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Dominate CRO & UX Through User Behavior Data & Analytics
How user behavior data, UX, and CRO are interconnected and how they help brands ensure sustainable business growth.
11 minute read
Lead Flipping 101: All That You Need To Know About Lead Brokering
Learn how lead flipping can help your business uncover new revenue opportunities and get your leads maximum exposure.
14 minute read
Why Do Companies Buy Cheap Leads?
Find out if your business can benefit from the quality of free business leads and learn about the best way to generate leads.
17 minute read
G2 Awards Phonexa with Series of Accolades in Fall 2022 Report
Phonexa has once again secured an impressive showing in G2's Fall 2022 Report, collecting 24 badges and ranks.
4 minute read
Got Low-Intent Leads? Here’s How to Finish Q4 With a Bang
Re-engage lapsed leads, and use the holiday season to engage new prospects for Q4 and beyond.
6 minute read
Financial Marketing 101: Why Firms Need to Leverage Omnichannel...
Our top strategies and tools you need to implement into your firm's omnichannel presence for successful leadgen campaigns.
7 minute read
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