Where To Buy Mortgage Leads: Your 8 Best Lead Acquisition Hubs

Oleksandr Rohovnin
Content Marketer
11 minute read
Oleksandr Rohovnin
Content Marketer
11 minute read

Important: This article is a part of our comprehensive financial lead generation series, where we explore mortgage lead gen and related niches like real estate, advisory, business loans, and more. Check it out for the profound insights you won’t find elsewhere.

Did you know over 1.5 million mortgage loans are issued annually by top-10 U.S. residential mortgage lenders alone? Don’t buy into the crisis mentality: rain or shine, the mortgage market will always deliver if you know where to buy mortgage leads of the desired quality.

Speaking of which, more and more lenders purchase mortgage leads simply because they struggle to acquire organic traffic in the ever-competitive market. Indeed, it may take months and years until you’re out of the woods with earned media, whereas mortgage leads for sale are always up for grabs.

So the question is: What’s the best place to buy mortgage leads?

We at Phonexa have analyzed over 50 agencies and marketplaces to compile a list of 8 platforms to buy mortgage leads and get what you’ve paid for.*

Without any further ado, let’s dig into your 8 best mortgage lead shopping destinations (all the purchase theory you need is right after the list).

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*Phonexa cannot be held responsible for the conduct of the listed companies, as these are independent companies unrelated to Phonexa. The content reflects the personal opinion of the team.

8 Best Lead Generation Agencies and Marketplaces To Buy Mortgage Leads

LendingTree – Buy Mortgage Leads that Match Your Brand

Lending Tree

Monthly Visits Page Per Visit Time On Site Bounce Rate Direct Traffic Search Traffic Paid Referral Traffic Referral Traffic Mail Traffic Social Traffic
5,684,192 3 114 0.53 23.90% 70.52% 2.00% 1.58% 0.71% 1.28%

LendingTree is a comprehensive loan marketplace that connects lenders and borrowers from multiple business avenues. Note that they don’t originate loans themselves.

Here’s how LendingTree works: when a potential borrower submits a loan request, their information is provided to five lenders that match the borrower’s criteria. All the lenders can contact the borrower to compete for a sale.

Among other things, LendingTree provides accurate targeting. You can purchase mortgage leads like home equity leads, HELOC leads, refinance mortgage leads, and cash-out refinance mortgage leads and tap into related industries of insurance, business loans, banking, debt relief, auto, and more.

Loanbright – Purchase Mortgage Leads from a Company With Over Two Decades of Experience

Monthly Visits Page Per Visit Time On Site Bounce Rate Direct Traffic Search Traffic Paid Referral Traffic Referral Traffic Mail Traffic Social Traffic
1,990 2 27 0.62 45.83% 54.17% 0 0 0 0

Loanbright is a full-scale mortgage and auto insurance lead generator that can take care of your lead acquisition no matter how many quality leads you need. They generate exclusive mortgage leads based on the specified criteria rather than supplying pre-generated leads, which almost guarantees higher conversion and customer satisfaction rates.

Kaleidico – Buy Exclusive Mortgage Leads Tailored to Your Business


Monthly Visits Page Per Visit Time On Site Bounce Rate Direct Traffic Search Traffic Paid Referral Traffic Referral Traffic Mail Traffic Social Traffic
20,195 0 36 0.79 22.73% 65.75% 0 6.20% 5.32% 0

Kaleidico is a digital marketing agency that sells qualified mortgage leads and helps generate them with lead gen software. You can order a tailored lead generation program or specific marketing services or buy mortgage leads you need.

Here’s more about mortgage leads from Kaleidico:

  • All mortgage leads are exclusive, delivered right into your lead management system or CRM
  • All mortgage leads are generated via content marketing, SEO, or Google ads; affiliate traffic sources and social media are not involved
  • All call leads are connected to your inbound call center

One of the most consistent lead gen providers, Kaleidico has been in the game since 2005 to provide leads for law firms, mortgage lenders, and senior living communities.

LeadPlanet – Purchase Mortgage Leads from an Undervalued Seller


Monthly Visits Page Per Visit Time On Site Bounce Rate Direct Traffic Search Traffic Paid Referral Traffic Referral Traffic Mail Traffic Social Traffic
1,042 2 33 0.72 54.04% 45.96% 0 0 0 0

LeadPlanet is a fully-fledged mortgage lead seller that offers four groups of leads:

  • Exclusive mortgage leads
  • Internet mortgage leads
  • Refinance mortgage leads
  • FHA mortgage leads

LeadPlanet also provides non-exclusive mortgage leads, which are significantly cheaper than exclusive mortgage leads and can benefit companies that prefer the quantity-over-quality customer acquisition strategy (and it does work for some!).

