Boost Your Brand Reputation with Call Analytics and Call Tracking

Call Logic is more than just a new way to track and manage your calls. Phonexa’s Call Logic is a philosophy; one which states that the best idea and the best technology wins. The pioneering spirit of Call Logic carries over to the businesses that integrate it into their everyday workflow. It cleans the entire company of bad communication methods and replaces it with advanced technology that increases productivity and the company’s overall brand image.

If that’s what you’re looking for in this next season, here’s how Call Logic can help you reach your goals.

Call Logic Personalizes Your Calls

The personalization of the phone call is integral to growing your customer satisfaction ratings. As human beings, we all want to communicate with others in a non-awkward way – especially when it comes to dealing with retails and businesses. If you put yourself in your callers’ shoes, the idea of personalization becomes easier to understand. You would want to communicate with humans, or at least human-like machines that are just as efficient and intuitive as a real-life agent. Not only that, but the rest of the customer journey matters as well. Call Logic personalizes your calls with cutting-edge features, such as call tracking, an advanced IVR, VoicePLUS voice recognition, an Automatic Call Distributor, and more. From the moment your caller dials, our call tracking software will already be at work tracking your caller’s geographic location and demographics. When the IVR greets the caller, he or she will be serviced according to his or her geographic location, purchase history and linguistic needs. Call Logic personalizes the call for every customer during every step of their journey, from beginning to end.

Call Logic Makes Your Calls Efficient

Your callers’ first and foremost concern is always getting their issues resolved as quickly as possible. To most people, this means receiving the help they want efficiently without having to deal with the annoying hold times, transfers, and IVR mistakes. With Call Logic, those problems will be no more. The Automatic Call Distributor takes care of the issue of long hold times and transfers by automatically directing your callers to the next available representative. This efficient software is also integrated with call tracking to redirect your calls to the appropriate store location based on the callers’ geographic location. This saves time for your callers, which will translate into a more efficient and satisfactory call. With this level of convenience, your company will surely earn the title for having great customer service.

Call Analytics and Call Tracking Transform Your Marketing Insights

Marketing insights matter a great deal when it comes to optimizing your call experience. If you don’t know where your calls are coming from, who your advertisements are attracting, and how your callers feel about your customer service, it will be nothing short of reaching in the dark when it’s time to finally evaluate your ongoing campaigns. Call Logic provides top analytics and real-time reports that are delivered straight to your inbox (or however way you want to be notified) in order to keep you updated on the latest changes and highlights in your campaign. Phonexa knows that how valuable detailed insights can be. This is why Call Logic sets out to provide businesses like yours the beneficial opportunity to gain detailed insights into all your campaigns – whether online or offline. Our ROI attribution methods are fine-tuned to give your business the utmost awareness of all the nuances going on inside your campaigns, customer calls, and inbound performances.

We can all agree that sustaining a positive brand reputation is important, yet it remains one of the most difficult aspects of running a company. Make this process easier and more effective by switching to Call Logic. It only makes sense.

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