The Modern Day Cloud Call Center

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3 minute read

The rise of the internet allowed the common man to be his own publisher, creating communities of influencers and competitive lead generators like none we’ve ever seen before.

Coupling the rise of online lead generators and ecommerce is the advancement of the smartphone. Smartphones completely changed the game for online marketers because it gave them an entirely new realm of on-the-go marketing that can only be described as ‘portable commercials.’ You might have heard it said before by Gary Vaynerchuk, but the television has become the radio and the smartphone is now the television. It’s clear that the foreseeable future involves convenient technology. As smartphones keep changing the marketing landscape, businesses shift from brick-and-mortar marketing strategies to sophisticated digital outreach. This is the age to get creative with your call center.

The Old

Traditional call centers are still very much in existence today, despite the exaggerated claims of its extinction. It’s just not the most effective channel of customer service, since 67% of consumers said that they preferred self-service over speaking directly to an operator or representative. The same survey revealed that 91% of consumers are willing to use a knowledge base—any knowledge base—if it solves their problems. Only about 40% of people said that they would resort to contacting a call center if their needs weren’t met through other customer service channels.

The traditional call center used to be the first option for customer service, but as the internet and the smartphone gave way to more convenient alternatives, the traditional call center is now seen as the last resort. We would argue that it is still necessary in certain industries, since nothing can fully replace the experience of talking to a real operator, but businesses should understand that their audience is changing. If your consumer base lives in the developed world, they are online—regardless of age. Smartphones are now the common cellphone, so virtually everyone can access the internet on the go. This, of course, affects the way call centers are perceived. If you can solve your own issues without having to be put on hold, why wouldn’t you? That’s exactly the mindset that drives consumers to self-service.

The New

When you think of the modern day Cloud Call Center, try to envision a chat box ready to resolve your issues during any hour of the day. Your hold time is only 1-2 minutes at most, you’re never forced to hear any elevator hold music, and your issues can be resolved almost immediately. The virtual agent is now one of the most convenient options for consumers. Instead of jumping towards the dialer on the first mishap they encounter, consumers go online to look for answers. This is why many companies, such as Target, Walmart, Sears, and so many others offer customer service through chat, self-service, and social media. These companies recognized that their consumer base was learning towards convenient web options.

If your particular industry requires calls (which is a great thing because calls convert 10-15 times more than clicks), then you can opt for click-to-call. Click-to-call is a call feature that allows your customers to reach you within one tap of a finger. It takes away the burden of phone number memorization and skips the dialing process entirely. In addition to click-to-call, you can also integrate Call Tracking with your IVR and Voice Recognition software to automatically redirect your calls based on caller location. With Call Tracking equipped with your Cloud Call Center, your operators won’t even need to pick up in order to know where to route the call! Of course, when it comes to departmental redirects, the caller will have the option to choose from a list of topics through the IVR questionnaire.

The Benefits of a Cloud Call Center

The Cloud Call Center works because it channels current technology to service your customers in a more convenient way. Not to mention, it saves your company tons of money because it replaces much of the simple questions and inquiries with self-service tools. This frees up your agents to handle calls with higher complexities. Think of the Cloud Call Center as the modern solution to manual filters. If any part of the customer call journey can be improved through automation, the Cloud Call Center will take care of that portion for you.

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