Marketing Trends and Expert Advice


Filtration System: Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to Route Calls

Phonexa’s sophisticated filtration system is applied to the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to route calls based on your customized filtration settings.

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Management System

Interactive Management Service

Phonexa’s exquisite Interactive Management system is an elegantly designed, user-friendly dashboard with critical metrics and analytics to enhance your marketing performance.

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Calls/Voice Responses

Partnership Call Management

This collaborative tool allows for a true partnership to happen between you, your vendors, and customers.

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Get a 1-800 Number for Business

Toll-Free and Vanity Numbers

Stand out from the crowd by using a toll-free vanity number for your business. Phonexa offers thousands of affordable toll-free and vanity numbers for your marketing campaigns.

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Call Logic

Call Logic API and Third-Party Integrations

Connect with the applications you use on a daily basis and scale effortlessly with free integrations.

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Voice Recognition

VoicePLUS: Voice Recognition Service

Say hello to Phonexa’s proprietary voice recognition feature.

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Call Recording Service

Monitor employee performance and improve the customer experience through business call recording

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Smartphone, Calls

Business Consulting Services

Phonexa’s multifaceted approach to business consulting and professional services serves as steadfast support to clients starting at the design process and remains through execution.

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The Definitive Guide to Call Tracking

From the very beginning, marketing has been about creating human connections.
Relationships are what define marketing, and as a result, every opportunity to build a stronger bond between brands and customers is valuable.

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What Is Lead Management and Why Is It Important?

Marketing is like a puzzle: it takes a lot of interconnected pieces to fit together just right.

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