Call Recording Service For Your Business

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Monitor employee performance and improve the customer experience through business call recording.

What is Call Recording & How It Affects Business

Phonexa’s Call Logic feature Call Recording helps companies optimize their inbound and outbound calls by allowing management and employees to revisit conversations for quality assurance.

Phonexa cares about your business performance. We created this thorough telephone call recorder feature to enhance your customer satisfaction. Call Recording, a feature of our Call Logic Platform, allows you to review conversations for evaluation, training, and compliance purposes. You have the option to give access to your employees as well, so they can review their own calls and make improvements where it’s needed. We provide the capacity. You wield the power!

How Listening To Call Recordings Can Open Up Opportunities For New Marketing Tactics

VIDEO: What is Call Recording Software?

Why You Should Use Business Call Recording Features

Assess Agent Performance

Determine the quality of your agent performance by reviewing past conversations on demand. With the option to grant your employees access to these recordings, you can encourage greater work ethics and prevent repeated mistakes from reoccurring.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

The caller experience is highly dictated by the time it takes for an issue to get resolved and the agent’s quality of customer service. With Phonexa’s Call Recording, you can improve customer satisfaction by evaluating both of these factors and making the necessary adjustments.

Ensure Compliance

Our call recording service minimizes risks by holding both sides of the conversation accountable to legal regulations. Protect your business and customer service reputation with Phonexa’s quality assurance feature – Call Recording.

Train New Employees

Business call recordings are invaluable to employee training sessions because they give you the tools to identify specific issues and trends in the past. Equip your new employees by allowing them to examine real examples of how to handle difficult conversations.

Find out how our call recording solutions can help you improve your business processes and customer experience.

See More Features of Our Call Logic Platform

Sophisticated Filtration System

This system is applied to the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to route calls based on your customized filtration settings.

Toll-Free and Vanity Numbers

Phonexa’s Call Logic Platform provides custom toll-free numbers, local vanity phone numbers for your business. Phonexa’s local tracking numbers also provide deep insights about your calls and marketing campaigns.

API and Third-Party Integrations

Phonexa offers free API Integrations across the board, allowing your business to scale effortlessly without additional costs.

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Call Logic is a fully integrative call platform that has advanced call tracking, recording, analytics, and other marketing tools to help you get the most of your calls and leads. Ready to increase conversion?

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