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Voice Recognition

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Surveys Are Missing Ingredients To Marketing Mix
IVR systems and surveys can help you enhance caller experiences and boost customer satisfaction rates. Here’s how. 
VoicePLUS: Voice Recognition Service
Say hello to Phonexa's proprietary voice recognition feature.
Why Advanced Voice Technology Boosts Your Brand Image
If you want to leave a lasting first impression on your customers, this is how you do it.
Speech Recognition and Voice Analytics
Did you know that the first speech recognition hardware only recognized one person’s voice?

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The Psychological Aspects of Voice Recognition
Creating a great voice recognition system requires a lot more psychological knowledge than you’d think!
The History of Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Did you know that the first IVR system looked and operated like a piano?
The Science of Voice Recognition
The science of voice recognition is fascinating, even if science wasn’t your favorite subject in high school.
How Does Voice Recognition Work?
We speak with a computer when we call a business, but we think it’s time to ask, how does Voice Recognition really work?
Voice Recognition Software
Voice Recognition has created a boom in the field of voice recognition software.
Speech-to-Text: VoicePLUS
VoicePLUS is comprised of two main features: voice recognition and speech-to-text. There is no need to waste time and transcribe your words. VoicePLUS does that for you.

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