Experian – Capitalize on the Extensive Mortgage Lead Database


Monthly Visits Page Per Visit Time On Site Bounce Rate Direct Traffic Search Traffic Paid Referral Traffic Referral Traffic Mail Traffic Social Traffic
38,179,124 5 195 0.31 66.58% 24.70% 0.40% 2.61% 4.44% 1.27%

Experian is a well-known credit reporting agency offering a mortgage lead database. The targeted list of mortgage seekers enables hundreds of high-intent customers at your fingertips without the need to engage in marketing or lead generation.

The list will work for mortgage originators, credit unions, banks, and businesses targeting renters, military loan seekers, and candidates for a reverse mortgage. To apply for the list, there’s a form to fill out: the type of leads you need, purchase price, exclusive or non-exclusive, and the purchase deed date.

Good Vibe Squad – Establish a Steady Stream of Pre-Qualified Mortgage Leads

Good Vibe Squad

Monthly Visits Page Per Visit Time On Site Bounce Rate Direct Traffic Search Traffic Paid Referral Traffic Referral Traffic Mail Traffic Social Traffic
17,782 0 52 0.9 19.65% 76.70% 0 0 0 3.65%

Good Vibe Squad is one of the most successful lead generation companies, offering an unlimited number of exclusive mortgage leads. They have worked with some of the biggest names in the mortgage industry, helping over 1,000 mortgage loan originators to close loans for billions of dollars directly from their system.

Good Vibe Squad runs two specific lead acquisition systems: one for underrepresented local borrowers and the other for partner lead acquisition. On top of that, you get access to the proprietary mortgage CRM system, a lead nurturing system with a focus on video marketing, and frameworks for daily revenue-generating activities.

Lofty – Buy Mortgage Leads and Lean Gen Services


Monthly Visits Page Per Visit Time On Site Bounce Rate Direct Traffic Search Traffic Paid Referral Traffic Referral Traffic Mail Traffic Social Traffic
225,160 3 165 0.49 67.58% 20.95% 0 5.55% 3.72% 2.20%

Lofty is a mortgage lead generation company that drives mortgage leads through targeted advertising campaigns. Among other features, Lofty enables partnerships between real estate agents and mortgage lenders, providing leads with sought-after services.

Tech-wise, the platform offers a lead generation package, including a proprietary AI assistant for automated mortgage lead qualification. Real estate agents can split up to 50% of their marketing costs by inviting a lender.

RGR Marketing – Buy Mortgage Leads and Train Your Sales Team


Monthly Visits Page Per Visit Time On Site Bounce Rate Direct Traffic Search Traffic Paid Referral Traffic Referral Traffic Mail Traffic Social Traffic
14,551 0 63 0.45 52.47% 47.53% 0 0 0 0

RGR Marketing is a mortgage, solar, and home improvement lead generation company that tailors qualified leads to the specific needs of their buyers. On top of selling new home mortgages and refinancing leads, they help you with the sale process by training your sales team.

How To Buy Mortgage Leads: Choosing a Seller

Here are the criteria to choose a reliable lead gen agency or marketplace:

Compliance Make sure your lead generator complies with all relevant legal standards around lead generation, data collection, and privacy. Non-compliance may result in penalties, reputational damage, and litigation if the data is collected or used unlawfully.
Track Record The history of delivering quality mortgage leads, positive feedback, references, testimonials, and case studies will significantly increase the chance of getting quality leads.
Lead Quality Make sure the information about the lead traffic source and demographics is clear. When you buy qualified mortgage leads, you know what you pay for, which is especially important if you buy exclusive mortgage leads.
Delivery Method Make sure the lead supply format resonates with your marketing and sales department. For example, you can receive mortgage leads in your CRM system and connect callers to a relevant sales rep.
Scalability Make sure the lead gen agency can satisfy your demand without sacrificing the lead quality. Otherwise, consider searching for more mortgage lead suppliers.
Price Compare prices for the same lead type and quality between several agencies to make sure you’re not overpaying for what you get. Compare the expected ROI for the leads in question to choose the best lead supplier.

