Why You Need Call Analytics for Digital Marketing

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4 minute read

Digital marketing is no new concept, although there’s been a recent expansion in its already-vast collection of platforms. There are literally dozens of popular social media networks you can advertise on, and each one has its own set of rules, perks, and kinks. The strategy that works for Facebook might not work very well for Instagram. If a business wants to market online but not necessarily on social media, it will most likely have to strive for SEO marketing. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is completely necessary for websites to pull in organic engagements from web searchers. All of these different platforms are necessary in their own way and shouldn’t be ignored by any company who wants to rise to the top of their industry.

The problem, therefore, is learning how to properly track your results when you implement your advertisements on these various digital platforms. Many of you might think, “What does call tracking have to do with the digital space?” Great question. While there are certainly analytics tools that you can use to only track your web leads, which Phonexa also offers, but call tracking is extremely relevant to your digital advertisements. Here’s why:

Ads are More Effective with a Phone Number

We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve driven past a compelling billboard, found ourselves actually interested in what the product has to offer, and then a few dilemmas occur: we have no idea what the company’s brand is and how to get in contact with that company. The advertisement resonates with us for the rest of that drive, but because there were no obvious points of contact to motivate us to take action, we quickly lost sight of that ad as we got bombarded with hundreds of other ads that compete for our attention. That’s the epitome of a great ad gone to waste. Imagine if the company were to put a vanity phone number on their advertisement. If the company sold pet food and they placed a compelling ad with the CTA to call 1-800-PET-FOOD, how much easier would it be for their potential customers to remember their brand and reach them? Needless to say, advertisements are more effective with phone numbers. Hence, once you incorporate a catchy phone number into your ads, you’ll need to track your results via call tracking.

Consumers Want to Speak with an Agent

The phone call is still as important as ever when it comes to popular customer service channels. Studies show that 59% of consumers said that calling is their number one preferred form of communication with a business. 75% considered it to be the “most effective channel” for a quick response. Great customer service can be summed up in three points: 1) treating you customers well, 2) personalizing their overall experience, and 3) solving their issues quickly. Without any one of these three crucial attributes, your customer service experience won’t be able to compete with the best in the industry. The truth of the matter, as shown by the statistics, is that people want to get on the phone with agents. Their main goal is to get their issues resolved as quickly as possible. The best way to get in direct contact with your business is to call your customer service through phone. Now that it’s clear what customers value most in all the available customer service channels, it’s time to incorporate an advanced call tracking software in your inbound and outbound calls. Call tracking does more than monitor your calls and attribute your ROI; it helps you optimize your customer service and marketing strategies with data-driven results.

Phone Calls are Important to Most Industries

These days, if your customers aren’t online, they are interacting with their phones. That’s great news for you because both web leads and call leads are incredibly important for most businesses. Chances are, you need both of these channels to pull in as many leads as you can. Although we mentioned that customers are either online or on their phones, that’s not entirely true. The reality is that they are most likely online through their smartphones. The smartphone has now become the pocket computer; a unique and powerful micro laptop that humanity has always dreamt of. For most industries, this means that they should own their calls and optimize them to the best of their abilities. Phone calls aren’t going anywhere. To make the most out of your call time, sign up with a premier call tracking and analytics software.

We hope these points convey the importance of investing in your call experience. We’re living in an age where the traditional is merging with digital, so you can’t exclude the phone call from your marketing strategy without losing out on a significant growth potential.

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