, influence consumer choices, and generate substantial revenue.

In 2017, Statista’s estimate pegged total spending in the U.S. through affiliate marketing at $5.37 billion. Looking ahead to 2023, the anticipation is that affiliate marketing spend will surge to $8.2 billion.


Source: Statista
You can get your slice of this pie through lucrative affiliate marketing programs. Explore our collection of content ideas for affiliate marketing to become a more skilled content marketer and learn how affiliate marketing works.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a potent revenue-generation strategy, with statistics underscoring its remarkable impact. Online affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing approach focusing on increasing business potential.

Affiliate marketing is a strategy where businesses pay affiliates to drive desired actions, often sales or leads, through marketing efforts.

The key parties involved in affiliate marketing are:

  1. Merchantsbusiness or individual who produces products or services and is interested in affiliate marketing promotion. They provide the affiliate program, which outlines terms, conditions, and commission structure.
  2. Affiliates — individuals, bloggers, website owners, social media influencers, or other online entities that promote the merchant’s solutions through their marketing channels.
  3. Affiliate network — an intermediary between advertisers and affiliates, where merchants can list their affiliate programs, and publishers may find and join many of them.
  4. Consumers — the ultimate target audience of individuals who click on affiliate links, visit advertiser websites, and complete purchases. End-users drive the revenue for the advertiser and affiliates.
  5. Tracking and analytics tools — useful instruments to track the performance of affiliate links, clicks, conversions, and commissions. They provide essential data to measure business success and make informed decisions.
  6. Payment processor — a system that handles the financial transactions between advertisers and affiliates.
  7. Regulatory authorities — legal bodies that oversee affiliate marketing activities to ensure fair practices and compliance with relevant laws on advertising, consumer protection, and privacy.
  8. Affiliate managers — employees who serve as the point of contact between advertisers and affiliates. They provide support, answer questions, offer resources, and assist in optimizing affiliate campaigns for better performance.
  9. Content creation teams — professional designers who produce quality content and promotional materials for successful affiliate marketing. Content creators work on crafting persuasive blog posts, videos, social media posts, and advertisements.

How does affiliate marketing work?

What are affiliate programs? Brands or companies have products and services to promote. They partner with affiliates to expand their customer base and significantly boost sales.

Merchants compensate affiliates with a commission for each successful referral or sale from their marketing endeavors.

These affiliates are usually social media influencers and bloggers who channel traffic and potential customers toward the merchant’s online platform. They put affiliate links or ads on their websites and blogs to promote products or services.

Intermediate affiliate networks act as a bridge linking affiliates and merchants, offering a platform where affiliates can discover various products and services to endorse.

The overall triumph of the affiliate marketing ecosystem hinges on top-notch leads and highly motivated clients who generate income for both affiliate network advertisers and affiliates. In the end, affiliates receive commissions for successful sales, and merchants receive new customers and increase profit.

How to learn affiliate marketing? The marketing approach requires ongoing enhancements aligned with customer demands and the prevailing trends in the best affiliate marketplaces.

Best Content for Affiliate Marketing

Effective affiliate marketing content lets you engage your target audience on your website or social media platforms. It is diverse and covers many niches in affiliate and digital marketing on the whole.

The affiliate marketing content strategy revolves around a complex approach when you use diverse promotion methods.

Here are the top 10 content ideas for affiliate marketing that empower affiliates to connect with their audience:

Do you wonder how to create content for affiliate marketing? Let’s examine each of the offers which are good for efficient advertising:

Case Studies

Real stories or case studies are among the most popular examples of affiliate marketing content. They are based on real-life experiences from users of the particular product and will quickly captivate new potential clients.

Many consumers who order online first read customer reviews about the solution’s benefits. Therefore, integrating case studies will make your product or service more attractive and effective.

Product Reviews & Comparisons

Another method to branch into affiliate marketing content writing is providing credible product reviews affecting consumer decisions, even if they are not optimistic. Internet clients like to read various reviews and analyze the advantages and disadvantages before deciding.

The ability to compare products and their main characteristics on the website makes the search more comfortable. Clients easily learn the content and find out what they need.

Tutorials & e-Books

You can attract even more potential and solvent customers by providing tutorials for unfamiliar products. Such comprehensive training manuals include all functions and features of a particular product or service and are one of the best content for affiliate marketing.

