Phonexa Functionality Shines in Competitive Intelligence Report

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3 minute read

The Phonexa platform received high marks for its versatile functionality in a new competitive intelligence report from BIA Advisory Services that compares three major call tracking and analytics platforms.

Since Phonexa’s very beginning, one of the company’s guiding principles has been empowering marketers with all the capabilities they need to optimize their inbound web and call leads. It’s why the company set out to build the industry’s only all-in-one platform for call tracking, lead distribution, and email marketing. With the release of a new BIA Advisory Services report, it is clear that Phonexa has succeeded in providing consumers with exceptional service and dynamic platform functionality.

About the Report

The report was compiled by Virginia-based BIA Advisory Services, a company that has provided data-centered analysis and consulting services since its founding in 1983.  Originally commission by Phonexa, the report focuses on seven different metrics (listed below) by which the call tracking and analytics platforms were compared.

Areas of Comparison:

  • Platform
  • Call Tracking and Analytics
  • Call Management
  • Additional Capabilities
  • Security and Compliance
  • Market
  • Support

BIA Advisory Services engaged in due diligence to collect and confirm the information presented in this report. The consulting company is no stranger to the call tracking and analytics space. In 2016, the company released its report Call Commerce: A $1 Trillion Engine. Among other revelations, the 2016 report noted that there would be a predicted $13.7 billion in revenue generated from “click-to-call” commerce. This wellspring of opportunity highlights the importance that call tracking and call analytics plays for today’s marketers.

Phonexa as a Robust Platform for Call Tracking and Analytics

One of the major takeaways from BIA’s Call Tracking Software Competitive Intelligence Report is that Phonexa offers nearly all the same functionality for call tracking and analytics as other familiar competitors in the field. All three software platforms provide marketers with real-time inbound traffic analyzation, duplicate lead detection and tracking, and the ability to manage partners and campaigns in a customizable dashboard.

Phonexa did offer more in this space than at least one other competitor in a few fields, including customized partner and publisher analytics, call lead distribution, and a customizable IVR constructor. You can view the report to get an in-depth look at how Phonexa stacks up in platform functionality, call management, and call tracking.

All-in-One Functionality Gives Phonexa Users an Edge

While the report makes it clear that the Phoenxa platform is on par with other leading software solutions when it comes to call tracking capabilities, it is also apparent that marketers enjoy significantly more digital marketing functionality when using Phonexa.

There are at least six additional capabilities that marketers have free access to when using Phonexa’s platform that are either not offered by competitors or come at an additional cost. According to the report, Phonexa users enjoy these advantages because of Phonexa’s unique all-in-one positioning, which gives marketers all the capabilities of an industry-leading call tracking software platform with built-in platforms for email marketing, lead management, and integrated accounting.

The report also reveals that Phonexa users enjoy greater opportunity thanks to programs for revenue generation and referral savings. Customer and technical support are another area where Phonexa would appear to give users more options and dedicated personnel.

The BIA report offers marketers a valuable juxtaposition of three major software solutions for call tracking and analytics. Consumers seeking a dependable call tracking platform can take note that Phonexa offers similar, if not more robust, features for call tracking, call analytics, and call management. Marketers can also see just how many additional capabilities become available when using the Phonexa platform.

Get a thorough understanding of all the differences and similarities between Phonexa and other call tracking software platforms by viewing the report today.

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Phonexa is the leading all-in-one platform for call tracking, lead distribution, email, marketing, and digital marketing. The Phonexa staff is responsible for authorship of Phonexa blog posts.
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