TOP Terrific Affiliate Marketing Blogs To Learn From

Oleksandr Rohovnin
Content Marketer
11 minute read
Oleksandr Rohovnin
Content Marketer
11 minute read

With blogs being the top affiliate marketing channel, the commercial potential of a well-done affiliate marketing blog is enormous. Whether you create how-to articles, insightful guides, or visually appealing infographics, you can grow your bottom line exponentially with the right affiliate program and strategically placed affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing blogging is wide open for anyone creating customer-centric content reinforced with a unique value proposition. If you’re an aspiring blogger, you can share personal experiences about the product in question; if you’ve long learned the ropes, you can educate people about online affiliate marketing, affiliate programs, how to write an affiliate blog, and anything you have a strong command over.

There’s hardly a limit to the contents of your affiliate marketing blog. You can try all popular blogging formats, from news to research papers, as long as you follow the basic affiliate blogging rules and have a say in the subject.

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No less important is that there are quite a few affiliate blog examples to learn from.

Speaking of which, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of compelling affiliate marketing blogs led by digital and affiliate marketing professionals: Neil Patel, Spencer Haws, Matthew Woodward, and others. They have made it to big numbers and now serve as an example of what you can accomplish if you are passionate, determined, courageous, and – most importantly – an expert in your niche.

With no further ado…oh, one moment, please. Some of you might be new to the game. If so, we’ve distilled the basics of affiliate marketing in just a few paragraphs. Peruse those to get the hang of the game before moving to our list of expert affiliate blog examples.

Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Blogging, and Affiliate Links

Here’s how affiliate marketing works (and here’s your detailed guide on affiliate marketing):

Source: How to Create Affiliate Marketing Content That Actually Ranks

Blogging and affiliate marketing are a match made in heaven. Through affiliate marketing with blogs and forums, you can make significant income besides your core offering, strengthen your authority, and tap into related niches.

Want to draw maximum revenues from affiliate marketing? Here are the high-ticket affiliate marketing niches to explore.

As you can see above, affiliate marketing bloggers create content and then step into the game with strategically placed affiliate links.

  • Affiliate links for bloggers are tracking links connecting customers to their affiliate and guaranteeing the latter receives the due payout if the customer completes an agreed-upon target action, such as a download, installation, click, or purchase.

That’s about it – they click on links on your affiliate marketing blog, and you get the revenue. It is quite simple on the surface, but the devil is in the details.

To learn more about affiliate marketing blogging, creating a blog for affiliate marketing, and how to get affiliate links for a blog, navigate to this ultimate guide to an affiliate marketing blog in 2024 and beyond.

But What If I Am an Affiliate Network?

If you’re an affiliate network willing to improve your affiliate marketing across the board, click here to quick-jump to your best guide on scaling ROI with publishers and affiliates.

And now – drumroll – to our list of 12 top affiliate marketing blogs, spearheaded by Neil Patel, an absolute digital marketing legend to look up to.

Your 12 Best Affiliate Blog Examples to Learn From

Wonder what’s the real power of influencer affiliate marketing? Here’s how social media influences are reshaping the affiliate marketing industry.

Neil Patel

Average Monthly Visits      4.7 million
Bounce Rate      43.52%
Page per Visit      4.29
Average Visit Duration      05:00

With 4.7 million monthly website visits, Neil Patel needs no introduction. A co-founder of Neil Patel Digital and one of the most popular digital marketers draws traffic to his affiliate marketing blog from search (42%) and direct entries (52.22%), with referrals accounting for a tiny 1.85% share of the overall site traffic.

Neil Patel mostly focuses on digital marketing, providing comprehensive insights around various marketing faucets – content, social media, email, affiliate, etc. – SEO, paid advertising, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, analytics, and more.

  • One takeaway from Neil’s affiliate marketing blog is that you should always exercise the hands-on approach, giving practical advice and tools to apply theory to practice.

Speaking of the tools, here are your 8 affiliate marketing tools to generate more leads.

Neil hits all audience segments by varying the complexity of publications, from simple step-by-step how-to guides to narrow-focused platform-specific content. By following Neil’s blog, you can keep abreast of the recent news in the digital marketing world in general and its affiliate marketing avenue.

Another distinctive feature is the abundance of ads, from the full-screen “Want More SEO Traffic?” banner popping out of nowhere to countless on-page promotions. That said, Neil knows what he’s doing, even though these might not be textbook marketing best practices. Having built a compelling digital and affiliate marketing reputation, he can leverage aggressive marketing like no one else.

