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Professional Voice Recording for IVR: How It Works
Here are 5 reasons why professional voice recordings are essential for any business today.
7 minute read
VoicePLUS: Voice Recognition Service
Say hello to Phonexa's proprietary voice recognition feature.
3 minute read
Why Advanced Voice Technology Boosts Your Brand Image
If you want to leave a lasting first impression on your customers, this is how you do it.
4 minute read
Speech Recognition and Voice Analytics
Did you know that the first speech recognition hardware only recognized one person’s voice?
4 minute read

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The Psychological Aspects of Voice Recognition
Creating a great voice recognition system requires a lot more psychological knowledge than you’d think!
5 minute read
The History of Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Did you know that the first IVR system looked and operated like a piano?
5 minute read
How Interactive Voice Response Will Transform Your Business
Interactive Voice Response systems will keep your business head – here’s how!
2 minute read
The Science of Voice Recognition
The science of voice recognition is fascinating, even if science wasn’t your favorite subject in high school.
5 minute read
How Does Voice Recognition Work?
We speak with a computer when we call a business, but we think it’s time to ask, how does Voice Recognition really work?
4 minute read
Voice Recognition Software
Voice Recognition has created a boom in the field of voice recognition software.
5 minute read
The Perfect Match: Lead Generation and Voice Recognition
Voice Recognition has been adopted by online lead generation as a key marketing tool.
3 minute read

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