What Makes a Great Voice Recognition System?

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Technology has evolved in such a way that enables us to communicate and transcribe using what comes the most naturally to humans: speech.

Speech recognition has only been around for the last 70 years or so, but it has quickly advanced since then and has become one of the most efficient ways to perform tasks that usually require manual labor, like typing, transcribing, performing normal computer tasks using the mouse, and even sending emails and SMS texts. Some advanced speech recognition software could even be installed onto your computer to replace the keyboard and mouse altogether.

All of these advancements in voice recognition begs the question: What qualifies as the best voice recognition software? We will explore the most important aspects of such a system.

Understanding Voice Recognition Systems: Diction

The voice recognition system’s level of accuracy will be the most apparent in its correspondence to what is being said. In order to correspond accurately, its vocabulary size and diction depository has got to be outstanding. When it comes to interactive voice recognition filters, a smaller vocabulary size is acceptable because the consumer is limited to only a few options. However, when it comes to transcribing speech into emails or long-form blogs, having a larger vocabulary bank is detrimental to the performance of a voice recognition software. For transcription purposes, a vocab bank of 200,000-500,000 words is preferable. To compare, the Oxford Dictionary only contains around 170,000 English words.

In addition to vocabulary size, the rate in which the voice recognition system could keep up with your speech matters a lot as well. The average person talks at a rate of 120 words per minute, so to get the most accurate transcriptions and correspondence, the voice recognition software has to surpass this rate. An advanced software would be able to keep up with 150 spoken words per minute with minor or no mistakes.

Understanding Voice Recognition Systems: Customizations

The best voice recognition software would not come predetermined and unchangeable. What makes voice recognition systems great is their high level of customizability. Voice profiles, accent support, word additions, and formatting options are all important tools that the voice recognition software should offer. The best voice recognition system will always be the one that satisfies your needs the most.

Understanding Voice Recognition Systems: Support

For businesses (and individuals) who are looking for a great voice recognition software, perhaps the most overlooked feature is its help and support center. Is support easily accessible by phone, email, or live chats? Are training videos, FAQs, and user manuals included and easy to understand? A great service provider would care about their customers’ questions and would be readily available to help their customers succeed.

To conclude, the best voice recognition system would have a substantial vocabulary size, allow for personalization, and have a superb help and support center that encourages customer engagement. We like to think of voice recognition as artificial intelligence. It is a cyber brain. Any fine brain would have a great amount of knowledge; hence, the large vocabulary size. However, knowledge alone doesn’t make a brain intelligent. Its learning capabilities and application of knowledge is what differentiates intelligence from storage or memorization. A great voice recognition system would come with both the knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge in ways that will satisfy its user.

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