Top Tactics To Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Traffic

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14 minute read

Affiliate marketing is the most effective way to promote your services and goods online. This industry is projected to be worth $27.78 million by 2027. Before discussing how to grow your affiliate marketing traffic, let us explain the basic definitions.

What is traffic in affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing itself?

Affiliate marketing is when an individual or business sells another company’s products or services. The traffic generated reflects consumers who might be interested in what you are selling or promoting.

Source: Statista

Affiliate marketing involves offering recommendations and getting payments for referrals. Despite its simplicity, affiliate marketing takes careful preparation and specific techniques to grow high-volume traffic.

This article covers 8 top affiliate marketing traffic tactics.

8 Top Tactics to Maximize Your Affiliate Marketing Traffic

The dynamic world of affiliate marketing requires a strategic mindset, dedication, and ongoing improvement. Let’s discuss the ways to improve and track your affiliate campaigns and where to get traffic for affiliate marketing.

KPIs to Track Your Affiliate Marketing Traffic Success

Before we jump to the top-notch tactics of generating affiliate traffic and driving the best traffic for affiliate marketing, let’s figure out the basic KPIs first.

KPIs are benchmarks for measuring the effectiveness of your business. Analyzing them lets you determine which campaigns generate more sales, provide minimal returns, and require changes.

Here are crucial metrics to monitor closely:

  • Affiliate links measure how often users click on your link. When you know the number of clicks, you can calculate another KPI called CTR.
  • CTR (click through rate) shows you the effectiveness of the affiliate marketing strategy you have chosen. To calculate it, you need to divide the number of clicks on the referral link by the number of people who looked through the ad. The average rate is between 4-6%.

  • Conversion rate is the most important metric, as it directly estimates your affiliate marketing traffic’s effectiveness. This KPI shows you the amount of sales after people click on the referral link.

  • EPC estimates how much income you can receive in the end. You need to divide sales by the number of clicks on the specific affiliate link to calculate it.

Establishing goals and KPIs is important for achieving success in affiliate marketing. Metrics help to assess the effectiveness of your ongoing affiliate campaigns.

1. Maximize Your Affiliate Marketing Traffic With Effective Use of Testing

Optimizing a website’s impact, boosting conversion rate, and elevating user experience requires specific testing approaches. Let’s look closer at some of them:

  1. Set clear optimization goals to work on increasing click rates, conversions, revenue, and user engagement.
  2. Prioritize elements with the most influence on engagement and test to decide what works better. Here belong elements like headlines, CTAs, images, etc.
  3. Use A/B testing to compare two versions of a webpage.
  4. Dive deeper with multivariate testing and assess combinations of elements to uncover interactions that influence user behavior.
  5. Different webpage versions are accessed using different URLs that allow you a direct comparison.

A/B Testing in Email Campaigns

With A/B testing, you can check the most effective way of promoting the link or CTA by implementing two or more variants of the tested elements.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on conducting your A/B test:

  1. Select the part to evaluate. It can be headline copy, call-to-actions, visuals, and layout.
  2. Define relevant KPIs that will measure the success of your test.
  3. Choose the number of tests required to determine a winner.
  4. Create two versions of your funnel, differing only in the tested element.
  5. Implement the test allowing both versions to run simultaneously.
  6. Analyze results considering your predetermined KPIs.

By employing systematic A/B testing and following these steps, you can efficiently refine your campaigns and optimize affiliate sales performance. Let’s figure out how it works in real life.

Imagine you’re an online retailer and want to improve your promotional email’s open rate for future product launches. You have decided to conduct the A/B testing and evaluate the effectiveness of two different CTA phrases in the email subject line. After several days, one email showed a 7% open rate and another 16%, meaning that the second CTA is more engaging to the customer and will be used during the promo campaign.

2. How To Get Free Traffic for Affiliate Marketing via Effective Product Reviews

Feedback makes a huge difference. Before making a purchase, 93% of people read online reviews. Positive reviews can also help you make more money from affiliate sales.

