How to Increase Profits with Call Tracking and Google Analytics

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3 minute read

Marketing technology is a must in today’s competitive marketplace. To rise to the top of any industry, you’ve got to incorporate phone calls into the picture. Indeed, that includes incorporating call options into all of your digital advertisements as well. Call and clicks go well together in the age of the smartphone. Businesses like yours are well aware that consumers carry an all-in-one device inside their pockets or purses most hours of the day. The smartphone is the modern computer, radio, television, and social gathering all in one. The implications of this is extraordinary; shifting the way businesses shape their outreach strategies for good.

That is exactly why analytics platforms such as Phonexa’s call tracking and Google Analytics go hand-in-hand. In this article, we’ll give you tips on how to make the most of both of these platforms in order to increase your revenue.

The Digital-to-Call Approach (Sending Online Visitors to Your Call Center)

Consumers are undoubtedly online. Yet, digital isn’t necessarily the most high-converting marketing platform for you to use. Studies reveal that calls are 10-15 times more likely to convert into sales than web leads. Despite advances in online customer service, people are still more convinced to buy certain products when they get to speak to a representative.

A foolproof strategy that seems to work for dozens of online businesses is to turn their clicks into calls. The digital space is optimized to nurture the lead by building trust in the form of testimonies, reviews, and high quality content, but the calls are optimized to close the sale. Of course, it’s greatly advised for businesses to include strong call-to-actions and incentives for their customers to close the sale online as well, but the option to call in should always be present. Not to mention, having multiple contact channels (including click-to-call) on your website, app, email marketing, paid search ads and more will encourage more visitors to climb onboard. Convenience is everything when it comes to improving your customer acquisition.

Optimize Your Digital Campaigns

First, make sure that your digital platforms are fully optimized for customer acquisition. Pay close attention to your main traffic sources using Google Analytics to track your online leads. Employ digital campaigns such as paid search advertisements, landing pages, affiliate marketing, social advertisements, and the like. Ensure that all of your campaigns include compelling copy and/or images to draw your users’ attention, high quality content to nurture and build trust, and a strong and clear call to action. The CTA is something that’s often shrugged off when it comes to digital optimizations, leaving the visitor to hunt for the contact method as if they are the ones trying to sell the product. It’s simply not worth it to take the CTA for granted. Be more intentional with how you design your sales funnel, down to the CTA button, so that you can direct your visitors straight to the call (or the cart, depending on your industry).

Enhance Your Call Experience

After you’ve optimized your digital experience to acquire and engage as many visitors as possible, the next step is to enhance your call experience. Call tracking helps you to make your call experience just as fluid and effective as your ecommerce experience by way of tracking your leads and attributing success to the right campaigns. Understanding your callers inside and out is pertinent to your future marketing success, and call tracking helps you to do exactly that and much more. Caller details and campaign updates will be sent to your phone in real time, allowing you to make necessary, data-driven changes without any guesswork involved. The best part about call tracking is that works with all business sizes and industries, so you can freely customize your tracking experience to meet your business’s needs. Call tracking also reduces your marketing spend in the long run so that you can attribute more funds where it’s needed and generate more revenue overall.

For more detailed information on how you can take your campaigns to the next level and increase your profits, schedule a consultation today. One of our expert representatives will walk you through the entire call platform and show you how to best utilize Phonexa for your business growth. The faster you sign up, the more money, time and effort you’ll save in the long run.

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