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The Best Way to Measure Your Campaign’s Success

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Did you know that companies that average less than $25 million in revenue annually spend about 11% of their entire budget on marketing? Marketing expenditures only decrease slightly as they accumulate more revenue, with companies making $25-$99 million in revenue spending an average of 9% on their marketing efforts. One would think that after a business reaches that level of financial success, it wouldn’t need to spend so much on marketing. That’s exactly the mindset that destroys companies that become comfortable with their sales. Smart business owners know that marketing is an ongoing process; one that takes incredible skill, patience, knowledge, and the right tools to execute. As the market becomes increasingly competitive and technology continues to evolve at an exponential rate, you have to be more keen and intentional about your marketing expenditures. To ensure that your marketing efforts are effective and giving you a high return on investment, you need to invest in a comprehensive ROI modeling solution.

Understanding ROI Attribution

We’ve written before on ROI attribution and its importance for the future success of your campaigns, but we’ll define it once again in a different context. ROI attribution, to put simply, is the act of measuring your return on investment on any and all of your marketing efforts by tracking the results from each campaign. Every business needs to acquire some level of ROI attribution in order for them to maximize their budget and improve their current campaigns. Businesses that are trying out new marketing strategies should especially focus on their ROI attribution methods because they need to know the exact campaign details that are either useful or useless to their bottom line. For example, if a brick and mortar company decides to market digitally, it would need to track the amount of traffic that each advertisement garners, whether or not the ads are driving in more calls, which search keywords work best, etc. Without these fine details, it would be incredibly difficult to measure whether or not their efforts were successful.

But There’s One Issue…

The main issue lies in the common undermining of proper ROI attribution. Yes, marketers want to know their metrics, and they do check very often for results, but the tools that they use aren’t cutting it. Free analytics and online tracking tools are wonderful and a lot better than nothing, but if you’re serious about growing your business and taking your campaigns to the next level, these tools won’t offer the deep insights that you need. You should be able to have full knowledge of your entire customer journey, from the advertisements that spurred your calls to the moment the sale closes. Only a dedicated web and call leads tracking solution can deliver that level of analytics.

An Easy Solution

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. Phonexa has developed the premier platform you need to gain full insight into all of your campaigns. Our advanced ROI attribution tools can be tailored to help your specific business thrive confidently among competitors. That’s what sets us apart from other call platforms. Rather than taking your current business process and flipping it upside down, we will scale our processes to fit with your current structure and grow with it gradually. We don’t expect our clients to conform to us. We will shape our versatile platform to fit with your business structure, all while enhancing your campaigns and improving your customer acquisition strategies.

One of our most notable developments is the advanced call tracking software. Call tracking offers advanced reporting on your call details, advertisement performance, customer demographics, and additional web analytics. Let’s first discuss the call details. To truly monitor your customer service performance and call experience, you’ve got to know how your calls pan out. That’s why call tracking gives you real-time updates on how all your calls are being handled, how many transfer cycles your callers have to go through before they reach the correct department, and whether or not these calls convert. To top it off, Phonexa also sends you important caller information to help you personalize your calls. The caller’s first and last name, location, phone number, and caller history can all be accessed immediately by your agents before the call is even picked up. With this information, call tracking can also automatically reroute your calls to the appropriate agents to avoid an unnecessary call transfer.

For more information on our proprietary call tracking software, schedule a consultation with us! You’ll be immersed in the Phonexa experience, learning all about how you can use our marketing technology to benefit your current campaigns and your overall company operations. Phonexa was designed to be the ultimate solution for all your tracking needs. It’s intuitive, robust, and fully customizable for your specific industry.

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