Spotlight on Leads: How Do I Track Sales Leads?

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4 minute read

It’s essential to have a well-defined and well-organized system for tracking sales leads as they travel through the sales funnel. A lead management system helps you track and manage your leads effectively to get the most out of every sales opportunity. Lead tracking and management software performs the following functions to track and manage leads:

  • Upload lead information into the database
  • Update and tag leads
  • Distribute and assign leads to the right department or salesperson
  • Generate reports on the lead status and campaign
  • Measure ROI of marketing channels and techniques

What Is the Best Lead Management Software?

The main goals for lead management software are capturing leads, tracking them, evaluating their quality, and distributing them to appropriate sales teams when they are close to conversion. The best lead management software is one that helps you achieve these goals while increasing the efficiency and productivity of your sales team and maximizing your ROI.

What Are the Features of a Lead Management System?

The key features of a lead management system are lead capturing, tracking, scoring, distribution, and nurturing. The lead management platform helps you track everything about the leads so that you have a complete understanding of their journey.

1. Lead Capturing

The first step of the lead management process is generating leads. For this, you need a lead capturing feature in your lead management software that helps you identify leads and capture all the information about them. You can use this information in the lead nurturing phase.

With the lead capturing feature, you can get all the information from your leads – their name, contact details, intent, buying preferences, etc. All this data is stored for future reference, so you can use it to improve your marketing campaigns.

2. Lead Tracking

It’s difficult for large companies to keep track of all their customer interactions because they get a huge number of customers every day. This is where lead tracking tools can help. They allow you to track all the activities that take place as your leads move through the sales funnel.

All forms of correspondence and their details are saved in the database that can be used the next time your sales representative contacts the leads. Instead of asking your leads the same questions whenever any sales rep calls them, this information will help to move the conversation forward.

3. Lead Scoring

An integral part of lead management is scoring the leads to get a sense of the quality of your leads and also the likelihood of conversion. Leads are initially scored when they enter your lead management system, though some leads may be quickly dispensed with by using lead filtering.

Once a lead is in your lead management system, it may still be scored based on contact with the lead or certain kinds of activity. Lead scoring helps your business decide when it’s time to connect a lead with your sales team. Sometimes this can happen right away, or it could take a few days or even weeks to effective nurture a lead to this point.

4. Lead Distribution

After lead scoring, the next step in lead management is lead distribution. You should transfer your leads appropriately to maximize conversion. A lead distribution feature helps you transfer qualified leads to the ideal sales representative so that they can reach out to the leads at the right time with the right messaging.

Automated lead distribution helps you route leads in real-time to representatives according to their knowledge and skillsets. This increases the chances of lead conversions.

5. Lead Nurturing

Tracking the customer journey is a critical function of lead management software. By tracking leads, you can get a better understanding of how they move through your conversion funnel and keep an eye out for any “leaks” in the funnel that could be costing you lead conversion opportunities.

A large part of the customer journey will include lead nurturing—the process of keeping a lead interested in your business even if they are not quite ready to convert yet. Lead nurturing is an essential part of your sales funnel, keeping your leads engaged through various kinds of content and outreach methods.

6. Lead Analytics

The value of lead management software becomes readily apparent when utilizing lead analytics. The analysis of lead data is crucial for any business looking to optimizing their marketing campaigns and achieve a better ROI.

Lead analytics can include looking at lead demographics to help with targeting, lead behavior so you remain up-to-date on what your leads are doing, ROI attribution to get maximum impact out of your campaigns, and lead uniqueness to identify any duplicate leads that could be related to fraud. Lead analytics give businesses vital data that can help them boost their ROI, create impactful campaigns, and scale to new heights.

When choosing a lead management system, check whether it has all the required features to meet your business needs. Make sure it is easy to use, scalable, and allows you to get the best return on your investment. Tracking your sales leads efficiently is essential for increasing the revenue and growth of your company.

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