By providing feedback, customers will help you:

  • Highlight problem-solving and explain how the product or service successfully deals with the specific issues.
  • Assess expectations and share if they got what they wanted.
  • Discuss the price and if it is worth the money.
  • Determine if they’d recommend it to a friend.
  • Point out the features they liked the most.
  • Offer suggestions on improving the product or service.

3. Boost Affiliate Marketing Traffic With Comparison Articles

In affiliate marketing, comparison articles and listicles are remarkably successful content formats. Just like reviews, they have the potential to boost your website traffic, support your industry authority, and contribute to enhanced affiliate sales.

Comparison articles present research about two or more products or services. They highlight the pros and cons and compare pricing details. You can also combine comparison components and listicles into one article. When you are trying to include links to conversion-optimized content, it helps you to boost affiliate sales.

4. Enhance Affiliate Marketing Traffic Through Partnerships With Influencers

The dynamic rise of social media influencers has undeniably changed the marketing world. In fact, their approvals continue to significantly influence Gen Z.

Numerous factors contribute to influencers being exceptional affiliate traffic sources. One of them is their existing audience. These content creators don’t necessarily have to be celebrities. Many regular individuals who create engaging social media content have accumulated considerable followers.

5. Driving Free Traffic for Affiliate Marketing with Smart Use of Coupon Offers

Value holds a special place in people’s hearts, even if just a dollar or two is saved. That’s why, nowadays, coupons are gaining even more popularity. Recent statistics show that 80% of online shoppers actively use coupons to make online purchases. With the increased reliance on the internet in the wake of the pandemic, saving money has taken on a greater significance.

Coupons have several advantages. They are budget-friendly, can attract new customers, and encourage returning customers to return for more. Practical and economical, coupons provide precise control over where you distribute your discounts. It is the easiest and best way to get traffic for affiliate marketing.

Here’s how you can run a coupon-based affiliate marketing strategy:

  • Research the industry. Start by delving into thorough industry research. Assess your competitors, their customer reward methods, and the affiliates promoting them.
  • Plan your coupon campaigns. Map out your coupon campaigns. Christmas or Mother’s Day tends to show better coupon performance.
  • Monitor conversion rates. Promo codes offer valuable insights into your marketing efforts. They enable you to track which platforms generate the most affiliate marketing traffic and conversions. This data is crucial for understanding customer preferences and habits.

6. How To Generate Traffic for Affiliate Marketing via Brand Collaboration

Co-branding is a highly effective strategy for boosting email subscriber counts. A noteworthy 43% of consumers have indicated their willingness to explore co-branded products from companies they already favor.

It underscores the effectiveness of brand-to-brand partnerships in achieving remarkable conversion rates. All it requires is a compatible brand that shares your values and targets the same audience.

In brand partnerships, joining forces brings:

  1. More customers: Teamwork reaches wider audiences.
  2. Better marketing: Brands improve each other’s tactics.
  3. Less work, more impact: Sharing cuts down effort.
  4. Trust drives sales: Reliable brands sell more.
  5. Savings: Costs go down when shared.
  6. New buyers: Introducing products to fresh eyes.

7. Use Affiliate Marketing Software

Creating and managing affiliate marketing campaigns can become overwhelming. This is where the assistance of affiliate marketing software comes into play. These platforms can help you keep track of, supervise, and even expand your endeavors. It may boost e-commerce sales and brand-to-brand partnerships.

When choosing affiliate marketing software, consider these factors:

  • All-in-one solution: Search for a singular platform to manage multiple affiliate programs from a single account. Managing a range of apps becomes more streamlined when all your information is centralized.
  • Seamless integration: Your chosen software should be compatible with all the systems you work with. Consider which e-commerce platform supports and offers built-in customer support features or the ability to integrate one, etc.
  • User-friendly setup: Good software should have all the necessary features and plug-ins. It should be multiplatform with an intuitive interface.
  • Mobile compatibility: It would be advantageous if the software is multiplatform and can be used on computers and phones. It ensures convenient management of your programs and easy access for your affiliates.