The core offering is Ubersuggest, an SEO-focused tool for keyword research, domain overview, site audit, backlink and competitor analysis, and more. The subscription starts from $12 per month for one domain, 150 daily searchers, 125 tracked keywords, 5 competitor domains, and 1,000 webpage scans.

Lee-Ann Johnstone

Average Monthly Visits      23,000
Bounce Rate      40.25%
Page per Visit      3.26
Average Visit Duration      01:51

Unlike Neil Patel, who covers a wide range of digital marketing avenues, Lee-Ann Johnstone is focused solely on helping aspiring affiliates grow through her dedicated website and affiliate marketing blog. With only around 23,000 monthly visits, the narrow-focused blog is a far cry from Patel’s powerhouse, but it does provide some valuable content to learn from.

Besides the affiliate marketing blog, Lee-Ann runs The Affiliate Marketing Podcast show and organizes niche events to connect with fellow affiliate marketers and provide training and mentorship to those new.

Jay Schwedelson

Average Monthly Visits      29,400
Bounce Rate      75.10%
Page per Visit      1.78
Average Visit Duration      02:15

Jay Schwedelson, the founder of, has come up with a genius idea to merge email subject lines and affiliate marketing, with the core offering being a free online tool to design, evaluate, and score email subject lines.

Here’s your ultimate guide to affiliate email marketing.

No less creative is Jay’s approach to his affiliate marketing blog. Unlike the traditional layout that runs posts from new to old, has a  hashtag window where you can pull related blogs by clicking the hashtag.

Attila O’dree

Average Monthly Visits      45,100
Bounce Rate      64.64%
Page per Visit      0.69
Average Visit Duration      02:18

Attila O’dree is a full-time affiliate marketer and owner of a dedicated affiliate marketing blog iAmAtilla, the one devoted to the synergy of paid traffic and affiliate marketing.

IAmAtilla is arguably the best blog to learn about paid traffic sources – Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Mobile, and Native – within the realm of affiliate marketing. Across 33 pages of content, you can find everything you need to make money blogging, including tutorials, guides, tips, and more.

Your definitive guide to affiliate marketing on Facebook.

For more insights, you can download Attila’s From Zero to Super Affiliate book on Amazon, which aims to give affiliate marketing beginners a head start in their journey.

Pat Flynn

Average Monthly Visits      237,400
Bounce Rate      59.42%
Page per Visit      2.24
Average Visit Duration      02:37

Pat Flynn is a serial entrepreneur and creator of The Smart Passive Income Blog, a website educating aspiring digital entrepreneurs to draw passive income from multiple streams.

Unlike other affiliate marketing bloggers, Pat Flynn highlights only the most in-depth long reads – it may take you a few hours to finish a blog – while hiding the rest 60 pages of educational content behind the “View All Articles” button.

Pat Flynn knows how to go omnichannel. The affiliate marketing pundit runs a YouTube channel with 418,000 subscribers.

Matthew Woodward

Average Monthly Visits      381,900
Bounce Rate      58.80%
Page per Visit      1.89
Average Visit Duration      04:35

Matthew Woodward is an award-winning SEO professional who leads Search Logistics, a blog covering various SEO aspects, including case studies, keyword research, content creation, on-page SEO, link building, and more.

Every SEO category contains hundreds of hands-on blogs with videos, graphics, and practical marketing software and tools. What’s cool is that the blog provides gated content like checklists, traffic boosters, and backlink strategies instead of intrusive pop-ups.

Luke Kling

Luke Kling is a digital marketer and founder of affLIFT and FPTraffic.


Average Monthly Visits      163,300
Bounce Rate      44.31%
Page per Visit      4.45
Average Visit Duration      04:14

affLIFT is an affiliate marketing community and forum where affiliate marketers can share insights, ask questions, and collaborate through private messaging and topics. On the forum, you can find know-hows from thousands of affiliate marketers and over 120,000 helpful messages.

affLIFT is divided into free and premium sections, with the latter requiring a subscription that costs $20 monthly, $100 for 6 months, or $350 for a lifetime.