They help consumers comprehend the value of a certain solution and motivate them to make a purchase online. Deep e-Books act like lead magnets, attracting those interested in a particular subject and helping build trust.
Offering a discounted ebook to new email subscribers is a special deal. This helps turn these subscribers into regular clients and build a better connection with the audience.

Social Media Posts

Social media is currently the best way to connect with a local or global audience. Affiliate marketers need to leverage the vast reach of social networks to communicate with diverse clients worldwide.

Consistent, engaging content posted on platforms frequented by your target audience yields the best results.

The essence of this affiliate marketing content strategy lies in aligning your social media content with a particular theme or category that resonates with your followers. Whether you’re catering to beauty enthusiasts or dedicated gamers, this approach remains critical.

Social media influencers really affect how people make purchases online. Their followers see them as friends they can trust, so their suggestions do not feel like an advertisement. This trust makes influencers highly important in online affiliate marketing — they make the brand more visible.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best and most popular affiliate marketing content strategies for reaching a huge audience. If you use high-quality email content to promote affiliate products, you will encourage customers to explore further websites, tutorials, or blogs.

Building an active and engaged email suppression list is a step that many publishers often miss, yet it plays a vital role in achieving repeated affiliate sales.

When it comes to email affiliate marketing, you can take one of two main approaches: crafting standalone emails intended for direct conversions or incorporating links to existing content such as blogs and tutorials.

You may try out several creative strategies to integrate affiliate marketing content into your newsletter:

  • Feature a recommendations section in your daily emails
  • Develop an email course
  • Gather your current product reviews
  • Integrate pertinent affiliate links into your Welcome Series
  • Highlight a product that you find highly valuable

Regardless of your approach, always ensure that your emails provide valuable content. If you want to enhance engagement and profits, you may need a professional email marketing platform. E-Delivery boasts improved front-end functionality to boost engagement and earnings.

The main functions of Phonexa’s solution include:

  • Multi-channel distribution: Assess the deliverability of different email channels by utilizing multiple delivery options and comparing inbox data.
  • Behavioral segmentation: Refine, manage, and nurture email lists based on how recipients respond to your emails.
  • Email marketing automation: Set up split tests for a segment of your list, automatically sending the winning creative to most of your audience.
  • ESP integration: Seamlessly incorporate major email service providers into your campaigns through frictionless integrations with E-Delivery.

You can experience enhanced deliverability rates through focused reporting on your email delivery service. Gain insights from hourly reports showing recipient email open times, enabling strategic inbox placement. Enjoy simplified list-building through a single tagging action.

Landing Pages

For effective online affiliate marketing promotion, you need optimized landing pages for converting users. Effective content cultivates conversions by warming up potential buyers before the final step.

The affiliate content creator can begin by learning about the target audience, their desires, and potential challenges. Creating a user-friendly and well-designed landing page means making people take action, not just making it look nice. Your affiliate marketing content must resonate with their needs, fix the issues, and propose quick resolutions.

Seasonal Content

There are diverse seasons with certain trends, so they open opportunities for creating top-quality affiliate marketing content. As an affiliate marketer, embrace the upcoming season by developing relevant content that matches your customer’s needs and desires.

In the winter holidays, promoters can focus on offering informative videos and advertising products like skiing equipment, warm winter clothes and accessories, home decor, festive treats, and travel essentials.

Here is a list of lucrative affiliate marketing content ideas:

  • Christmas celebrations
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Blooming Awakening
  • Summer adventure
  • Autumn coziness

The key to successful seasonal affiliate marketing is to genuinely connect your chosen products with the atmosphere and needs of the season.


Video content covers most web traffic and offers a dynamic way to showcase products. The affiliate marketing content creator may use well-known platforms like YouTube and TikTok to reach a global audience.

Video content is highly important for digital affiliate marketing because it makes up 82% of all the web traffic.

Let’s check out the video content that got watched the most worldwide in the last part of 2022. We measured it by how many people saw it each week.


Source: Statista
Video guides are great because they visually show how to complete a task using your suggested products or services.

Sometimes, showing is way better than explaining, whether about software, a cool accessory, home services, or even a smartphone.


