The Truth Behind Intelligent Conversations

The Truth Behind Intelligent Conversations
The Truth Behind Intelligent Conversations

For many, an intelligent conversation can look like many different things. From religion and politics to current events and the economy there is plenty to discuss among intellectuals. However, when the dialogue is between businesses and customers, intelligent conversations take on a different meaning. 

Conversation intelligence is the call tracking process that allows revenue-generating teams in marketing, sales, e-commerce, and customer service to understand the motivations of each individual call. 

Using conversation intelligence can uncover key takeaways for marketers like the intent and outcomes of a call. This allows them to take action on consumer data in real-time. In the following context, we’ll analyze the true value of intelligent conversations and call racking. 

What is Conversation Intelligence?

Similar to artificial intelligence, conversation intelligence uses the process of analyzing speech in a recorded phone call and in turn transcribes what was said into a text document. Through the call recording, data-driven insights are derived from the conversation between the agent and customer and then integrated within business practices. Ultimately, the data collected using this asset of call tracking software is used across departments to improve buying experiences, increase conversions, and ultimately drive more revenue.

By using conversation analytics and natural language processing (NLP), advanced call tracking software is able to extract data from human speech. After transcription, the software’s algorithm reads a text version of the recorded conversation, identifies patterns, and organizes the data within certain data sets. This is particularly helpful for businesses that receive large volumes of inbound calls per day. 

For an employee to have to sit and listen to upwards of 1oo calls per day would be an impossible task. Gaining insights from each of the hundreds of thousands of conversations that many businesses receive absolutely requires call tracking and conversation intelligence.  

 The Benefits of Using Call Intelligence

Call intelligence allows marketers to connect the dots between customer interest and their first phone call. Intelligent conversations are aimed at empowering sales and marketing teams to completely understand which parts of their efforts are contributing to conversions. 

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From the knowledge and data that intelligent conversations provide, marketers can budget their campaigns more efficiently based on what customers are responding to and what is driving them to make the calls in the first place. Attributing the value of most offline and online campaigns can pose a challenge to marketers, especially in the call tracking space. While leads will oftentimes have multiple interactions with your business, call intelligence plays an important role with its ability to make each call a personal and unique experience. 

Custom features like greetings and voicemails, interactive menus, and routing calls based on the location of your caller are also available for businesses utilizing call tracking and intelligent conversation tools. By routing calls to the nearest office or agent soon after they’ve passed through your IVR system, the customer will continuously trust your brand and efficient work ethic, as well as enjoy their experience overall. 

From a sales perspective, understanding which specific agents are performing the best versus those that could benefit from feedback and coaching makes for a more productive team. 

Rather than managing call listening, transcribing, and lead scoring, it is possible for businesses to automate and streamline their call tracking analytics. From conversation keyword and caller data to the entire caller’s journey, speech to text and call tracking can help you accomplish more in less time.

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