Average Monthly Visits      39,900
Bounce Rate      52.52%
Page per Visit      3.51
Average Visit Duration      09:29

FPTraffic is an affiliate marketing blog and social media scheduling tool for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and Pinterest that helps discover and analyze social media content through proprietary features:

  • Content Finder – searches for content on YouTube, GIPHY, eBay, Flickr, Tumblr, Amazon, Bing, and Reddit
  • Content editor – enables editing descriptions to your blog posts and editing images within your posts

The content of the affiliate marketing blog is free, but the toolkit itself costs $15 per month, $125 per year, or you can enroll in a two-week trial for free in the first place.

Shawn Collins

Average Monthly Visits      198,300
Bounce Rate      45.34%
Page per Visit      2.78
Average Visit Duration      03:04

Shawn Collins is a co-founder of Affiliate Summit, a global affiliate marketing conference and an affiliate marketing blog. Affiliate Summit provides networking opportunities, runs educational sessions, and contains 13 pages of valuable content around affiliate marketing.

Legacy-wise, Shawn Collins distilled his vast knowledge into a book for merchants and affiliate networks – Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants – which you can buy on Amazon for $13.64 in the paperback edition.

When it comes to Affiliate Summit, we can’t help but mention Missy Ward, the co-founder and stellar affiliate marketer. Her personal affiliate marketing blog draws 17,100 monthly visits and contains an overwhelming 110 pages of content worth exploring.

Zac Johnson

Average Monthly Visits      35,300
Bounce Rate      45.96%
Page per Visit      0.54
Average Visit Duration      01:41

Zac Johnson is a self-taught entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in digital marketing and blogging. His affiliate marketing blog covers topics around blogging, social media, and podcasting, with priority given to affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketing blog features Zac’s career path and personal experiences in multiple avenues of digital and affiliate marketing.

Besides a successful blogging career – Zac’s blog “has referred over $10,000,000 in new business to his advertisers and network partners since its launch” – Zac also runs the “Rise of the Entrepreneur” podcast, interviewing renowned online marketing experts.

Spencer Haws

Average Monthly Visits      1.1 million
Bounce Rate      73.18%
Page per Visit      1.63
Average Visit Duration      01:14

Spencer Haws is an online entrepreneur, blogger, podcaster, and founder of Niche Pursuits, an affiliate website blog and platform for aspiring entrepreneurs willing to create and develop a successful online business. The blog provides educational resources, case studies, product reviews, and other helpful content around e-commerce, marketing, blogging, and moneymaking.

Besides the affiliate marketing blog, Spencer Haws created and later sold a keyword research tool Long Tail Pro, which helps find less competitive and potentially profitable long-tail keywords, starting from $59.99 per month.

Bring It Home With Phonexa

As an affiliate marketing blogger, you can immediately close the loop between generated leads, calls, clicks, and revenue with a single affiliate marketing software suite from Phonexa.

The unique all-in-one ecosystem encompasses 8 proprietary digital marketing solutions that will cover your marketing needs through and through:

Want to get it all? Choose your subscription plan now or schedule a free consultation to learn more about how Phonexa can improve your affiliate marketing business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best affiliate blog example to learn from?

Different affiliate marketing blogs embody different affiliate marketing strategies and target different audiences.

Here are a few examples:

  • Neil Patel’s affiliate blog example shows how to tap into multiple digital marketing avenues, write compelling content, and execute aggressive promo campaigns.
  • Jay Schwedelson’s affiliate blog example illustrates how to combine a niche topic (email subject line) and affiliate marketing.
  • Pat Flynn’s affiliate blog example demonstrates how to beat the competition with in-depth posts that cover the topic from A to Z.

Long story short, you need to research the industry and find an affiliate blog example that reflects your business case to a large extent. It may not be easy, but it’s not impossible either, as more and more bloggers uncover the power of affiliate marketing.

What are the best affiliate programs for bloggers?

The most popular affiliate programs for bloggers are:

  • Amazon Associates – 900 million users
  • ShareASale – 700 million
  • Awin – 225 million
  • Rakuten – 150 million
  • ClickBank – 100 million

However, the popularity of a particular affiliate program doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a good fit for your affiliate marketing blog. Before enrolling in an affiliate program, make sure to consider whether it resonates with your niche, target audience, affiliate products, ideas, and financial expectations.

How do I start an affiliate marketing blog?

Here’s how to start an affiliate marketing blog in three steps:

  1. Choose your niche, product, and affiliate program
  2. Choose your hosting provider and domain name
  3. Use affiliate website builders to create your affiliate marketing blog faster

For more information, visit this guide to affiliate blogging.

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