List-style articles dominate the internet industry and online marketing today. There are different publications, but mostly they focus on “Top 10 products to try” or “10 ways to increase your revenue”. This approach can be beneficial for affiliate marketing content strategy.

A good example of a listicle for affiliate content marketing includes a simple title and a list based on popularity and positive reviews. It leaves little room for different opinions, as well as makes it credible and useful for people looking for suggestions.

Content Curation

Personalized recommendations for specific niches build user trust. The main parties of digital affiliate marketing can highlight product features and performance ratios in the curated recommendations.

Incorporating curations into an affiliate marketing content strategy enhances your ability to effectively engage, inform, and persuade your target audience. Personalization is key, and content curation is a potent approach, enabling affiliates to recommend tailored products to specific niches.

Free Content for Affiliate Marketing

For affiliate marketers, influencers, and content creators, there are plenty of free martech tools and apps that can effectively meet diverse affiliate content marketing requirements.

We’ve compiled a list of instruments designed to generate free content for affiliate marketing:

  1. Free stock photographs, short videos, and soundtracks
  2. Image and video editing
  3. Animated GIFs
  4. Screenshots
  5. Videos clips
  6. HTML generation for emails and landing pages
  7. Competitive research
  8. Beneficial writing tools


Benefits of Affiliate Marketing for Main Parties

The affiliate marketing definition means partners promote various branded products or services while earning a substantial fee for each successful sale.

The main reasons for trying this strategy are its benefits for both affiliates and merchants.

Let’s examine the advantages for both parties:



Source: Understanding Affiliate Marketing Ecosystem: What Is Affiliate Network?
Affiliate marketing is beneficial for all participants of the affiliate marketing ecosystem. It provides constant profit growth.

Discover the power of affiliate promotion and unlock new pathways to passive income and financial success. Dive into the principles of affiliate marketing and embark on your journey with our comprehensive guide.

Best Practices for Advertisers and Publishers

Do you know how to start affiliate marketing? In the modern and highly-competitive business environment, content affiliate marketing is essential for any business.

It can make your brand’s affiliate program shine, so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of what an effective affiliate marketing content strategy entails.

  1. Choose your niche and products: Marketers must select a niche depending on their expertise and interests. Being a jack of all trades won’t fly since choosing to serve everyone implies spending twice the time and money.
  2. Produce high-quality content: Professional affiliate content marketing provides affiliates with essential resources, information about upgrades, special offers, graphics, and insights on top-performing products.
  3. SEO optimization: Employ skillful copywriters for effective affiliate marketing content writing to attract organic traffic. Such specialists focus on improving your brand visibility on search engines, so they use relevant keyword content.
  4. Transparency: Merchants and affiliates must maintain trust in affiliate relationships to increase credibility and stimulate clicks in digital affiliate marketing.
  5. Track and analyze: Using essential software designed to monitor and assess the performance of your affiliate campaigns is vital. Analytics tools like link tracking, real-time analytics, and multi-channel attribution help control progress and identify valuable affiliate resources. You can detect which approaches are generating the most clicks and conversions.
  6. Optimize your project: Examine your affiliate marketing content plan using the insights from your analytics. Brands should keep their content up to date to ensure it remains accurate. It is also important to monitor the program’s return on investment (ROI) and constantly estimate earnings from affiliate sales.

Quality affiliate promotion is about delivering value to your audience and building connections. For individuals involved in digital affiliate marketing, several guidelines can provide assistance:


Authentic recommendations Affiliate marketing content strategy works best when authentic so promote high-quality products and services you genuinely use and trust. Your affiliate ads should add value to your followers and feel natural rather than seem sales-oriented.
Research and choose wisely Compare content marketing affiliate programs for the same product when promoting. Investigate the commission structure and payment model that best suits your preferences. You may explore niche brands or specialized stores offering better commissions and closer brand relationships.
Streamlined links with a disclosure Streamline your affiliate links using link shorteners to avoid lengthy URLs. This helps maintain tracking while making your links more user-friendly.
Transparent disclosures Honesty is crucial so clearly disclose your affiliate links to your audience, informing them you’ll earn a commission from their purchases. Include a disclosure statement on platforms with more space, like Facebook or YouTube.

Getting top-notch leads is crucial for affiliate marketers and brands, but more must be done. To succeed, you must learn how to create and manage leads effectively in digital affiliate marketing. This is essential to unlock your business potential.

