The Top Benefits of an Advanced Call Tracking Software

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The Top Benefits Of An Advanced Call Tracking Software

Call tracking is nothing new, but the ever-increasing milestones in technological advancement make it an invaluable asset to have. Phonexa’s call tracking software is an example of the modern call tracking software: comprehensive, versatile, cloud-based, and succinct.

We’ve written before on the benefits of having an advanced call tracking solution. If you ask us, these advantages are immeasurable, but, in this article, we will closely examine the four top benefits of call tracking in great detail.

1. Target Your Audience With Advanced Call Tracking Software

Advanced call tracking software provides your company with the opportunity to capture the identity of a caller and ties their information to 1st or 3rd party records stored within your Cloud PBX system.

Call Logic, Phonexa’s call tracking and distribution software, helps you understand your audience at a much deeper level than just the basic caller ID information you would otherwise receive.

With the help of an IVR system, our call tracking software gathers essential information regarding your caller so that the live agents on the other side of the call don’t have to.

Before your representative even picks up the incoming call, they will already have access to the following caller data:

  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • Geographic location on the display
  • Other related records from 1st and 3rd party data

As the conversation continues, Phonexa’s Call Logic will also track and put together real-time-reports of the following:

  • Reason for call
  • Call length
  • Call quality
  • Call outcome
  • Caller’s pain points
  • Caller’s purchase history

You can later use this data to conduct predictive analysis to learn more about how your call center is performing and how you can alter your campaigns to better assist customers in the future. These data points will also help you target the right audience for each of your campaigns.

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2. Enhance Customer Experience

Customer service is key to a company’s growth and long-term success. Studies show that as much as 55% of customers are willing to pay more for the same product if it means that they will receive better customer care in the process.

High-quality customer service is an experience all in itself, and people are willing to pay for it. So, what have you got to lose?

More sales equal more revenue, so spending a part of that revenue back into the customer care portion of your operations will surely pay off with a hefty return on your investment (ROI).

When you invest in Phonexa’s Call Logic, with its call tracking capabilities, you will learn precisely how to maintain your customer base by providing good customer service.

Putting technology at the forefront of your agent-customer interaction means that all of your customer service optimizations will be automated and data-driven versus trial-and-error.

3. Optimize Your Campaigns According To Customer Need

These days, companies must employ multiple forms of advertisements to win over the attention of their target audience. But to invest so much money into these advertisement methods calls for a need to know whether these ad campaigns effectively bring back business.

To that, perhaps the number one reason for investing in advanced call tracking software is its ability to provide ROI attributions on its live dashboard.

When you integrate a highly optimizable call tracking system, you will track and measure these different marketing streams and accurately present the data.

The advantage of consolidating different marketing streams into one platform lies in its convenience and efficiency. It’s simply more efficient o track all of your campaigns under one comprehensive dashboard. With Phonexa, you can do all that and more.

4. Complete View Of The Customer Journey

Phonexa’s call tracking system gives you a clear view of the entirety of their customer journey.

From the moment your customer makes a call to the point where your representative closes the sale, Phonexa’s call tracking will report these exemplary details and the nuances in between, so you will always be in the loop of your call results.

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