How Call Tracking Helps You Optimize Your PPC Campaigns

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5 minute read

In today’s digital world, consumers are still picking up the phone to call businesses to inquire about or buy goods and services. For this reason, it is essential to use PPC tracking software to track incoming calls to evaluate the effectiveness of the different marketing strategies you have implemented.

You can track PPC calls for different campaigns to know how much sales are generated from your marketing spend, which can then help you identify the return on your investment. Call tracking can also help you determine which PPC keywords are driving leads, which you can then optimize in your ads.

In this article, you will gain valuable insights into PPC call tracking methods and how they can help you optimize your company’s PPC campaigns.

Learn how Phonexa’s newly-repositioned all-in-one suite for marketing automation can guide you with all the details that go into call tracking and PPC campaigns. 

Proven PPC Call Tracking Tips That Improve Your ROI

There are many different ways to optimize your call strategy entirely, but experience shows that leveraging PPC tracking software when launching PPC campaigns is best practice. Here are a few more valuable tips to follow to better track PPC calls for better ROI.

1. Use Local Phone Numbers

According to a survey by Funding Circle, 77% of customers prefer to make local purchases. If you target customers in different regions, you can improve your conversion rate by using local phone numbers with geo-targeting.

To add, you can use toll-free and vanity numbers to make your call remembered among your targeted call list. With the two combined, you will fully cover your campaign’s bases as far as phone number recognition goes.

2. Call-To-Actions Should Be About Calling Your Business

In the call-to-action section of your PPC campaigns, you should always encourage your targeted customers to contact you right away, with taglines like “Call Now” or “Schedule A Consultation.”

As we know, calls maximize any business exchange, most of the time, resulting in a conversion. With that in mind, always include a phone number to track PPC calls and guide the user into contacting you.

3. Implement Click-To-Call Functionality

Most customers use their smartphones to access the internet and then call to make reservations at restaurants or send inquiries regarding a product or service they saw online. Therefore, you want your PPC ad landing page to have a click-to-call functionality. This Google study indicates that 70% of mobile searchers use the click-to-call button.

4. Use Unique Call Tracking Numbers

It is essential to measure the performance of the marketing campaigns, especially when it comes to PPC call tracking.

Every single PPC ad campaign should have an assigned unique phone number. This includes email, SMS, web clicks, calls, and social media. These unique phone numbers will give your PPC tracking software more visibility into the number of calls generated from all the different campaigns and the leads that ended up with a conversion.

Having this type of insight into call analytics will help you identify the best channels to invest your marketing budget and decide which marketing channels are not working for a given campaign.

This way, you will be able to optimize your PPC campaigns to their full potential, all while you increase your ROI.

Schedule a consultation to learn how Phonexa’s all-in-one suite of marketing tools can support and maximize your PPC campaigns, including calls, clicks, SMS, email, and other features. 

5. Make Use Of Call Extensions

Google’s Call extension feature displays your phone number on the search engine results page, from where the user can directly call your business. This makes it easy for users to feel encouraged to call you, ultimately increasing the click-through rate for your PPC campaigns.

How Phonexa’s Call Tracking Software Helps You Optimize Your PPC Campaigns

Phonexa new all-in-one marketing suite provides users with a bird’s eye view of how well your marketing strategies perform, based on the number of leads generated through calls.

1. Get Call Details

Phonexa’s call tracking system produces a visual representation of the quality of leads generated. The report shows the number of calls made by leads, the landing pages they are coming from, their call status, and the call outcome. These details will help you identify the leads that are more likely to buy, so you can get them into your sales funnel much quicker.

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2. Demographic-Based Call Routing

With Phonexa’s Call Logic paired with Cloud PBX, you can route your calls based on demographics, as well as any first or third-party data that is gathered by the comprehensive PBX system.

When this data is collected through an IVR or the back-end pinging system, your call agents are given critical information about the caller to understand their needs better.

Having access to this type of information also allows the system to better match the caller and their needs to an agent who is best skilled to assist them with their queries through call and agent scoring capabilities.

Learn more about how to pair Phonexa’s Call Logic and Cloud PBX to optimize your call campaigns. 

3. Advanced Reporting

Call Logic includes an advanced real-time reporting feature, allowing users to visualize all the actions and updates about their campaigns. These auto-generated reports also help uncover actionable insights on the areas where the lead generation process is excelling and where it’s performing dismally.

4. Additional Web Analytics

Phonexa’s Call Logic provides a granular account of the performance of all of the different marketing channels you’re utilizing for a given campaign. For instance, it gives you insight into which keywords are generating the best leads through PPC to justify increasing or reducing your budget spend.

The software’s predictive modeling feature lets you put your campaign data to work and see the likely outcome of your campaigns launched on any platform.

In all, call tracking is an integral part of maximizing your company’s ROI and ensuring that your campaigns are performing well.

When you utilize call tracking software like Phonexa’s Call Logic, you make sure that your campaigns are organized in a way where you have all the support you need to launch the best PPC campaigns.

Call tracking software helps you measure and optimize your PPC campaigns to get the best ROI.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about how Phonexa’s Call Logic, paired with other features like Cloud PBX, or LMS SYNC, within our all-in-one suite for marketing automation, can help your campaigns. 


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