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Victoria Berezhetska

The Significance of Mobile Marketing
What is mobile marketing? This concept encompasses the entire process of marketing to, and communication from, a mobile device.
22 minute read
The Importance of Automating Business Communications
Manage the flow of internal and external information with compelling outreach tactics that engage target audiences and employees...
9 minute read
Why Insurance Companies Need Call Tracking Software
Calls are vital to the insurance industry. Find out exactly how call tracking software can be an indispensable tool.
10 minute read
What To Do When You’re Looking For High-Quality Lead Suppliers
No business wants to miss out on high-quality leads or devote extra time filtering out low-quality prospects. Here's how you can...
7 minute read
How Call Tracking Improves the Value of Marketing Leads in Sales
Utilize phone tracking software that is helpful for sales growth to gain more insights into phone conversations and interactions...
4 minute read
Listen to Call Recordings to Create New Marketing Opportunities
Looking to boost conversion rates and enhance customer experience? Learn how Phonexa’s call recording software can help you...
5 minute read
Why Agencies Need White Label Lead Management Software
Drive more leads, scale profits, and land new clients by tapping into lead management software.
4 minute read
Ways to Improve Affiliate Marketing Lead Generation
How affiliate marketing enhances lead generation tactics and generates more affiliate leads.
4 minute read
How to Train Customer Care to Handle Angry Phone Calls
Wondering how to de-escalate an angry customer whose dissatisfaction has hit all-time highs? Here’s what you need to do when an...
10 minute read
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