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The Importance of Phone Calls in the Customer Journey

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4 minute read

Let’s face it: creating top-notch customer service is a challenge, especially when it seems like all your efforts are going to waste. Even the most straightforward approach can sometimes confuse your employees and make for a vague customer experience. The Harvard Business Review claimed, “Telling reps to exceed customers’ expectations is apt to yield confusion, wasted time and effort, and costly giveaways.” So, how do you go about making customer service an “easy” part of your business identity? You can start by taking out the obvious obstacles.

One of the biggest obstacles is having a narrow perspective of the customer journey. With that said, companies that treat all their callers the same don’t make that mistake on purpose. Who in their right minds would treat their warm leads and cold calls exactly the same? The issue, therefore, lies in their phone system. If the phone call reveals that all callers are the same, then guess what? The company will treat all callers the same way, with the same urgency and upsells and all.

But here’s the good news: you don’t have to fall into that guessing game anymore. Phonexa offers the next generation of call tracking and other state-of-the-art, cloud-based features to widen your view of the customer journey. In fact, our proprietary system will give you the full look on the customer journey; from beginning to end, in aerial shots and in minute details alike. With call tracking, you will know your customer demographics without even having to ask. Before their calls are picked up, our Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) will have already rerouted their calls to the appropriate number based on their location, skipping just one more unnecessary call transfer. The level of personalization is all dependent on your creativity. If you can think it, we can make it happen.

Inbound and Outbound Call Tracking

Phonexa’s call tracking and ACD don’t just end there. Call tracking gives you powerful metrics for all your campaigns, so you’ll receive big data for your inbound and outbound calls. Imagine getting to track your leads across your online and offline platforms! These valuable insights will pave the way for you to give your callers a personalized experience, increasing your ROI and conversion rates. With inbound calls, you will know the first and last name of the caller, their phone number, geographic location, which advertisement prompted their call, whether or not they have called before, and whether or not they have made a purchase before. You can know all of this information before the call is even picked up. It’s now up to you to determine how you want the particular customer to be handled. Keep in mind that your call redirects can be set automatically with our ACD, so your callers will be able to speak to a representative who can truly cater to the customers’ level of commitment to your product. The customer journey is truly in your hands.

With outbound calls, Phonexa’s call tracking works to increase your workflow fluidity by helping you optimize your customer service department from the ground up. Receive insights on the department or agent performances, the average time length before the issues are handled, the amount of transfers per call, the call quality, and more. You can also use call barging, call whispering, and call monitoring to train your new employees or to simply perform quality check on your existing customer service agents. Both outbound and inbound calls are crucial to the overall call experience, so the more insights you get, the more you can personalize your calls and increase your conversions.

How to Get Started

If you’re ready to deliver a fluid call experience for each of your different customers, schedule a consultation! All callers shouldn’t be treated the same way, and we know it. They are each on different tiers of the onboarding process, so it’s crucial that our customer service remains sensitive to those tiers. All it takes is one push in the right direction and your warm leads can turn into sales. Phonexa provides the powerful tools you need to make your caller experience the new industry standard.

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