The Science of Voice Recognition

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The Science of Voice Recognition

In the past, when customers would call certain businesses, they would hear a monotonous drone on the other side instructing them to punch numbers in the keyboard, “followed by the pound sign,” in order to proceed with their inquiries. Things have changed for IVR systems with the introduction of speech recognition software.

Stanford researchers recently reported that the advancements in voice recognition have made it three times faster and 20.4% more accurate than typing. These days, it’s perceived as unusual and perhaps even outdated if a company’s phone system doesn’t involve voice recognition.

We’ve written before on how to simply understand and customize your own IVR system, but let’s get into the actual science of how speech recognition systems work.

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How Does a Voice Recognition System Work?

The moment you speak into the microphone, your audio is recorded and sent to the server where the software will analyze and dissect your speech according to the 50 phones (as in speech segments) and 44 phonemes of the English language.

That’s when a sophisticated voice analysis software would then be able to discern what you’re saying according to the order, combination, and context in which these phones and phonemes are spoken.

After recognizing what is being said, the software will match your sentence sequence with the program options that best suit your needs. In fact, some sophisticated automated phone systems could even transcribe what’s being said accurately, track the demographics of callers, and receive voice instructions, all while handling a high volume of calls.

Why Companies Need Voice Recognition Software

Studies show that most consumers prefer to call companies that they want to do business with after researching them online. Businesses that get a lot of inbound calls from prospects need a way to streamline their interaction. This is where voice recognition software comes in.

Voice recognition software enables companies to capture information from leads in an automatic and intelligent manner. You can customize the software to ask consumers intelligent voice queries and record their responses accurately.

Based on the answers provided by a caller, the software can route the call to the appropriate salesperson or department. This way, the company won’t waste time handling unverified leads and prospects are quickly connected to the departments that they want.

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What Are the Advantages of Voice Recognition Software?

Businesses looking to be more efficient with their operations can do so with voice recognition. Below is an overview of the benefits of voice recognition software:

1. Save Resources with Automation

Voice recognition software can eliminate repetitive tasks that can take a lot of your staff’s time. The software can transcribe speech into text, make announcements during hold time, activate music, and do other important functions that will save your business money.

2. Better Call Experience

Having a built-in reporting and analytics tool in voice recognition software helps to improve its overall call experience. Using a high level of accuracy, it ensures that prospects are directed to the right personnel in a timely manner.

3. Call Performance Statistics

Voice recognition software can be integrated with your call analytics solution to generate performance reports. Through the reports, you can see various metrics such as call duration, location of callers, departments getting the most calls, and so on. These metrics can help you anticipate increased demand for certain products or services from customers and adjust your strategies accordingly.

4. Better Lead Management

When it comes to lead management, you need to track different metrics to understand the impact of your marketing efforts. This means determining the source of leads, their behavior, and the actions they take when they engage with the sales team. Voice recognition software can help companies streamline their lead management activities at a lower cost.

What Is the Best Voice Recognition Software?

Phonexa’s voice recognition capability, VoicePLUS, is a refined, high-volume voice recognition solution that encompasses all of the above. The advancements taking place in the voice recognition software industry now makes it that much more important to make sure you have a firm grasp on the science behind the features that make it so impactful.

You can also schedule a consultation at any time and get a firsthand look at what sets our IVR apart from others.

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