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The Costs of a Bad Call Experience

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It is as important as ever to optimize your calls, despite the rise of the digital era. It’s true that live chat and social media customer care shouldn’t be ignored, but the ultimate source that connects customers with companies in the most personalized and efficient way is still through the phone call. Rather than replacing the phone call entirely, the internet has supplemented the call platform, allowing for SaaS companies, such as Phonexa, to spearhead new ways to boost and track the customer journey.

What is a “Bad” Call Experience?

A bad call experience sums up the entirety of everything that can go wrong with a customer service phone call. From the moment the customer makes the call to the moment they hang up, each and every detail of the caller experience matters and affects your company image. Here are a few examples of how a call experience can go horribly wrong:

The Endless Transfer Loop: The fastest way to scare off a potential customer is by putting them through the endless transfer loop of hell. When people take the time to call your business, the only thing they really want is to resolve their issue(s) as quickly as possible. The transfer loop drags this process out until customers become so frustrated that they hang up. Studies report that customers typically hang up at the 30-45 second mark after being put on hold. Whatever you do, you don’t want to leave this kind of impression on your callers!

Inaccurate Voice Recognition: The second most annoying issue is having an inaccurate voice system, which doesn’t include multi-language options, machine learning, and a wide vocabulary. Speaking to a machine rather than a human already requires a measure of patience on your customers’ part. Speaking to a faulty or inaccurate machine will surely turn your customers away for good – and may even harm your brand image.

Call Ends before Issue is Resolved: What might be the worst thing yet is having your phone system hang up on your callers before their issues are resolved. This sounds horrible, but you would be surprised by how common it actually is. When IVRs are customized to only give a limited amount of options without properly being integrated with an Automatic Call Distributor to redirect the calls, the IVR can very well just end the call before the caller decides on their next plan of action.

These are only three out of the many ways in which a call experience can go wrong. Luckily, you can avoid these mistakes if you invest in a proprietary call platform that’s designed to take your customer service to the next level. If you haven’t invested in a cloud-based call tracking platform just yet, here’s precisely why you should:

A Bad Call Experience Results in Losing Customers to Competitors

It’s a no brainer that bad first impressions on the phone will contribute to a sharp decrease in customer retention, but did you know that customers are four times more likely to purchase from a competitor if the problem is service related rather than price or product related? On top of which, about 55% of customers would pay more for the same product if that means they will receive better customer service. These powerful statistics show us just how important and valuable a great call experience can be if it were only optimized by an adequate SaaS provider. Customer service should be at the forefront of your mind at all times, which means that the phone call should be highly prioritized. If not, you might just lose your very own customers to competitors!

A Bad Call Experience Results in Monetary Loss

If 86% of customers are willing to pay more for an upgraded experience, then it’s safe to assume that a significant amount of customers are going to leave if the customer experience isn’t up to par. People will continue to buy products from the same company when they feel like they are being heard and treated well. If your call experience gives way too many problems once-too-many times, you might start losing profit. Not to mention, it takes around 12 positive customer experiences to make up for one negative experience—that is, if any customer is willing to give the same company 12 chances. To get it right the first time, let Phonexa handle your calls.

A Bad Call Experience Results in a Bad Reputation

Finally, a bad call experience can haunt your company for years to come. Huffington Post reported that unhappy customers tend to tell 15 or more people about their horrible experience, whereas happy customers only tell about 6 or more people about their positive experience. With this shocking fact in mind, ensure that every one of your phone calls result in a happy customer experience. You cannot afford to lose even one customer to a bad call experience because that would mean you’ve already lost several more. Even in this saturated marketplace, word-of-mouth can still destroy a business.

To find out more about how you can truly optimize your call experience to increase your ROI, improve your brand image, and attract more call leads than ever, schedule a consultation today.

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