Acquire your personalized affiliate marketing software suite from Phonexa to guarantee impactful performance. Alternatively, you can arrange a consultation to discover how Phonexa can enhance the agility and efficiency of your affiliate business.

8. Run Your Own Affiliate Program

Building an affiliate program can help you grow your business. It increases domain traffic and lets you manage transactions, affiliates, and commissions.

When building your personalized affiliate program, follow these steps:

  1. Go with a software solution. Using an app is crucial, as such tools help you manage your affiliate campaigns, communicate with partners, oversee offers, and compensate affiliates. It also comes to the rescue when evaluating campaign performance and optimizing future initiatives.
  2. Define program rules and expectations. Engage your affiliates in discussing essentials. Identify your target audience and establish optimal campaign timing. Clarify suitable marketing channels for each campaign. Prioritize explaining program rules to combat fraudulent links and address payment concerns. Remember that agreement on duties and expectations prevents misunderstandings and safeguards your reputation.
  3. Choose a payout scheme. Familiarize yourself with payout methods like pay-per-sale, pay-per-click, and pay-per-lead. Your choice depends on your goal. Commission percentages factor in customer acquisition and retention. Compare competitor commissions for similar products. Temporarily offering higher rates can make your brand more appealing.
  4. Attract affiliates. Learn types of traffic in affiliate marketing and use software to locate reliable partners. Connect your affiliate program to your website, advertise on forums or social media, employ Facebook or Instagram ads, or email subscribers to join.
  5. Prepare marketing guidelines and materials. Affiliates value advertising materials. Prepare them in advance for smoother collaboration. Transparent marketing materials for different platforms save time. Sharing marketing collateral empowers affiliates to market relevant products while maintaining your brand voice.

Following these personalized steps can elevate your affiliate program and achieve greater success.

How To Get Free Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing does not have to cost a lot of money to drive affiliate marketing traffic to your offers. These are our top 5 free affiliate marketing traffic sources to make money online from affiliate marketing without spending a single dollar on paid ads.

Yes, building up and growing your audience will take a while, but that is what free affiliate marketing traffic is all about. Unlocking the power of free traffic for affiliate marketing in social media enables you to tap into a cost-effective and expansive avenue for showcasing your partner’s products.


TikTok is a popular social media platform and one of the most used free traffic methods for affiliate marketing. TikTok has one billion monthly active users all over the world of different ages and interests. That’s why it will be easy to find your target audience.

After you’ve got your audience’s attention, they’ll be more likely to click on your guided hyperlink to find more content. TikTok doesn’t allow direct links, but telling the viewers to click the “link in bio” is a powerful CTA here.


Pros  Cons
User database   Limited link sharing
Viral potential   Niche choice
Direct Engagement   Number of competitors



When people search for inspiration, they usually go to Pinterest. To attract users to this website to click on your link, you will need to work with aesthetic fonts and catchy headlines to help them move from looking around to actions. Another method is organizing so-called Pinterest boards related to your promoting products. If your offer will attract the user, you have a great chance of further clicks and purchases.

Pros   Cons
Users are interested in purchasing   Visual quality


Source: MeetEdgar


The monthly audience of unique Instagram users is 1.4 billion. The good thing is that Instagram users are ready to purchase. The bad thing is that it is overcrowded with bloggers, online shops, etc. To get as many clicks from Instagram as possible, create an engaging profile and use all the included instruments — from frequent story posts with the link to follow included to making creative reels.


Pros   Cons
Number of users   Many competitors
Multiple content formats   Consistent posting
Fast recognition



On YouTube, you can create simple videos that talk about products, show and teach how to handle different issues, find the best products, and test goods that can interest many people.

You can put your website links under your videos without getting into trouble with the system algorithms. Remember, people who want to learn new things from videos are usually almost ready to buy something. They might be looking for a link to buy a thing they need. You can add the link right to the video or in the description.

