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Phonexa Helps You Find the Real Value of Phone Calls

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4 minute read

We’ve written before on the importance of phone calls and how you can drive more calls with Phonexa’s call logic, but did you know that calls are 10 to 15 times more likely to convert than online leads? The phone call is now arguably more important than ever, simply because of the rate in which global consumers are adopting smartphones. Even people in developing nations are carrying around smartphones while they go about their day selling fish in the market. In fact, the iPhone X was reportedly a flop when it came out for most countries, but sales in developing nations like Vietnam boomed. It’s fair to say that most consumers have access to phones everywhere they go. Smartphones have become the reality of marketing.

If your business wants to perform even remotely well with smartphone users, it has to prioritize the phone call and incorporate it into its outreach strategies. We’ll show you how Phonexa can help you realize the value of your phone calls and capitalize on this potential market reach.

Call Tracking Lights the Path to Success

We like to compare the process of marketing to trying to catch fish at night. It’s dark, the waters are uncertain, and there are other fishermen out there trying to go for the same catch you are. Everyone is effectively on his or her own. Now, the silver lining to this competitive event is that everyone starts out on the same playing field: the environment is relatively similar from one fisherman to the next. The only difference is the type of tools that they choose to bring along. It’s not about having the most tools, it’s about the quality of those tools and their usefulness for the specific situation. If a fisherman has the right lighting equipment, hook, line, and bait, then he’ll perform considerably better than the ones with old and inefficient equipment. Similarly, companies that equip themselves with call tracking ensure that they have the most powerful marketing tools in the industry to help them navigate through ambiguous waters. Call tracking comes with more than just call details and reporting; it integrates with the rest of your marketing campaigns to create one seamless omnichannel experience for the customer. With call tracking on your side, you will be able to do much more with your existing campaigns than you’d ever thought possible.

Voice Response Makes Calls More Effective

Phonexa offers an entire suite of call automations, including state-of-the-art voice response. Our IVR makes calls a lot more effective and efficient than the average automated system because it’s equipped with call tracking and VoicePLUS, which is our machine-learning voice recognition software. Through these two software integrations, the IVR is able to service callers according to their needs, preferences, purchase history and demographic. Not to mention, the actual voices spoken by our automated attendants are incredibly anthropomorphic, meaning that they mimic natural human voices and cadences to ensure a comfortable and smooth conversation. The IVR also offers self-service, which saves time for the caller and frees up more agents to handle more difficult inquiries.

ROI Attribution

Have you ever employed multiple marketing campaigns, both online and off, and simply hoped for the best results without having the proper tools to track each and every campaign? Consider those days over because Phonexa’s platform was designed to accurately attribute ROI to all of your campaigns and display them on one comprehensive dashboard for you to compare, customize, and optimize. The ability to create comparison charts with your detailed analytics allows you to make the necessary changes in your campaign budgeting and advertisement optimizations. The platform is also incredibly easy to access, and the filters, charts, and notifications can all be changed at any time through the comfort of your own smartphone or tablet. Phonexa has taken user-friendliness to the next level.

The fastest track to increasing your monthly call volume is to invest in an advanced, all-in-one SaaS solution for your phone system. To get a more detailed look at what Phonexa can do to boost your marketing efforts, schedule a consultation today.

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