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7 Frequently Asked Questions About Pay Per Call

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In the digitized world, we live in today, one might think that a buyer’s journey has been condensed to one-click purchases and chat-bot returns. However, for many industries like insurance, lending, and healthcare, a Google study found that consumers typically reach out to a brand via phone call after conducting preliminary research online. Calls are still central to the buying process of many industries, but can often present a challenge for companies that are not used to integrating their voice communication with their digital efforts.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, advertisers, publishers, and agencies should consider investing in a pay-per-call platform where inbound calls are tracked and analyzed like every other digital lead. But before you make the leap, read through a few of the outlined questions below to familiarize yourself a bit more with exactly how pay-per-call marketing can benefit you or your business.

What Is Pay-Per-Call Marketing? 

Pay-per-call marketing describes the relationship between pay-per-call publishers and pay-per-call advertisers and call-based campaigns that generate leads.

Pay-per-call campaigns, the first step in the marketing process, are set up by publishers on the web with associated phone numbers based on a certain product or service. Once customers make a call, they are then routed to the advertiser who works towards providing said product or service, and ultimately closing the deal. If the lead is qualified and results in a sale, the pay-per-call publisher often will receive a commission based on their effort within that campaign.

In its most basic form, pay-per-call marketing is the process in which businesses, also known as advertisers, pay to receive an inbound call from a customer. Publishers play a key role in generating that lead through different online marketing channels.

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What Is A Pay-Per-Call Lead

A pay-per-call lead is someone whose contact information was taken as a result of a pay-per-call marketing campaign, where the goal was to generate leads who are interested in a given product or service.

In affiliate marketing, the publisher earns commissions based on the number of leads that were generated and sold to advertisers who purchased these leads.

How Do I Start In Pay-Per-Call Marketing? 

For both publishers and advertisers, having a firm understanding of your industry prior to starting any marketing campaign is essential. Truly understanding the need for the product or service you are providing (pay-per-call advertisers) and the best way to reach that target market (publishers) is the most important first step in getting started.

The next step would be to connect with others in your space. Affiliate networks connect businesses that need customers with publishers who are looking to help them generate leads.

However, if you are approaching this as a solo entrepreneur or even an established business that is experiencing a high volume of leads, using software to help manage your inbound call leads is a worthwhile investment.

Many call tracking platforms help you efficiently manage and track your business calls and provide detailed insights into the routing and caller behavior (tracking) in order to optimize your pay-per-call campaigns.

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Where Are Calls Routed?

In most cases, call leads are routed to advertisers who have formed an agreement with pay-per-call publishers. But in the event that a relationship hasn’t already been formed, lead distribution is a necessary process to help marketers route leads to buyers. In that case, calls are routed to advertisers based on conditions like the time, location of the call, or responses to certain questions that help to best qualify the lead.

Certain pay-per-call software allows users to automate their lead routing process, ensuring that no lead is overlooked. For advertisers, this helps you understand other opportunities for leads that may not be a good fit for your business and allows you to reroute them to someone else who can better serve their needs. Ultimately, pay-per-call marketing results in a win-win scenario for all parties involved.

How Are Calls Tracked? 

Generally speaking, each pay per call campaign is associated with a unique tracking phone number that ties back to its original source and certain coding on a website or landing page that captures key points of what lead up to the call – helping to determine if it was a referral, web-based lead, Google advertisement, or keyword search.

Call tracking software companies provide certain toll-free or “vanity” numbers that help generate inbound calls because they often seem more legitimate and can even be associated with a particular advertiser’s branding.

What Are The Benefits Of Pay-Per-Call?

Like eating a balanced diet consisting of whole foods and regular exercise, pay-per-call marketing is a tried and true way to achieve health and longevity for your business. It’s an unfaltering pillar of consumer society – so long as customers have a phone, they will use it to support their purchasing habits.

Now with smartphones and mobile devices becoming even more accessible, integrating both your inbound call marketing and digital reporting is the only way to have sustainable insight on your marketing efforts now and in the future.

The benefits for both advertisers and publishers are found in complete visibility of customer experience, and the added benefit of a steady stream of revenue. For publishers and advertisers who use pay-per-call tracking software, they will have similar analytics that they use for online leads and the ability to better understand lost opportunities.

How To Get A Pay-Per-Call Number?

In order to get a pay-per-call number, you need to be working with a marketing software company that provides similar services or solutions. A perfect place to start is by looking at call software providers like Phonexa to find out the next steps for your PPC campaigns.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about how Phonexa’s all-in-one solution for marketing automation can help back your business and PPC call number needs. 

Kira Remy was a Content Writer at Phonexa, covering topics such as SaaS technology, call tracking, lead generation, and digital marketing.

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