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Reasons to Have a Toll-Free Vanity Number in 2019 - Phonexa

5 Excellent Reasons to Have a Toll-Free Vanity Number in 2022

Here’s how a toll-free vanity number can help your business grow in 2022.
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Best Email Marketing Strategy 2020

10 Best Email Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business In 2022

Email marketing is one of the best tools for fueling growth and converting more leads. Here are some of our best tips.
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Top Things Insurance Companies Need to Consider - Phonexa

Top 5 Things Insurance Companies Need to Consider in 2022

Familiarize yourself with some of the key concerns for insurance businesses and marketers in 2022.
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Call Tracking For Lead Generation

7 Reasons To Utilize Call Tracking For Lead Generation

When it comes to lead generation, it’s strongly linked with creating human connections and generating prospect calls.
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Third-Party Cookie

How Tech Is Addressing Tracking In A Post Third-Party Cookie World,...

As Google and other search engines crack down on third-party cookie tracking, more and more companies are coming up with new tech solutions to bridge the gap between lack of...
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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Surveys Are Missing Ingredients To...

IVR systems and surveys can help you enhance caller experiences and boost customer satisfaction rates. Here’s how. 
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insurance email marketing

Why Email Marketing Is Still A Powerful Insurance Tool

Email marketing remains not only practical and widely used, but it is also the most profitable marketing channel for all insurance verticals. Here’s why.
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local business

8 Benefits Of Call Tracking For Small Businesses

If you’re a small business owner seeking to enhance your visibility and regain control over your calls, here are the benefits call tracking can offer.
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The Importance Of ROI: How It Helps Evaluate Business Decisions

Without accurate and relevant data, marketers cannot make educated decisions and ensure ROI attribution.
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How To Create An Effective IVR Survey

Reshaping CX With IVR: How To Refine Call Flows And Engage Clients

Utilizing an IVR system helps enterprises manage numerous calls, refine customer journeys, and stay available at all times. We explore the importance of IVR surveys and why...
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ping post leads

Ping Post Calls 2.0: Live Transfer Calls Will Never Be The Same

The future of lead management is here. Learn how Ping Post Calls 2.0 will optimize and streamline the lead journey from start to finish, and support the most dynamic live...
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Attribution Data

Understanding Digital Attribution: How To Maximize The Value Of...

Let’s explore digital attribution in more detail and analyze the different types of attribution models.
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