This approach lets entrepreneurs effortlessly provide leads to multiple buyers through its real-time call bidding and lead acquisition features. On top of that, it is designed to meet the lead distribution needs of all the parties involved, including publishers, direct advertisers, and affiliate networks.

Combined with Phonexa’s LMS Sync, a comprehensive lead management system, it streamlines lead tracking, distribution, and analytics. This helps brands to improve strategies and push business growth.

Increase Your Revenue Using Cutting-Edge Solutions

Affiliate marketing, a renowned approach to promoting products and services, continues to be popular. Businesses across industries can achieve remarkable growth through the utilization of adept automated affiliate marketing software, and this is precisely what Phonexa provides.


Discover how Phonexa can bolster your performance marketing efforts as explained by CEO Lilit Davtyan. Access an economical solution for just $100 per month, encompassing an array of cutting-edge offerings:

  • LMS Sync — empowering lead management system
  • Call Logic — streamlined call tracking and analytics platform
  • Cloud PBX — trustworthy virtual phone system
  • Lynx — professional-grade click-tracking software
  • E-Delivery — potent email marketing tool
  • HitMetrix — uniquely insightful user behavior analytics and CRO software
  • Opt-Intel — effective email suppression list management solution
  • Books360 — versatile accounting software with integrated invoice generation.

Prosper in Your Business With the Top Affiliate Content

Initiating an affiliate program presents an excellent avenue to boost sales, expand brand recognition, and garner business leads.

Collaborate with software platforms and content creators to craft your affiliate marketing blueprint and launch your program. Utilizing a user-friendly application enables swift lead generation and sales augmentation.

Ensure that your affiliate marketing platform facilitates seamless tracking and administration of affiliate information. Your affiliate marketing content strategy is a plan to create and share valuable content that promotes products or services through affiliate links.

With a well-planned affiliate marketing content strategy, you can effectively leverage affiliate marketing to generate income while benefiting your audience. It is also important to:

  • Engage with high-value affiliate programs, either by creating or enrolling in them
  • Grasp consumer desires and inclinations adeptly
  • Discern the optimal products or services for promotion
  • Utilize proficient marketing strategies and tools to your advantage

Get your business ready with Phonexa’s all-in-one solution for partner and performance marketing, or schedule a consultation to discover how to maximize your results in digital affiliate marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is affiliate marketing? 
Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where affiliates promote products or services for advertisers and earn commissions for driving desired actions, often sales or leads.

To attract customers, affiliates use marketing channels like websites, blogs, social media, and emails. When a customer makes a purchase through an affiliate’s unique link, the affiliate earns a commission.

Who are the key parties involved in digital affiliate marketing? 
The main participants in affiliate marketing include:

  • Advertiser — the business providing products or services and running the affiliate program.
  • Affiliate — individuals, bloggers, influencers, or entities promoting advertiser’s solutions through their marketing channels.
  • Affiliate network — an intermediary connecting advertisers and affiliates, listing affiliate programs.
  • Consumer — an individual who clicks on affiliate links, visits advertiser websites, and makes purchases.
  • Tracking and analytics — instruments to monitor affiliate link performance, clicks, conversions, and commissions.
  • Payment processor — a program handling financial transactions between advertisers and affiliates.
  • Regulatory authorities — oversight bodies ensuring compliance with relevant laws.
  • Affiliate managers — support representatives for advertisers and affiliates.
  • Content creation — design teams crafting engaging affiliate marketing content for successful promotions.

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing for key parties?
Affiliate marketing benefits affiliates by offering earning potential through commissions and the ability to monetize their audience. For merchants, it expands reach, boosts sales, and enhances brand visibility through a network of motivated promoters.

What are the most relevant affiliate marketing content ideas?
Successful affiliate marketing content includes:

  • Case studies
  • Product reviews & comparisons
  • Tutorials & eBooks
  • Social media posts
  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Videos
  • Listicles
  • Curations

These affiliate marketing content examples quickly engage audiences and help affiliates connect with their target market.

How can brands and content creators succeed in affiliate marketing? 
Brands should provide affiliates with resources, clear payment terms, and regular communication.

The affiliate marketing content creator should focus on authentic recommendations, research suitable affiliate programs, and streamline affiliate links for a better user experience.

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