The Importance of Call Analytics in Customer Service Optimization

Any modern retail business will tell you that customer service is their top priority, and yet, businesses and consumers know that high-quality customer service is difficult to come by. Clearly, the intention is there, but the dots aren’t connecting for most businesses. They want to improve their customer service department and enhance the caller experience, but they don’t know where to even start. They haven’t acquired the right tools for the job.

Marketing technology is just as important for customer acquisition as it is for customer retention, and this is something that not all modern businesses are willing to accept. Things can used to be done manually, such as department monitoring, call scoring, and customer relations management, can now be automated and enhanced by marketing technology; namely, the call tracking and analytics software.

Call Analytics Gives You More Insight

The sole purpose of call tracking and analytics is to give you the complete view of your customer journey. You’ll receive detailed perspectives that you wouldn’t be able to see without the use of this proprietary tracking technology. To demonstrate, we’ll walk you through a sample call experience that’s equipped with Phonexa’s call tracking software. Before your customer dials your phone number, your advertisement will already have been optimized to make it easier for him or her to make that call. With a memorable vanity phone number (or click-to-call, if your ad is online) slabbed on your call-to-action, your sales lead will have a much easier time trying to reach your business. Once the caller dials, he or she will automatically be routed to the closest business franchise to his or her location. This demographic-based automatic call distribution eliminates extra friction in the call transfer process, allowing your caller to speak to the correct department more quickly. Before the agent picks up the call, he or she will already know the caller’s first and last name, phone number, location, purchase history, and reason for the call. This foreknowledge allows your customer service representative to treat the caller appropriately. Personalization is the key aspect of all great customer service, and nothing personalizes the journey quite like call tracking and analytics.

Call Analytics Keeps You in the Know

We understand that you’re a busy person. You’ve got multiple tasks competing for your attention. That’s why you need real-time reports delivered straight to your email, so you can access your reports anytime through your mobile device. Call analytics was built to be customizable and accessible, so much so that the information will come to you. For busy marketers, these real-time updates will transform the way you receive information and make on-the-spot decisions. Part of running a thriving business is knowing how to make informed decisions on the fly. Flexibility matters when there are time restraints (which there are in most business processes). With the detailed analytics keeping you updated with all the ins and outs of your campaigns, you will always be able to make informed decisions under time constraints. This will ultimately boost your customer satisfaction because if your calls are not performing well, you can access the Phonexa platform and find out why. This leads us to the next point…

Call Analytics Tells You the Why, Not Just the What

As we’ve mentioned, the ‘why’ part of every call result matters. In order for you to truly transform your customer service experience, you need to have a deep understanding of what’s working, what’s not, and why that is. The call tracking and analytics software gives you every possible detail that you’d want to know about each of your calls and campaigns, allowing you to make adjustments where it’s needed.

We’ve said plenty about what this all-in-one solution can do for your customer service, but did you know that you can request a live demo of the software today? More than just the individual features, this scalable platform can be customized to benefit your specific business practice. Put your company at the top of the industry with Phonexa’s proprietary call tracking and analytics software. We’ve built it just for you.

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