Pros   Cons
High engagement   Time-consuming
Easy-to-find content   You’ll need much equipment and skills



Reddit is a huge community-driven forum. To start affiliate marketing on Reddit, you need to join relevant subreddits and become a credible member. When adding a post or responding to a comment, always disclose the needed affiliate links and track their effectiveness to decide the place and strategy to use on Reddit.

Pros   Cons
Targeted community   Strict community rules
Discussion opportunities   Long time to build trust
Easy link sharing   Impact of user’s negative impact


Best Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources

In every affiliate marketing niche, it’s important to combine affiliate marketing paid traffic and free organic traffic. When purchasing the affiliate marketing traffic, you are getting a specific amount of leads here and now.

Let’s discuss the main types of paid affiliate marketing traffic sources:

  1. Mobile traffic has gained great importance in affiliate marketing due to the increasing number of people using phones or tablets. Adapting your campaigns for mobile users is crucial, as the mobile user experience can differ from desktop users.
  2. Push traffic consists of appealing ads or browser notifications to get users’ attention with time-limited offers, updates, or promotions.
  3. Pop-ups on the webpage often come with an enticing beneficial offer.
  4. Search traffic involves visitors who come to your affiliate offers through search engines. Optimizing your content and landing pages for relevant keywords can increase affiliate marketing organic traffic.
  5. Native ads perfectly fit the platform content they’re on, making them less intrusive and more likely to be clicked on by users.
  6. Banners are clickable picture ads often used in social media. When clicking on it, users are redirected to the needed webpage.
  7. URL shortening tool is helpful in affiliate marketing for sharing links on social media, in emails, or within limited character spaces.


Wrapping Up

Affiliate marketing presents a remarkable chance to earn from endorsing products and services consumers genuinely enjoy. The strategic use of various techniques for acquiring free traffic for affiliate marketing can significantly enhance the visibility of your brand and the reach of your promotional campaigns.

Go with credible affiliate programs, generate audience-connecting content, use diverse content channels, monitor your progress, and be patient and consistent. You can establish a flourishing affiliate marketing venture by following these tips and tricks and avoiding common traps.

Find the best custom affiliate marketing software suite to take your marketing to the next level and drive high-quality affiliate marketing traffic, or schedule a consultation to find out more about Phonexa.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much traffic do you need for affiliate marketing?
Actually, it’s not about the quantity of generated traffic. It’s about the quality traffic you drive when it comes to affiliate marketing. Maximizing success involves harnessing the potential of free traffic for affiliate marketing sources to drive targeted visitors to your offers and generate sustainable revenue. Other factors you need to take into consideration are:

  • Conversion rate
  • Niche
  • Number of competitors
  • Engagement of users
  • Long-term perspective

How do you start with affiliate marketing?
If you’re considering entering the affiliate marketing business, follow these four steps:

  1. Define your niche: Determine your specific focus area.
  2. Identify affiliate networks: Locate suitable affiliate networks or programs.
  3. Select products for promotion: Choose the products you wish to endorse.
  4. Implement the right martech stack: Choose the right affiliate management software to make the most of your efforts and monetize affiliate marketing traffic.
  5. Outline a promotion strategy: Plan how to promote these selected products.


What are the top niches for affiliate marketing and driving high-quality affiliate marketing traffic?
Here is the list of the top niches to choose from:

  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Home Services
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Gaming
  • Health and Wellness
  • Pets
  • Sports

What are СPA traffic sources?
CPA traffic sources for affiliate marketing are social media platforms, search engines, channels, websites, and forums where you can purchase or generate free affiliate marketing traffic for CPA offers.

Is affiliate marketing suitable for beginners?
Absolutely! Affiliate marketing is accessible to everyone. Even your customers, regardless of background, can become affiliates. With minimal effort, beginners can seamlessly integrate into your affiliate marketing program, promoting your products and driving affiliate marketing traffic without any technical background required.

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