How Call Tracking Help Your Business Grow

Business owners and marketers who search this phrase often have an idea of how powerful call tracking can be, but lack the in-depth knowledge of how this advanced marketing technology fulfills those claims. Call tracking is an invaluable tool to have, and unlike other marketing tools, it is self-sufficient enough to add value to your campaigns even if you don’t yet know how to make the most out of this tool. In this article, we’ll give you three examples of how call tracking can help grow your business from three different levels of implementation: light, medium, and heavy. Let’s dive into it.

Call Tracking Implementation Level: Light

In the early stages of implementing call tracking, it’s understandable that some users might be interested in trying just a few of its features first to test the waters. The most common usage for call tracking is quite straightforward: tracking your campaign results through the calls that each campaign generated. Even this simple tracking strategy is enough to boost your ROI exponentially. Call tracking visualizes your campaign results in real-time to help you manage your ongoing campaigns and optimize your future advertisements for higher engagement. The toll-free and vanity phone numbers employed through call tracking can also improve your brand image and make it easier for more customers to contact you. As you can see, even at a light level, call tracking can already add a wealth of value to your business. Campaign optimization is a popular topic of discussion amongst marketers, but the use of marketing technology often gets downplayed during such discussions. With the right tools, one can make data-driven changes to ongoing campaigns with more confidence.

Call Tracking Implementation Level: Medium

For businesses who are looking for a more immersive experience with call tracking, greater features are available at their disposal. Other than simply tracking your calls and giving you full insight into your campaigns in real-time, call tracking also works with an advanced IVR to service your callers based on their purchase history, demographics, or any other filter that you’ve chosen. This feature personalizes the call experience and boosts your customer service ratings as a result. For example, if your IVR is equipped with call tracking, you can make it address the caller by their first name and mention whether or not they have shopped with you before. These small details make the automated attendant appear more meticulous, thus, adding to your callers’ sense of confidence in your service.

Call Tracking Implementation Level: Heavy

Here at Phonexa, our goal is to ultimately get every client to want all the features that our advanced call tracking software can provide. When the entire software package is put to good use, your business will undoubtedly reach new heights. As mentioned before, call tracking can be used to track your campaign details and personalize your calls, but it can do so at a much deeper and integrated level than you would think. Almost any campaign can be boosted by call tracking, including digital and offline advertisements. Email marketing, for example, can be boosted by call tracking just as much as a simple display ad on a bus. The sheer flexibility of this software makes it completely scalable for any business size, model and industry. It’s equipped to handle high call volumes while delivering top quality service on the user end and on the customer end.

If you’re completely new to call tracking and would like guidance on how you can optimize your campaigns for greater business growth, schedule a free live demo of the Phonexa platform with one of our industry experts today. We’ll walk you through the entire marketing platform and show you how each feature can benefit your particular business. Each industry has its own measure of competition, and each business within those industries have to identify and capitalize on their strong points. Let your marketing technology set your business apart today. Invest in envy-worthy call tracking and reap the high ROI of your smart investment.

Anh Luu
Anh Luu is a Copywriter at Phonexa and has experience crafting B2B content strategies.

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