How To Buy Mortgage Leads: Choosing Your Target Leads

Exclusive Mortgage Leads Exclusive mortgage leads are high-intent customers sold to a single buyer. They are easy to convert, but they cost up to 5 times the price of shared leads, and there’s no guarantee they haven’t contacted other loan officers before. Exclusive mortgage lead example: a potential borrower who has filled out a form on a  mortgage lead generator and is offered to one loan officer
Shared Mortgage Leads Shared mortgage leads are sold to several loan officers simultaneously. They may only cost around $10 to $30 per lead, but you’ll have to win the competition to convert them. Shared mortgage lead example: a potential borrower who has submitted their contact details on a mortgage rate comparison website and is offered to several loan officers
Internet Mortgage Leads Internet mortgage leads are generated exclusively via online marketing channels: content marketing, email marketing, paid ads, SEO, etc. These leads come in different qualities and costs, so it’s hard to generalize. Internet mortgage lead example: a blog reader who has clicked on an online ad and then filled out a form
Live Transfer Mortgage Leads Live leads are connected to the buyer in real-time, typically over the phone. They are fresh, high-intent, usually pre-screened, and the most expensive. Live transfer mortgage lead example: a potential borrower calls a mortgage lead gen company and is transferred to the buyer’s sales rep
Trigger Mortgage Leads Trigger mortgage leads are generated when their credit report is accessed for a mortgage inquiry at a company like Experian. These leads are more expensive than shared leads, even though they are offered to several buyers at once Triggered mortgage lead example: a potential borrower applies for a mortgage loan with their bank and gets their credit report pulled, triggering notifications to a few loan officers
Aged Mortgage Leads Aged mortgage leads are among the cheapest leads you can get, but they still bear some purchase intent. You might want to buy old mortgage leads for their cost-effectiveness, as they might win you the game of numbers Aged mortgage lead example: a potential borrower who inquired about a mortgage loan three months ago and is now sold to a loan officer

Besides quality, freshness, and delivery method, mortgage leads are also differentiated by the type of loan they take out: home purchase leads, refinance mortgage leads, reverse mortgage leads, home equity leads, government loan leads, investment property mortgage leads, and more.

Naturally, different types of loan takers require different targeting. For example, reverse mortgage leads – senior homeowners willing to convert some of their equity into cash – will need a different nurturing and sales strategy than first-time homebuyers.

How Much Are Mortgage Leads on Average?

The average price of a mortgage lead varies from around $10 to $200 depending on exclusivity, freshness, quality, delivery method, and other demographic and psychographic parameters and the lead generator itself.

The most expensive mortgage leads are live transfer leads, costing up to $200 and more, whereas the cheapest are shared and aged leads, priced at around $10 to $25. But then again, there are so many variables that it’s hard to accurately estimate the budget you need to buy mortgage leads of a specific type.

How Many Mortgage Leads Should You Convert to Stay in Profit?

Here’s how you can calculate the number of mortgage leads you need:

  1. Calculate your total cost per lead (CPL), which is how much you pay for a mortgage lead on average.
  2. Calculate your revenue per conversion, which is your average profit per converted mortgage lead.
  3. Calculate operational costs, which are non-marketing expenses like software rent, salaries, office rent, etc.
  4. Calculate the required minimum conversion rate:

The require minimum conversion rate formula

If you buy 100 mortgage leads per month, your average revenue per conversion is $3,000, your CPL is $125, and your operational costs are $20,000 per month, then here’s your minimum conversion rate:

Minimum conversion rate formula

Note that the minimum conversion rate indicates the break-even point, which means you need to convert more leads – technically, at least 10.9%, but it depends on the desired profit margin – to generate profit.

Squeeze the Most Out of Your Mortgage Leads With Phonexa

Buying mortgage leads is only half the job – the other half is to maximize their lifetime value and convert them into brand advocates over time.

To help you achieve these goals, Phonexa unites all your marketing activities under a single roof, covering your marketing through and through, from lead generation to conversion and beyond.

Here’s more about Phonexa’s lead management and automation suite:

Get eight proprietary lead management solutions starting at $100 a month, or schedule a free consultation to learn more about Phonexa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy mortgage leads if you can generate them?

Here are the key advantages for companies that buy mortgage leads:

  • Instant customer acquisition
  • No budget for marketing
  • No lead generation expertise required

However, it’s usually better to buy mortgage leads AND generate organic traffic using your earned media. Strong organic traffic channels can secure you tons of profits in the long run, even though it requires time and expertise to get there.

How do you purchase leads for mortgage?

  • Choose the best lead supplier.
  • Select the lead package or negotiate the contract terms if you purchase mortgage leads directly; set your order if you buy mortgage leads from a marketplace.
  • Choose how you will receive mortgage leads: delivered to your CRM, inbound call center, or else.

What is the best place to buy mortgage leads online?

There are three major sources to buy mortgage leads online: lead generation companies, affiliate networks, and marketing agencies. At the same time, it’s hard to name a single lead provider that would unanimously beat the competition. It would be smart to purchase mortgage leads from several different companies so you don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

What are the best mortgage leads to buy?

From a business perspective, the best mortgage leads to buy are those with a higher profit margin, and these are not necessarily exclusive or live transfer leads.

For example, if the conversion rate for shared mortgage leads is 2% versus 10% for live transfer leads and the price per lead is $20 versus $200 – assuming the check is the same for both groups – then shared leads will bring you 200% more profits.

Got Questions?

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