Scale And Thrive With Phonexa’s Marketing Automation Platform

Is there a cohesive marketing automation tool geared toward meeting the needs and expectations of different marketing teams? You ask. Phonexa answers.

No need to look for software companies or systems designed specifically for large-scale enterprises or small businesses. Implementing the best marketing automation system from Phonexa can help you achieve the mission. You can increase the value of every lead, power up your campaigns, and identify what’s missing from your marketing plan. 

Phonexa’s singular suite for marketing automation can satisfy the rising expectations for laser-sharp call data analysis, an efficient workflow, and customizable engagement.

Alleviate the burden of routine activities and link all the crucial marketing aspects with Phonexa’s marketing automation solutions for the in-depth understanding of lead traffic (LMS Sync), unrivaled email control (E-Delivery), and access to actionable call intelligence (Call Logic).

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Other Features

Cash In On Revenue-Boosting Tools 

With Phonexa’s call analytics system, brands can equip themselves with a set of tailor-made tools like filter analyzer and compare traffic flow reports that shed light on complex call data.

Fine-Tune Lead Journey

Whether you’re a publisher, advertiser, or buyer, you can generate robust ROI and refine your lead buying strategies with Phonexa’s Ping Post Calls 2.0 feature.

Lead Management Automation

Phonexa’s LMS Sync, a proprietary lead management software, is geared toward helping brands build optimized marketing strategies and gain a thorough understanding of lead traffic and campaign performance.

Put Your Data To Work

Use predictive modeling to boost the value of your brand by tapping into probable outcomes of implemented strategies and optimized campaigns, targeting the most favorable prospects, and enhancing retention rates.

Discover The Ping Tree Potential 

Phonexa’s ping tree technology helps buyers and lead generators utilize proprietary algorithms to make the most of the opportunity to strategically buy and sell web leads.

Keep A Close Eye On Leads

Phonexa’s LMS Sync empowers marketing teams with the ability to accurately track prospects, define lifecycle stages, and determine earning potential.

Customize Lead Distribution

Customize configurations to automate the distribution process, convert more prospects, and build an efficient workflow.

Email Marketing Automation

Emails play a principal role in any strategy. With E-Delivery, a robust email marketing software from Phonexa, you can gain unrivaled control of your email initiatives, boost engagement, distribute your campaigns through numerous marketing channels, and increase your conversion rate.

Leverage Omnichannel Distribution

Measure and boost the deliverability of different channels, compare inbox data, and drive better inbox performance with E-Delivery.

Ensure Accurate Segmentation

Create, refine, and manage your email lists based on the responses and other behavioral patterns of your clients.

Utilize A/B Testing

Split test different sections of your email list by sending several variations of your ad creatives to work out the ones that garner the best results.

Make The Most Of ESP Integration

Exploit the functionality of market-leading email services through the frictionless integrations E-Delivery offers.

Affordable Pricing & Custom Packages

Phonexa offers a tiered pricing plan featuring Lite, Premium, and Enterprise packages. Since every business is different, our experts can help you find out which features or plans can work best for you. As for the Enterprise package, it’s customizable, which means that its costs can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your brand. That’s one of the reasons why it’s particularly popular among large-scale enterprises.

Every package includes specific features of Phonexa’s suite of solutions — Call Logic, LMS SYNC, E-Delivery, Lynx, Opt-Intel, Cloud PBX, and Books360 — so that clients can leverage all of them.

If you’re looking to discuss a customizable package or find out more about Phonexa’s pricing plans, schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

What Is Marketing Automation?

In its essence, it’s a technology geared toward automatically managing all the essential processes and multifunctional campaigns across numerous channels. It eliminates the need to perform routine tasks for the sake of efficiency, performance, and elevated CX.

Brands working with a large database of leads can profit greatly from employing this technology. If you’re looking to invest in marketing automation, answer the following questions first:

What’s the goal of this investment? Typically, it’s all about higher CR and driving more revenue.

Do you need to generate new leads? Usually, businesses need to implement new or optimize the existing lead gen strategies. Driving leads regularly is crucial to ensure that the technology will improve your bottom line. If you’re not getting enough new leads, automation might not be able to impact your funnel. If that’s the case, consider Phonexa’s singular suite for marketing automation to cover all the bases. 

What types of automated campaigns your marketing teams can support? It’s only natural to worry about the integrations, software setups, or training. Whether you’re utilizing Salesforce, Google Analytics, or in-house databases, Phonexa allows syncing the tools and services you currently use for the sake of effortless scaling.

What Does Marketing Automation Software Do?

Brands are no strangers to looking for the right tools or software. One of the ways to identify the best option is to understand how to measure its effectiveness. For instance, effective automation software focuses on the interactions, behaviors, and evolving needs of your audience. It takes into account different behavioral inputs like viewing a specific web page or interacting with a piece of content. 

The input typically goes beyond email, which means that the software keeps tabs on the lead’s challenges across several channels. This way, you can make sure that your campaigns rely on multiple marketing channels, all of which influence a buyer’s decision.

What Are Marketing Automation Platforms?

Every modern business requires a marketing automation platform to tackle deliverability, keep a close eye on web performance, utilize granular reports, and much more. Such a platform is essentially a foundation for any marketing operation.

With Phonexa’s turnkey solutions for marketing automation, brands can optimize web, call, email, and SMS campaigns, all while having the ability to guide visitors, provide iconic brand experiences across all touchpoints, and elevate customer journeys. Phonexa also offers a marketing automation application to maximize the workflow efficiency of direct advertisers or lead generators alike.

If you wish to cover all the bases and utilize one automation software that fits all your needs, Phonexa’s suite of solutions can boost your marketing prowess and push your business to new heights.

Email Automation Platform

Phonexa, one of the market-leading B2C and B2B marketing automation platforms, offers a proprietary email marketing software as a part of its singular solution for calls, clicks, leads, SMS, accounting, and more.

It gives brands the ability to use automation to run more successful campaigns, compile crucial data, and utilize campaign analytics to get an entirely new perspective on the latest email initiatives.

Whether you’re interested in boosting your account-based marketing or having a comprehensive view of your customers at all touchpoints, Phonexa’s E-Delivery can offer you more than just a glimpse of the customer journey. 

Like other email marketing automation platforms, E-Delivery offers excellent front-end functionality. What sets it apart from the pack, though, is its ability to give clients unrivaled control over email campaigns by ensuring efficient omnichannel distribution, accurate behavioral segmentation, and frictionless ESP integration with major email service providers.

Make data-driven decisions a priority with advanced automation and tracking services from Phonexa. Schedule a consultation with a Phonexa expert to find the best pricing plan for your brand.

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