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Lead Generation Strategies: How to Get More Business Leads

Mark Kosin
7 minute read

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Mark Kosin
7 minute read

Business professionals are always seeking the latest advice to stay on track and find success in their work. Ben Franklin once wrote a piece of advice that applies especially well in lead marketing: “A spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar.” Any business that wants to entice more prospects to their product or service has spent time trying to come up with the right kind of strategy to attract more interest.

Great content will always be an important aspect of lead generation yet embracing bold new strategies and innovative technology solutions can also yield impressive results. Businesses want to know which lead generation strategies can get them more leads.

The Importance of Lead Generation

Lead generation is how businesses reach out to new consumers. It is the process of attracting potential customers, or prospects, towards a brand, business, or product and then collecting information about that prospect so they can be contacted with offers and opportunities.

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Leads can be generated in many different ways, but some of the most popular methods can include driving traffic to your site through blog posts or using marketing campaigns to attract individuals to a landing page with a call-to-action. The goal of lead generation is to interest a consumer so that they “opt in” to receive more information, which lets you engage with them so that they can eventually be converted. Sometimes, once a consumer has opted in, that lead can be redistributed to another business which has special offers available.

Why Have a Lead Generation Strategy?

Many businesses depend on having a steady influx of leads as part of their workflow. It’s necessary, because while you may know that your business can offer great value to consumers, it is a whole other challenge to 1) Get the attention of consumers at all and 2) Convince those consumers that you are a trusted authority in your field.

A lead generation strategy can help meet these challenges. The right lead generation strategy will make your business known to the most receptive audience. For example, someone searching for an auto loan will search and find your well-written blog article explaining smart auto loan tips. Or an individual looking for a great deal on home insurance will search and find your company’s explainer video about the home insurance buying process.

Without a carefully planned lead generation strategy, businesses could be leaving a critical part of their sales funnel to chance.

The Best Lead Generation Strategies

Implementing a successful lead generation strategy is incredibly important and can usually be accomplished with careful planning and dependable lead management software.

Here are some of the best strategies for lead generation:

1. Creating Blog or Video Content

One of the most tried-and-true (and effective) ways to generate leads is by creating great content. The most cost-efficient plan is to write exceptional blog content. When you compose helpful content on your website’s blog, you can increase your SEO rankings and drive more traffic to your site. If you can assemble a successful blog that provides value to readers, you’ll be able to leverage it to generate leads.

Video content often takes more time and resources to create, but it can pay even higher dividends. People are drawn to good video content—it can capture the interests of prospects while raising brand awareness. If you have the ability to invest in making some very good video content, it can be an incredibly effective driver of traffic to your site.

2. Targeted Ads Marketing Campaign

If you’re offering something that you know people will be interested in, like auto loans at a low rate or great deals on insurance, then it can make perfect sense to invest in some targeted ads. Put your funds towards Google AdWords or Facebook that will reach the precise audience you think is most likely to convert. By focusing your efforts and tracking the results, you can optimize your campaigns and get a great return on your marketing investment.

3. Making a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is similar to creating blog or video content, but differentiated by usually being of exceptionally good value and “gated”—meaning that interested parties will need to provide an email or other identifying information to access your content. As a result, a lead magnet is something that can be seen as highly valuable and have an air of exclusivity. It can be a research study with a few tantalizing statistics or a multi-video masterclass hosted by a preeminent expert.

4. Social Media

Not everyone will be able to leverage social media to generate leads, but for some verticals, a social media lead generation strategy can work incredibly well. Fashion, travel, or other fields that rely on visuals or interactive experiences can lend themselves to a social media lead generation strategy. Even if you are focused on generating leads through other means, putting some time into a sound social media strategy can bolster your other lead generation efforts.

Lead Management Software

No matter what lead generation strategy you decide to pursue, it is highly recommended that you organize and distribute your leads with lead management software. Once your efforts to generate leads through content, Google Ads, or other means are successful, it would be a travesty to lose some of those leads because of mismanagement or inadequate software solutions.

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Lead management software will let you keep track of all your leads—you can filter out lower-quality prospects and redistribute your rejected leads to interested third parties. By using lead filtering and restrictions, you can streamline your business workflow and focus only on the leads that are going to help you reach your optimal return-on-investment.

Once you are only paying attention to the leads you want, you can focus on nurturing leads so that they convert. When you utilize lead tracking as part of lead management software, your business gets a closer look at the customer journey. By having a detailed understanding of your leads, you can pursue the right lead nurturing strategy to get them across the finish line to convert.

Getting More Inbound Leads with Lead Management Software

While lead management software helps you track, filter, organize, and distribute your leads, it also offers powerful analytics that can have a major impact on your marketing campaigns.

By using URL tracking from lead management software, you can get a better look at the marketing attribution for your leads: seeing exactly which marketing efforts generated the most leads. With this information, you can put more energy and resources into your highest-performing marketing campaigns while scaling back or modifying your underperforming efforts.

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Predictive modeling lets you take your campaigns analysis a step further by giving you a forecast into what your future campaign ROI might be if you make certain adjustments. With such a wealth of information at your disposal, you can make data-driven decisions about how to optimize your lead generation strategies for the best results.

More Business Leads for Less Effort

Ultimately, combining the right lead generation strategy with lead management software can produce big dividends for your business. The key to successful lead generation is consistent effort matched with exceptional technology—all delivered at an optimized expense. As Ben Franklin mentioned, the right kind of “honey” can help your company reach higher levels of success.

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